Forgotten – book review

forgotten book

Forgotten is a wonderfully written book by Cat Patrick.

London Lane is a mostly ordinary 16 year-old girl. Her only peculiarity is that every night after going to sleep, she can’t remember anything about her past. To be precise, she forgets at exactly at 4.33am every day. Instead, London has “future memories”, meaning she only remembers what she will do, who she will meet and everything to come.

London is used to relying on notes she writes for herself and trusted friends to get through the day, but things get complicated when a new boy arrives at her school. The new boy, Luke, isn’t a boy you’d forget. But as hard as London tries, she can’t remember him from the future.

The more time London spends with Luke, the more flash-forwards from the future she starts having. These bizarre memories cause London to start trying to unravel her past to unlock the secrets of her future… including why Luke seems to be forgotten from the future…

I absolutely loved reading this book. One of my favourite things about it was how London and Luke’s characters fit so well together… I loved seeing the relationship between them sizzle! All the characters were interesting, especially London with her unique life, and I loved watching her cope with her backwards memory. Right from the very start, Forgotten was beautifully written and it entangled me into London’s strange life. This book is written from London’s point of view and before reading it, I was a bit unsure of how Cat would write this, although I was amazed at how cleverly this was done. There’s an element of mystery to this book. I was constantly wondering about what would happen and I was pleasantly surprised with the twists in the plot. I couldn’t take my eyes off the pages because of how attention grabbing it was. This book really kept me thinking, and I guess that’s what made it such an intriguing read. I loved Forgotten by Cat Patrick and I would give it a score of 9 out of 10. Wonderful!