Do These Popular 2019 YA Releases Deserve The Hype?

Hype is a fickle thing, isn’t it? On the one hand, hype gets people excited about new releases and encourages them to add books to their TBRs. But on the other hand, too much hype can lead to disappointment, or even putting people off certain books altogether.

Whether you’re a fan of hyped books or not, there’s a chance you’ve read a few of them in your life. And I’m sure you all know which books I’m talking about! You only have to scroll through social media to notice which books are getting a lot of attention, and those that have seemed to have been overlooked completely.

So today I wanted to share my thoughts with you on TEN OF THE MOST HYPED YA RELEASES OF 2019! Whether you’ve been thinking of picking these ones up, or if you just want to know if I think they’re deserving of the hype or not, check out my selections!

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7 books with Too Much Hype

Are you ever afraid to pick up a book because of all the hype that surrounds it? Do you ever find yourself feeling let down because a book didn’t meet the high expectations you’d formed of it from all the hype it’s received? Have you ever thought some books aren’t worthy of the hype they have? Well join the club! Here are seven books I think have too much hype…



While I enjoyed Caraval and I thought it was a really beautifully-written and engaging novel, it’s impossible to deny that there’s a lot of hype surrounding its release. This was a book that I enjoyed, but it wasn’t one that absolutely blew me away. Sure, it was a fun read and I liked reading about the quest and the magical elements, but every other part was astoundingly average. I couldn’t really connect with the protagonist because I felt that there was so much emphasis placed on the quest and the fast-pacing of the novel made me feel as though I never got the time to just relax and get to know her. Perhaps if I had felt more empathetic towards her and her lost sister then I would have enjoyed this novel more.

But that’s not to say that I don’t think Caraval is worthy of any hype at all. It’s a great novel and it was quite enjoyable, but honestly, the amount of hype that’s surrounding this novel could easily be halved and given to some other diverse releases of 2017 that haven’t been constantly on everyone’s Instagram and Twitter feeds. Although I did like how I wasn’t sure who I could trust, or if I could even trust what I was reading, and I loved how mysterious the whole novel was. It really drew me in from the very beginning, but I just wish I could have felt more for the characters. The romance was particularly a let-down for me and while it wasn’t one of the main elements, it felt unnecessary when we could have invested more into the relationship between the two sisters. For me, Caraval was neither here nor there, but one thing’s for certain — it has a lot of hype.

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