Love is the New Black – book review

Love is the New Black

Love is the New Black is a fun, contemporary novel by Chrissie Keighery.

When Piper’s grandmother sets up Piper with a job at the classy Aspire fashion magazine in Melbourne, she grabs this opportunity with both hands and decides to give it her all. After ruining her chances at getting into uni, Piper is ready to give this her best shot and hopefully gain some journalism experience to help her get into the course she’s always dreamed of doing.

But when Piper starts at her new job, she quickly realises she doesn’t fit in. Her and her fake Marc Jacobs handbag seems unwelcome in this glamorous place where looks mean everything. Even though she’s discouraged at first, Piper decided not to let things go to her heart and pushes through the initial hard part of starting a new job. But there’s one thing she can’t help but let get to her heart – her gorgeous and irresistible boss. He’s the perfect man. But he’s also completely off-limits. Will Piper be guided by her head… or her heart?

This book was a fun, enjoyable, and quick read. The plot wasn’t too complicated and the characters were interesting to read about, which meant that this book was an easy and light book to read. The main reason why I liked this book was because of exactly that. The beginning of this book was intriguing because I wanted to know what was going to happen with Piper and her new job. Obviously, I knew this book would be mainly focussed around love, judging from the title. Although dystopian and fantasy books are usually my favourite genres of book to read, this was a pleasant change of pace and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Love is the New Black. This book was a little melodramatic in parts and a bit cliché, overall it was a fun, funny and flirty novel. This book is perfect for something to do on a lazy afternoon.
Another thing I really liked about this book was how well it portrayed how working in a magazine company might be like. I loved meeting both the pleasant people and the nasty people in this workplace, as well as the attractive boss. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work for a fashion magazine and I’ve always wondered if the people who work there are expected to be glamorous. For this magazine, this was definitely the case. Aspire seemed like a really superficial place to work at and that everyone would be judged by their appearance, even if they are only writing for the magazine and don’t have their picture splayed across a double page. But the more I read on, the more I came to realise that most of these people were genuinely nice people, and so were the famous people involved in this story.
Piper was quite a unique character and I loved living what she was doing. She was a likable, funny person with a great personality. Not one moment in this book was dull. In parts I even found myself laughing with Piper at her jokes or at Piper and her misfortunes! I know, I’m a lovely person. All of Piper’s friends were great people as well and I enjoyed spending time with them.
Overall, this was a fun and easy read. I was grabbed from the beginning and kept reading on and on to see how Piper’s story would turn out. I liked the ending (no matter how clichéd it was) and I just loved how cheerful this book was. I’d give Love is the New Black by Chrissie Keighery a score of 8 out of 10. I recommend this book to people who are looking for a quick and enjoyable read.

Thank you to Hardie Grant Egmont Australia for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review!