Unremembered – book review


Mystifying, alluring and thrilling… Unremembered, written by Jessica Brody, is a book not to be forgotten.

Imagine waking up and having no memories of who you are. Imagine not remembering anything about your life and having to start over. This is the frightening truth of a girl who survived a catastrophic plane crash killing everyone on board – except her. Who is she and where does she come from? Nobody knows her and no one comes forward to claim her.

Threatened by people she can’t remember, she tries desperately to unlock the secrets of her past. But every time she gets closer to discovering an aspect of what happened before, everything she thinks she knows is turned on upside down.  As she frantically searches for answers, a boy emerges and claims they are close friends. With no one else to trust, she must rely on this mysterious boy for answers. But time is running out. There are people after her and her only hope of surviving is to remember…

I really enjoyed reading this book. I was immersed in the story from the very first page and couldn’t put the book down until the very end. I loved not knowing much about what had happened to the main character until the very end because it kept me wondering about who she really was. I loved how her real personality started to show further on in the book. She was a feisty, dynamic character and I loved her conversations, especially with Cody. Cody was her thirteen year-old foster brother. He was everything a thirteen year-old boy would be like. He could be sarcastic, funny, scared and brave all within a few pages. He always made me smile and I loved his conversations with Violet/Sera. I also loved how thought provoking this book was. It made me wonder to what point we consider something human. For example, if someone has a prosthetic limb, they are still considered human. But what if all their limbs and organs were prosthetic? If something looks, eats, thinks and reacts like humans do, are they still considered a human? What actually makes someone human? Although some parts of this book were predictable, other parts I could have never guessed were coming. I thought this book was going to just be about a girl who had lost her memory, but in reality, it was a mysterious and fast-paced sci-fi book. I loved when Violet/Sera had memories of her past and remembered little pieces of her past. It was very intriguing and I liked learning more about Zen. The only problem I had with Zen was he wasn’t a really interesting character. He claimed to be in love with Violet/Sera, but other than that he was just a normal guy. Nothing made him stand out to me in particular. I usually swoon over the main guy in books, but I didn’t feel anything like that for Zen. I didn’t dislike him, I just hope in the next book I can see more of his individual personality. Other than that, Unremembered was a really enjoyable read. I’d give Unremembered by Jessica Brody a score of 8 out of 10. I’ll definitely be reading the next book in the series!