Twice Upon A Time – book review

Twice Upon a Time by Kate Forster

This book is an ARC generously provided by Hardie Grant Egmont Australia in exchange for an honest review.

Twice Upon A Time is a fun, romantic book by Kate Forster.

Before her backpacking trip, Cinda was just an ordinary girl from Sydney. She loved to paint, she hung out with her friends at the beach, and she helped her mother clean their small home. She never expected her life change so dramatically. But when she met the irresistibly charming and exceptionally rich Ludo, her life turned upside down. Cinda was flung into a glamorous life of parties and luxuary. What more could a girl wish for?

But then Cinda meets Gus, Ludo’s equally sexy twin brother – and the heir to the Sardinian throne. Cinda starts to realise that true happiness isn’t just how hard you party. True happiness can be found in the most unexpected of places. Cinda finds herself torn between the fun-loving, hard-partying Ludo and the responsible, hard-working Gus.

Both prince brothers are determined to win Cinda’s heart, and one of them will throw everything away to be with her – but will it be the right one?

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun and easy read and a book that had my attention from start to finish. However, it wasn’t just the plot that kept me glued to the pages. It was in fact the characters. All of the characters in this book were vastly different and I loved all of them. They each had their own unique personality and style. Cinda was a lovely person. She was appreciative, and even living like a princess with Ludo and Gus didn’t change the fact that she was still very thankful for everything. Coming from a humble lifestyle, living like royalty didn’t change her into a snobby, ungrateful person like it would turn some people. She was funny and fun to be around. I loved her sense of humour. Her best friend Jonas was hilarious. He made me smile whenever he spoke. He was a caring, enthusiastic person and everything about him was likeable. He loved fashion and was determined to follow his dream in fashion designing. I loved his outgoing personality and he always provided support for Cinda when she needed it. Ludo was a very interesting character. He was perhaps a bit too fun-loving and outgoing. He was known not only by being a Sardinian prince, but also a womaniser and a “player”. He was sweet and funny when he was with Cinda. I was willing to overlook his past with women so he could be happy with Cinda. They seemed perfect together and they always made each other laugh. At the beginning of the book, I was sure he would end up with Cinda. Ludo’s brother, Gus, seemed like he could never be with Cinda. He lived a too structured life filled with rules and boundaries. He was arrogant and up-himself when he first met Cinda, demanding she and Jonas call him Prince Augustus. I hated his snobby attitude. He believed anyone below him should stay below him – strictly no making friends with the lower-class people. He made me furious how he would treat Cinda and Jonas with so little respect. He wouldn’t ever think to thank people. All her cared about was becoming King of Sardinia. But the more time he spent with Cinda, the more I saw him change. He started off hating Cinda, but he soon came to like her. He became more relaxed around her. I never thought that Cinda would ever think for even one second that she might like to be with Gus. That’s where the biggest problem lay. Who would she choose? Fun-loving, outgoing, Ludo the womaniser? Or Gus, the man who was so set in his ways that is slowly beginning to change into a more relaxed, friendly person? I desperately wanted to know who she was going to end up with and could hardly put the book down. I loved to predict who she was going to end up with and I changed my mind frequently. Ludo, Gus, Ludo, Gus. This book was definitely a change from my usual fantasy and dystopian books, but I really liked it. It was so easy to fall into the world of Sardinian princes and living a life of royalty. It was really fun to travel all around Europe, going from parties to country estates. The ending of the book was totally genius. It was something that I could never have seen coming. I thought that only one brother would end up having a happy ending. It was lovely to see them both happy. I really enjoyed reading Twice Upon A Time by Kate Forster and I’d give it a score of 8.5 out of 10. If your looking for a fun and easy read, Twice Upon A Time is the perfect book for you.