Shattered – book review

Shattered by Teri Terry

Shattered by Teri Terry is the thrilling conclusion to the absorbing dystopian series, Slated.

Kyla is on the run from both the government Lorders who erased her memory and the terrorist who tried to use her. With a new identity, Kyla escapes to a remote mountain town to try and reunite with her mother who she was separated from. She desperately seeks to fill the blank spaces of her life before she was Slated and she hopes that everything will finally piece itself together.

But even hiding in the wilderness, Kyla realises there is no escape form the Lorders. Someone close to her might be one of them, and her birth mother is keeping secrets of her own. Kyla is finally about to discover who she really is and who she wants to become.

I loved reading the conclusion to one of my favourite series and I thought Shattered wrapped everything up perfectly! This book leapt right back into the action from where Fractured ended. Even though it was a while since I had read the last two books in this series, I found that this book reintroduced me to this dystopian world and I knew exactly what was going on. But I was worrying for a little while if this book would be able to wrap things up nicely. So many things were going on, and it didn’t feel overcrowded or anything, but I was wondering how everything could possibly work out in the last hundred pages or so. Luckily, everything ended quite nicely. I used the word ‘quite’ because although I felt as though the ending might have been a tiny bit rushed, I felt satisfied with the ending this series was given. The pacing was perfect and I loved how so many things were going on, but I could always understand what was happening and I wasn’t bored at any point in the book. This is one of my favourite dystopian series and I’m so happy it ended so well.
Like the other books in this series, I loved the writing. Everything flowed and nothing felt clunky or unbelievable. The descriptions were stunning and I could clearly picture everything that was going on. This book had my heart beating so fast and loud at times that I expected the whole neighbourhood to hear it. Shattered also had me shedding a tear or two. Everything seemed so realistic and I loved every second of reading it. This book definitely took me on one massive rollercoaster of a ride!
Again, I loved the characters. I got to meet a few new people in this book, and I really enjoyed getting to know them all. No two characters in this series is every the same and I know I can rely on having interesting and unique characters to read about. I absolutely loved Kyla in this book. The determination she has in this book in inspiring. After everything Kyla has been through, I’m pleased things worked out for her in the end. She’s become so much more courageous throughout this series and the doubtful and sometimes fearful girl we met in Slated has definitely been replaced with a brave young woman. I also loved watching the relationships between characters evolve, especially the one between Aiden and Kyla.
I was so happy to see that in the end, every question I had was answered. Although things are wrapped up pretty quickly in the end, I still loved it. This is such a great series and it definitely stands out from all the other dystopian books out there. The ideas are refreshing and the things that go on are really believable. Ultimately, this series is about discovering who you are and learning how to be yourself when you feel everything has been taken from you. I’m so happy that Kyla has fulfilled her journey to unlock the secrets of her past. This book has so many mysterious and thrilling moments and I absolutely loved reading it. I’d give Shattered by Teri Terry a score of 9 out of 10. If you haven’t picked up this series yet, I highly recommend it!