Forget Me – book review

Forget Me by K.A. Harrington

Forget Me is an alluring romantic thriller, written by K.A. Harrington.

It’s the three-month anniversary of the tragic death of Morgan’s boyfriend. As a way of trying to move on with her life, Morgan uploads a photo of Flynn to FriendShare. When the facial recognition software suggests she tag him as ‘Evan Murphy’, Morgan spirals into confusion. Not only does Evan look practically identical to Flynn, he lives in a nearby town. And he’s very much alive.

As Morgan digs through layers of secrets, she is left to question whether everything she thought she knew about her boyfriend, her town and even her parents is all just one big web of lies.


I’m actually surprised by how much I loved reading Forget Me. I expected to like it, but not to fall in love with it the way I did. The characters were vibrant and alive, the plot was intriguing and fast-paced, and the plot twists were surprising and completely unexpected. From the very beginning, I was drawn into the story. I really liked the element of mystery the story held.

The characters in Forget Me were all really interesting to read about. I seemed to connect with Morgan immediately. Her urgency to find out what really happened to her boyfriend seemed incredibly real and it made me feel sympathetic towards her from the very beginning. I could really connect with her and that made the book incredibly enjoyable because I felt so emotionally invested to all the characters.

Another character I absolutely loved spending time with was Morgan’s best friend, Toni. Her personality was fun and quirky, and it complimented Morgan’s personality perfectly. I loved all her little quirks, like how she added the letter ‘y’ to ends of words to make them almost verbs, and how she had very specific things she was looking for in guys. All these small details about Toni made her character feel incredibly real. I loved her sparkling personality, which always seemed to have the perfect blend of funniness and seriousness. She was such a caring friend to Morgan and their friendship was one of the things I loved most about this book.

I also really loved reading about Evan. When I first met him, I didn’t know whether I could fully trust him or not. I liked always having to second-guess his moves because it made the story even more mysterious and kept my attention incredibly well. I was constantly guessing what was going to happen, and this book had me guessing until the very last page. I also liked Reece. I started off not liking him, but his personality changed so dramatically over the course of the book and he transformed into one of the nicest people. I loved watching the character growth of not only Reece, but also Morgan. Morgan began the book as a sad teenager, trying to get over the tragic death of her boyfriend. As the book progressed, she became more determined and strong-minded. By the end of the book, Morgan had transformed into a brave, strong young woman who was willing to do anything to protect those she loves.

I felt as though this book was very well paced. There wasn’t a single moment where I was bored reading it. For most of it, I was practically on the edge of my seat, desperately guessing what was going to happen. I changed my mind so much about who was to blame throughout this book and I loved that, because it kept me so intrigued. This is definitely one of the most thrilling and captivating books I’ve read and I loved every second of reading it. Overall, I completely loved reading this book and would recommend it to everyone looking for a romantic thriller that keeps you guessing the whole time. I’d give Forget Me by K.A. Harrington a score of 9 out of 10. If you haven’t heard of this book, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!