Binge – book review

Binge by Tyler Oakley

Binge is an honest and hilarious memoir written by the YouTube sensation, Tyler Oakley.

Pop culture phenomenon, social rights advocate, and one of the most prominent LGBTQ+ voices on YouTube, Tyler Oakley brings you his first collection of witty and hilarious personal essays written in the same voice thats earned him more than 10 million followers across social media.


I’ll admit, when I heard that Tyler Oakley was releasing a book, I was a little skeptical. I’m sorry, I know it’s turned into a cliché, but I’ve just got to say it. Every. YouTuber. Is. Writing. A. Book. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s something that’s happening. I must admit, I’m a little sick of clicking on videos titled ‘I’m ready to tell the truth’ or ‘My huge announcement’ because chances are, we can all guess what these people are going to say before they say it. We get it! You wrote a book! You’re famous! But it’s time for me to stop ‘dragging’ these people, as Tyler would say. I will admit, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the books I’ve read by YouTubers, and Binge was no exception.

For those of you who don’t know Tyler Oakley, he’s a YouTuber. And in case you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what a ‘YouTuber’ is, he basically talks about various topics in front of a camera and uploads them to the internet where he has almost 8 million subscribers and over 520 million views. He also runs a weekly podcast called ‘Psychobabble’ with his friend Korey Kuhl, has a documentary coming out this December titled ‘Snervous’ and is an ambassador for many important issues, particularly raising awareness and funds for The Trevor Project, a non-profit organisation focused on suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. He’s best known for his loud and passionate personality, his ability to rally together his followers to contribute towards a better society, and his unashamed self-promotion.

Check out his YouTube channel here, his podcast Psychobabble here and his Wikipedia here.

Anyway, let’s talk about Binge, shall we? Binge is Tyler’s first book he’s written and takes the form of a memoir of the first 26 years of his life. And boy, has he achieved a lot in just 26 years. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about Tyler to enjoy this book, but to make the most of it, I recommend watching a few of his videos beforehand to fully understand his sense of humour and what to expect. This book is written exactly how Tyler himself speaks and I could read it all in his voice, which was very enjoyable. For an older audience, his use of slang and how he openly and unashamedly discusses his sexuality may lose some readers, so I’d recommend knowing what you’re getting into before going out and buying this book. Lucky for you, I’m about to tell you everything you need to know!

Let’s just get this part out of the way. If you’re homophobic or you don’t like people sometimes swearing in books or talking about some mildly ‘inappropriate’ things, I wouldn’t recommend reading this book. If you’re under the age of 12, I’d also definitely recommend reconsidering whether you want to read this or not. I absolutely loved this book, but that doesn’t change the fact that some parts might offend some readers or might not be conservative enough, so please know what you’re getting yourself into before you read this book. If you’re already a fan of Tyler however, this book is definitely for you.

I was honestly so surprised to find that Tyler still had so many interesting stories to tell in Binge! When he started his podcast, saying it contained ‘stories [he’s] never told in videos’, I was excited to hear more about his life. But when he said that his book contained things that he’s never discussed in videos or in the podcast, I was thinking, gee, how many secrets does Tyler have?! Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed. I definitely learnt a lot more about Tyler from reading this and I now have more of an insight into Tyler’s humble beginnings and how he made it to where he is today. I loved getting some ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge of his life, such as his experience with One Direction and that time he met Michelle Obama. Everything was incredibly interesting to read about – I can’t believe there are no boring aspects to Tyler’s life! I honestly don’t know how I’d write a memoir without running out of things to write about after the first chapter! Congratulations, Tyler, on having such an fascinating life. I’m just slightly jealous.

Another thing I was pleased to find was that Tyler didn’t hold back with anything. He discussed things such as his eating disorder, suicidal thoughts, abusive relationships, coming out as gay and his slow rise to fame. I admire his honesty in these topics and I understand that a lot of them would be very hard for a lot of people to write about openly. I can’t imagine sharing these things with the entire world would be anything less than frightening, so I want to congratulate Tyler for his courage and candour. I know that a lot of people who are famous don’t deserve to be and that some people don’t use their position in society to benefit others and shouldn’t be looked up to, but I honestly believe Tyler Oakely is such an inspirational person who deserves all the love and support he has. He deserves every bit of it and I’m so thankful for the positivity he adds to not only the online community, but the world.

All in all, I can’t praise Binge enough. If you’re a fan of Tyler Oakley, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book if you haven’t already. Or, alternatively, you can listen to the audiobook where Tyler himself narrates Binge, and I’m told he also adds in some special details just for the listeners. So let’s talk! Have you read Binge yet? Are you a fan of Tyler Oakley? Do you read many memoirs? Have you read any other books written by YouTubers? Let’s discuss these things down in the comments! 🙂

Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter – book review

Life With A Sprinke of Glitter

Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter is a gorgeous book, written by Louise Pentland.

Imagine you are in one of those glorious vintage shops where every surface is laden with little treasures. Old cameras, pendants, books and trinket boxes. This book is like that. Each chapter is one of those gem encrusted tins that you can open, peep inside and enjoy. You can either wander the shop methodically and look at each item in order, or you can dance around with wild abandon, opening and closing whatever you like, whenever you like.

Divided into four sections: Glitz, Create, Need to Knows and All About Love, this book contains all of Louise’s little tops and tricks, stories and advice. In this book, Louise will show you how to find joy and enrichment in your life – just by adding a Sprinkle of Glitter.


Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter is a gorgeous book. I mean, just look at that cover! I can assure you that the inside of this book is just a lovely. To be honest, I’m not sure what everyone expects from a review about a non-fiction book. I reviewed Connor Franta’s A Work in Progress, and so this is the second non-fiction book I will have reviewed on here. It’s probably the second non-fiction book I’ve ever read, if I’m being completely honest! Although I think I can safely say that I really enjoy reading non-fiction books, especially ones like this one.

Let me start off by saying just how lovely all the pages in this book are to look at. I enjoyed seeing what pictures were used on each page and I loved how each text-box was perfectly placed with intriguing sub-headings and interesting content. But I’ll move onto content later. For now, I was to discuss how pretty this book is. There are doodles and cut-out pictures and perfectly-themed background pictures. Honestly, this book is stunning to look at. This book is very aesthetically pleasing.

The one thing that I would have liked to have seen in this book is more pictures taken by Louise. I was surprised to flick to the end of the book and find that quite a lot of the pictures were provided by or taken by Louise. I think what I would have liked to have seen, though, was more pictures of her doing some of the things she was mentioning. For example, in the shopping section of this book, I would have loved seeing a picture of Louise at a shopping centre with all of her purchases in bags. Or for the cooking section, I would have liked to have seen a picture of her baking something. Just simple things like that. They didn’t have to be staged photos or anything, I just feel like it would have made this book a bit more Louise-like. However, this book is gorgeous nonetheless, so I shouldn’t complain.

One of my favourite things with this book was all the inspirational and positive messages it contained. This is quite an uplifting book and it made me feel really positive about myself. There are quotes about being who you are and trying your best and how everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. These little quotes at the end of each little section basically wrapped up her thoughts on the topic being discussed in pretty quote form.

Even though some of the chapters in this book discussed things that I haven’t done yet, such as buying a house or having kids, I still found the information very useful and I soaked it all up. I think that one of the best things about this book is that you can pick it up from any chapter and read it without an order. I read this book from start to finish by chronological page number because I didn’t want to miss anything, but I could have easily jumped from place to place and enjoyed it just as much. My favourite part of this book was by far her dating stories. They’re hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud at each of the weird things that happened and the cringe-worthy moments in the stories and I loved them so much because they were just so Louise.

It’s definitely clear that Louise wrote this book with a lot of love and passion and that so much thought went into this book. I treasured every word and took in everything that Louise wrote because she has a lot of wisdom wrapped in the anecdotes and quotes in this book. I also really liked how the writing sounded exactly like Louise would talk, if you know what I mean. It was like having Louise to my very self at that moment and I could hear her voice in my mind. I really enjoyed that.

So do you have to watch Louise’s SprinkleofGlitter to really like this book? Absolutely not, though I recommend checking her videos out! While I’ve seen a few of Louise’s videos, you don’t have to know her or anything about her in order to get anything from this book. Just by reading this book, you’ll learn lots of things about her life and her bubbly attitude. One of the things I love about her is that she’s so happy and positive, and that definitely shows in the words she wrote. She explained at the beginning of the book that her life hasn’t always been easy and like everyone, she’s had problems in her life, but she chose happiness and she urges everyone to do the same. Her messages are truly inspirational. So whether you already love Louise, you would like to read a positive book, or even if you just want to laugh at her cringe-worthy date stories, I definitely recommend picking up Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter!

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Australia for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review!