A Straight Line To My Heart – book review

A Straight Line To My Heart

A Straight Line To My Heart by Bill Condon is a book about life, love and friendship.

Tiff has just finished school, which means it’s time to make some decisions about what she wants to do with her life. She hopes that her job at the local newspaper will lead to something more. Her sometimes-weird, sometimes-funny family is always there for her through her highs and her lows. Tiff’s best friend Kayla has some big news that will impact on Tiff’s life. On top of all this, Tiff meets Davey, a rugby player who can also quote Truman Capote and is the only guy who has wanted to get to know her. Tiff is about to discover how hilarious, harsh and bittersweet life can be.

I ended up quite liking A Straight Line To My Heart. However, I think the title is a little misleading. I picked up this book and I was like: A Straight Line To My Heart… Awesome! Sounds like there’s a bit of romance in there! Seriously, there’s hardly any romance in this book. Probably about seven pages to be precise. And those seven pages weren’t even that spectacular. So on the second page, we meet a possible “love interest”. I was really excited. I was so sure that the majority of this book would be about her love with this guy, along with some other stuff occasionally chucked into the plot line. But we hardly got to see that guy after we met him. Davey wasn’t even crush-worthy. I was disappointed. I think that if we saw more of him, I would have felt more for him. It was really sad that Davey and Tiff were hardly together. Part of me understands why this book is called A Straight Line To My Heart, the other feels like the title is “false advertising” and that it wasn’t was I, and probably other people who pick up this book, thought it would be about. After reading this book, I understand why the title could be a good choice. That’s because this book isn’t just about falling in love. It’s about loving your family and your friends as well. On the front cover, there’s five hearts. Each of these hearts would represent one person that Tiff loved. In simple terms, this book is about the ups and downs of life and knowing how much we love our friends and family, even if we don’t realise it sometimes.
The characters were a big part of this book. Without their unique personalities, there wouldn’t really be any story. Tiff was pretty much just an ordinary girl who I could relate to. “If you can’t get a boy, get a book, that’s my motto.” That’s a really great motto and I knew instantly we would connect. Tiff was normal and funny and a really realistic character who I liked spending time with. Reggie, her adoptive father, was really funny. I loved his humour and the way he would cheer Tiff up when she was sad. I liked all of the characters in this book because of how realistic they all were and because every character had a different personality.
This book didn’t really have a proper plot. This book just followed Tiff around for a week of her life. I liked how this book showed what life could be like and how we all have to deal with good things and bad things, but I just felt like this book could have given me a little more romance/action/suspense… something. I felt like this book was lacking something, however I still enjoyed reading it. It was a quick, easy read and I really liked the ending. It was the type of ending where you get to imagine what happens with the characters beyond the last page and I like to imagine what could happen. I liked reading A Straight Line To My Heart by Bill Condon and I’d give it a score of 6.5 out of 10.

Thank you to Allen & Unwin Australia for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review!