Elegy – book review


Elegy is the forth book in the stunning Wake series, written by Amanda Hocking.

Gemma holds the key to breaking the sirens curse just when the stakes couldn’t be any higher. Penn is determined to get rid of Gemma once and for all and to rule the world for all eternity. Gemma feels like her normal life is just within reach, but she can’t get there. Not with Penn around. Gemma is close to having her normal relationship back with Alex, but she feels like nothing will ever be the same again.

Penn is more determined than ever to have Daniel for herself and to destroy Harper and Gemma along the way. Penn can’t force Daniel to love her, but she always ends up getting what she wants…

What will Gemma have to sacrifice to save the ones she loves? Can she ever break the siren curse? Who must die so that Gemma can be saved? The final battle is about to begin, and not everyone will make it out alive…

With Elegy picking up right where Tidal finished, I was immediately immersed in the world of sirens, mythology and romance yet again. Gemma is more determined than ever to break the sirens curse. I loved seeing her try everything to break the curse and she never gave up. Her perseverance was unbelievable, and that’s what I loved about her. Again in this book, Harper was such an amazing, supportive sister to Gemma who was never willing to give up hope. The story moved along at such a fast pace that ensured there was never a dull moment. I really admired the way that Daniel was willing to do anything for Harper and Gemma. The obsession that Penn had of him was really quite scary. I can’t believe how willing Daniel was to do anything that Penn wanted, just to keep the ones he loved safe. So many of my questions were answered in the end, and I was happy with the answers I was given. Although I’m sad to see Gemma’s story finally end, I’m happy with the way things worked out. In my opinion, this book was the best in the series. I was constantly worrying about what would happen to Gemma and I couldn’t stop guessing until the very end. Everything about this book was alluring and enticing. I absolutely loved reading Elegy by Amanda Hocking and I’d give it a score of 9 out of 10. I wonder what Amanda Hocking will come up with next…

Tidal – book review


Tidal is the third book in the alluring Wake (Watersong) series by Amanda Hocking.

After an emotional end to Lullaby, Gemma is now back in her hometown for a little while. But not for long… Penn and Lexi are determined to kill Gemma and replace her with another Siren. Gemma’s life in is grave danger and her only hope of survival is to break to curse before its too late…

With the help of Harper and Daniel, Gemma digs deep into the Siren’s past to unravel the secrets of their curse. This is the only chance of saving everything that matters to her: her family, her life, and her one true love – Alex.

Will Gemma be able to break the curse? Will she ever be able to be with Alex again? Will Gemma ever be able to escape from the Sirens and live a normal life?

I loved Tidal. After finishing Lullaby, I almost died waiting for Tidal to come out! I was so eager to read it, and yet now I have to wait for the next book in the series to come out! I liked how the characters have changed since Lullaby, especially Gemma and Alex. Firstly, Alex has changed so much since Lullaby. He and Gemma used to be practically inseparable. After Gemma used her Siren powers on him to protect him from the evil, Alex has become angry and confused about his feelings towards Gemma. He knows he hates her, but he can’t remember why, and I found that just so shattering. Gemma has become more determined than ever in this book and I loved seeing her fight for her life whilst trying to reconnect with the love of her life. I also enjoyed seeing Penn infatuated with Daniel… it was quite entertaining! Like the other books in this series, I could not stop reading it. It was so gripping, but I guess now I’m regretting reading it within a day, because now I have to wait for the next book in the series to come out! I have to know how this series ends! I’d give Tidal by Amanda Hocking a score of 9 out of 10. Wow.

Lullaby – book review


Lullaby is the magical second book in the Wake (Watersong) series by Amanda Hocking.

Gemma has only just come to terms with her new affinity for the ocean and she is discovering more about her ever-growing powers each day. Now that Gemma has been transformed, she has no choice but to run away with Lexi, Penn and Thea, and leave everything she loves behind.

Harper vows to get her sister back at all costs. The hunt for Gemma and the Sirens brings Harper and Daniel closer together and Harper really needs his help. Fortunately, Daniel is immune to the girls’ dark powers and is devoted to helping Harper get her sister back. They’d almost given up when Daniel finds news of a horrific murder in a nearby town, leading Harper to believe they’ve found the deadly group. But if they find Gemma, will she even want to come back? Can her curse be reversed?

Gemma is struggling to adjust to her new life. She is determined to not be like the other Sirens, but it is hard to resist the enchanting call of their mystical world. Day by day, Gemma is drifting from her old life. But when Harper and Daniel find her, they will see how much she’s changed. How can Gemma ever have her normal life back if she’s become different entirely? Will her family still love her if they find out the shocking truth?

I absolutely loved Lullaby. I felt like it still had the same magical feel that Wake had and it enchanted me entirely. It was interesting to know more about the Sirens. We learnt a lot more in this book about who they are and how they live, and this entangled me into their mythical ways and made me create my own opinion about how it would be like to live as a Siren. With Gemma still coming to terms with being one of the Sirens, I loved seeing her challenge the other girls and learn more about her role in their survival. I learned to love the characters in this book, particularly Harper, who was willing to sacrifice her life for her sister. I also loved watching the relationship between Harper and Daniel grow as they spent more time together looking for Gemma. I was absolutely heart-broken by what happened at the end of this book. I could not believe it. The ending, for me, was part of the reason why I loved this book so much… just because the ending was so… unbelievable! I actually cried at the end of the book because of the finality it held for the future of Gemma’s life and her happiness. I felt really connected to Gemma in that last chapter and I felt the same emotions that she must have felt. I believe Amanda Hocking tied the reader to the characters in Lullaby and made them experience the feelings that the characters felt. This is one of the reasons why I love this series so much! I adored Lullaby by Amanda Hocking and I would give it a score of 9 out of 10. If you’ve read Wake and have not yet read Lullaby, reading it is a must!

Wake – book review


Wake is the first book in the enchantingly beautiful Watersong series, written by Amanda Hocking.

16 year-old Gemma seems to have all she has ever wished for. She’s pretty, carefree and falling in love with Alex, the boy next door. She loves swimming (particularly late at night in the bay) and has had a pretty normal life. That is, until three new girls show up in town…

Gorgeous, fearless and dangerous; Penn, Lexi and Thea have come to the town for the summer. They seem to be grabbing everyone’s attention, but the one they really want is Gemma.

Gemma has no idea why these three girls are here and what they want, but she intends on steering clear of the creepy trio and mind her own business. But one late night swim under the stars changes Gemma’s life forever…

While relaxing in the calming water of the bay, Gemma notices the three new girls having a party in the cove. They invite her to join them, and the next morning, Gemma finds herself on the beach feeling unsteady and nauseous. She knows something is… different.

Suddenly, Gemma is faster, stronger and prettier. But her new powers come at a frightening cost. As Gemma unravels the truth, she is forced to choose between staying with those she loves and risking everything, or entering a world of unimaginable secrets…

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this book. At first, I was a little sceptical at what Wake would be like. I’ve never read a mermaid-type book like this before and I was unsure of how predictable the storyline might be. After reading this book, all I can say is that I absolutely loved it! I really liked how Wake explored most elements of the siren myth and how this wasn’t pretty – it’s a case of kill-or-be-killed, and what Gemma chooses defines her life. All the characters in this book were vividly different from each other. I loved how Gemma and Harper cared for each other like true sisters, and I adored watching the relationship between Alex and Gemma blossom. The twists in the storyline were also part of what made the book so gripping, and the end of the book was a cliff-hanger, which I love! I can’t wait to read Lullaby, and I’d give Wake by Amanda Hocking a score of 8.5 out of 10.