#LoveOzYA in America

As an Australian reader and blogger, I’ve always noticed the way how the American culture seeps into my daily life. We’re constantly bombarded by American media, we consume copious amounts of American shows, movies, and podcasts, and I think I’d be fairly safe in saying that most of the books we all read are set in America, or written by American authors. America is everywhere. Sure, we still have #LoveOzYA and UKYA, and the occasional book from another country, but it’s without a doubt that most art forms are slowly being Americanised.

The first time I really thought about this was upon hearing of how Aussie authors were getting published in America, and how they had to change parts of their novel so that it would be easier for their readers. I mean, come on. This really frustrates me. If the rest of the world has to work out the weird American names for things, like sophomore and PB&J, I’m pretty sure they can infer what we’re writing about from the context. Despite all the memes about Australians having another language — most of which consists of the words ‘yeah nah’, ‘mate’, and ‘barbie’ — I can assure you that we don’t speak bogan 100% of the time.

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Short Reviews from a (Somewhat) Fast Reader

I don’t know about you, but my reading progress has been pretty good this month so far. Whether or not that’s because I’m always more motivated in the beginning of the year, because the bookshop has been fairly quiet and I’ve been able to read on shift, or maybe a combination of the two. But I’M PROUD OF ME NEVERTHELESS. I mean, if I keep reading at this pace, I could crack 200 by the end of the year. Just sayin’. JK IT’S NOT A COMPETITION AND WHETHER YOU READ ONE BOOK OR ONE THOUSAND IS GREAT AND I’M PROUD OF YOU. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

So today I’m going to share some mini reviews of the books I’ve read so far this month in the hopes that I’ll continue to read as much as I have in the past two weeks or so. FINGERS CROSSED. I might need to increase my reading speed to enable me to read eight books a day for thirteen years in order to get through my TBR, but I’LL GET THERE ONE DAY!

… Okay fine, you’re right. I’m never getting through all the unread books on my shelves. YOU CAUGHT ME OUT. I’M A FRAUD.

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Signs You’re in a Book Slump

Book slumps are the WORST, right? Whether they last a few days, a week, or even longer, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to fall in love with a book – or even be able to decide which one you want to read in the first place. If you’ve ever been in a book slump, I think you’d agree that it would be easier to have one of your favourite characters killed off.

Probably. Maybe.

So here are some of the signs to help you recognise if you’re in a book slump!

You can’t decide which book to pick up. Decisions are your enemy.

Choosing which book to read is hard at the best of times. When you’re in a book slump though, deciding on a book is WORSE THAN DECIDING TO BUY THE U.K. OR THE U.S. SPECIAL EDITION OF A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC. Yep, we’ve all been there. I don’t know about you, but my choosing process is similar to the choosing ceremony for the Hunger Games: you dread it, you fear it, but most importantly, the person (or in this case, book) isn’t guaranteed to be the one you read because other books seem to leap off the shelves and volunteer themselves. Decisions are basically as hated as President Snow, and like the tributes, none of them last very long.Read More »

Like this movie? Read this book!

If there’s anything I’m marginally knowledgeable about besides books, it’s movies. I work at a cinema, I watch an average of three movies at the theatre per week, and I also subscribe to both Netflix and Stan. I have a problem.

But, like most people, I disguise the fact that I spend more hours watching movies than I spend sleeping each week by rationalising it! Movies are a form of storytelling, right? Therefore watching movies makes me more adept at storytelling, which will help my career as an author, allow me to be published, and finally achieve my dreams of ruling the world!

Completely rational.

So today I wanted to combine my love of books and movies by telling you which book you should read based on what movie you like! And I’m not including book-to-movie adaptations and pairing them together because that’s cheating.

You’re welcome!

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Unreasonable 2018 Goals for Bookworms

It’s that time of year again! The time where we all pretend to start afresh with a clean slate, our hopes as high as the level of intoxication we’re still at after a wild New Year’s Eve. JUST KIDDING. My evening consisted of my yearly scheduled existential crisis and crying while watching Brooklyn 99 because of how overtired I am. YAY FOR THE NEW YEAR!

But everyone knows that the start of a new year is the time to make goals and resolutions, because goals you make at any other time of the year don’t count, right? There’s no motivation quite like seeing the date clock over to 1/1/18 when the clock strikes 12 and knowing you have 12 long months to achieve your dreams. Even though time is a manmade concept and the idea of a calendar year is a commercial concept designed to place restrictions upon your life and your worth. WOW, 2018 ME IS A CYNICAL ONE. Watch out, internet.

While everyone is making Goodreads goals, thinking about what they want to achieve this year, and how they can make changes to their life (like eating healthier or exercising more, where they then revert to their original habits six days later… Past Me, I’m looking at you…), I thought I should crush your dreams and tell you all the reasons why your bookish goals are unreasonable!

Just kidding! Sort of.

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10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

As my last post of 2017, I’ve been thinking back on my time as a blogger and what I’ve learned throughout those years. How long has it even been now? Four years? Five? I’ve lost count. WOW I JUST REALISED THAT IF I’VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR 4.5 YEARS OR LONGER, THAN MEANS I’VE SPENT A QUARTER OF MY LIFE DOING THIS. I can barely even remember a time before WordPress. Wow. That’s kind of scary.

BUT ANYWAY. Let’s move on before I have another existential crisis and stare off into the distance for three hours lifelessly. Help.

So today I thought I’d share 10 things I wish I knew when I’d started blogging. Just, you know, to look back on how terrible and embarrassing I was in my first few reviews. Well, more like my first 200… Nope, I’m still awkward and embarrassing. I’m not past that stage yet.

Yes, my first ever review is still on my blog. No, I’m not linking it here. If you scroll back far enough, you can probably find it. Or, if you’ve been following me from the very beginning, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Let me say something to those people: I’m sincerely sorry for everything I’ve put you through. Thank you for supporting me, despite my colossal spelling and grammar errors, constant forgetting of characters’ names, and unreliable posting schedule. You are the real angels of this world.

ANYWAY. Let’s get into my advice! Although my advice is usually dubious at best, I do hope this helps a new blogger out there. Blogging can be tough at times, but we’re all in this together. And please know that you can always chat to me or ask me anything! It’s so scary starting off, so please reach out if you have any questions or you just want to talk about your favourite books! I don’t bite. Unless you’re a red velvet cupcake, and then you should be very afraid. And you shouldn’t be reading my blog either — it’ll only make you feel bad about not having eyes. Or hands. Or the capability to read a book.

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Predicting My 18 Favourite Books of 2018

With 2018 almost upon us, I thought it would be fun to share some of the books I think will become my favourites for next year! I already have SO MANY BOOKS in my wishlist for next year, and my bank account is practically quivering with fear. BUT I WON’T LET THAT STOP ME. I had a really great year of reading this year and I hope 2018 will prove to be just as successful!


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2017 Wrap-Up

Wow, so much has happened this year! 2017 – the year of the Salt Bae, announcing we’re finally getting a female Doctor on Doctor Who, and the constant threat of an impending world war. Ahh, what a time to be alive.

2017 has been a big year for me, as I’m sure it also has for all of you, so today I’d like to share some of the stuff that’s been going on in my life! I’ve got some of my favourite movie, TV, and music recommendations, my writing progress, and ten things that made me happy in 2017. Enjoy!


So umm… I don’t even KNOW how many books I read this year. I’m guessing it’s around 100, but seriously, I have no clue because I DON’T KEEP TRACK! I’M A TERRIBLE BOOK PERSON! But also, I don’t want the stress of Goodreads challenges and feeling guilty if I feel that I don’t read “enough”. I tried using Goodreads a few times and I just can’t really be bothered. Bleh. I mean, you can add me if you want! But just know that I only update what I’m reading like once every four months and I never post reviews on there. #sorrynotsorry

But I DID compile a handy list of my favourite books of 2017 for you to feast your eyes upon. Just click here to see what my top 17 books of 2017 were! I was surprised to love some of them as much as I did, and others were expected favourites, but overall, I think I read a lot of amazing books this year and it was so difficult trying to narrow it down. Also, the overwhelming majority of them are contemporary because I’m lazy when it comes to learning the rules of a new world. I’m ACTUALLY the worst.

But anyway, I think I had a great reading year! I’m sure I read more books than I have the past few years because the first year of my university degree was pretty chill, so it was great to get more time to read and post on my blog. Even though this year has been pretty terrible in a lot of other ways, I think it’s been pretty epic for the bookish community!

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Top 17 Books of 2017

I honestly can’t believe it’s that time of year again when I’m talking about my favourite books. Yes, I am SO READY for this year to be over, but also, WHERE THE HECK DID THIS YEAR GO? WAS IT NOT, LIKE, 2012 LAST YEAR?! Ahh, it was a simpler time back in 2012. I miss the good old days.

But what I do love about coming to the end of the year is looking back on all my reading progress and seeing how many books have worked their way into my heart! I think I say this every year, but I feel like I’ve read more books that I just ADORED AND WOULD BE WILLING TO TAKE A BULLET FOR compared to any other year. Yes, I would take a bullet for some of those books. Those gorgeous, non-feeling, non-sentient pieces of paper that are glued together.

So without further ado, here are my top 17 books of 2017!

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Animals in Books

As my dreams for the future mostly consist of living in a tiny apartment overrun by animals and having enough books that I can make furniture out of them, these two things play a major role in my life. Who would have guessed?

But recently, I’ve found a way that I can combine these to loves of mine into one. No, I’m not talking about wielding my dark magic and transfiguring cats into novels or anything. I’m taking about animals playing somewhat of a major role in the books I read. After all, why would anyone settle for reading a book with boring old humans when there are puppies, and kittens, and turtles, and guinea pigs to be written about?

Why books with animals are 157% better than books with only humans:

  • I would be quite happy to only speak to animals for the rest of my life, thank you very much. First of all, do you know how RUDE humans can be? I work in a bookshop and a cinema, and WOW. PEOPLE CAN BE AWFUL. Like yes, I know you had to wait five minutes in line, but was that my fault? No. Go curse at the woman in front of you who couldn’t decide to get salted or unsalted popcorn, Karen. So naturally, I want to spend the least amount of time around humans in my leisure time as possible. Including in books. (Aliens and monstrous beings are okay though.)
  • Animals in books are SO MUCH SMARTER than their human counterparts. Did you ever see Hedwig get into a love triangle, or become the Chosen One, or have to kill this dude that had an unhealthy obsession with her? NO. And that’s simply because animals have intuition for this sort of thing, unlike humans that just blunder about this planet with little idea of what they’re doing, or who they really love, or why everything is just so hard as a teenager when no one understands you. I just really want a Harry Potter retelling with just Hedwig, Scabbers, Crookshanks, and Trevor.
  • My trust issues don’t extend to animals. Here, let me pet that random, slightly mangled cat sitting on the sidewalk! Who cares if it has rabies! Animals are just so much easier to love than humans. You don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re plotting your murder (though my own cat looks like she is 99% of the time), and they probably won’t betray you. But, I mean, if that dog goes to roll over for a belly rub in front of someone who isn’t me, that’s betrayal right there. Although when it comes to reading about animals in books… JUST LET ME LOVE YOU. I WILL PROTECT YOU NO MATTER WHAT.

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