5 Books I’m Currently #Obsessed With

It’s a known fact that October is the best time of the year for book lovers… or the worst, if we’re thinking about our bank accounts and looming TBRs. Yes, it’s release season! The time where new books are flying at us from left, right, and centre, and we’re left desperately trying to keep up. And even though it can be stressful trying to juggle all these amazing releases, it’s undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the year.

With the start of the spooky season comes all the exciting books that we’re all desperate to get our hands on! It’s like it’s the last rush for publishers to get all there exciting releases out into the world before Christmas, and even though October is a month that breaks my bank, I’m happy to drink terrible instant coffee instead of extravagant Starbucks frappuccinos if it means getting my hands on an anticipated release.

So today I want to fangirl about some of the most excellent books I’ve read recently! I’m still getting through my TBR pile and I’m sure there will be a whole lot more that I want to scream about, but in the meantime, here’s five of them that deserve to be on your shelves too.

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Top 8 Underrated Books of 2018

It’s hard to believe we’re already 3/4 through 2018 already! I’ve read so many spectacular new releases this year, including some really hyped ones, but it’s time to spread the love for some of the lesser well known novels I’ve adored this year so far.


Reign of Mist

When I read Heart of Mist last year, I honestly didn’t know how Helen Scheuerer was going to one-up herself. But like Heart of Mist happily surprised me by how much I adored it, Reign of Mist was just as incredible. This series is such a fast-paced, action-packed fantasy that will captivate you from the very first page and won’t let you close the book until you’ve finished and craving more. Reign of Mist picks up right where Heart of Mist left us, again taking us on a journey filled with magic and secrets and intrigue. If you’re a fan of fantasy, this is definitely a series that should be on your radar.


Heretics Anonymous

I was desperate to get my hands on Heretics Anonymous ever since I heard about it, and this was definitely a book that didn’t disappoint. It talks about religion and friendship and hypocritical beliefs. Not only does it introduce us to a diverse cast of characters who I loved getting to know, but it also has an adorable romance that I desperate wish we could get another book about. Heretics Anonymous is such an exceptionally-written YA contemporary, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.Read More »

Why I’m Obsessed with Trashy Novels

A lot of the time, fluffy YA novels that contain fun storylines where the reader doesn’t have to think too much are labelled as ‘trashy’. Like these books are lesser than everything else that’s being published because they’re being consumed for sheer entertainment value. But I don’t think these books should be looked down upon in the way they have in recent years. Of course there’s no disputing that it’s necessary to have YA novels that make people think and allow people to become aware of issues they might not experience in their own insular lives, but that doesn’t make ‘trashy’ novels any less valid.

Looking back on the first few books that got me into YA, most of them would be considered ‘trashy’. There’s not much serious content in books like Hush, Hush or Twilight or Anna and the French Kiss, but that doesn’t make them bad novels. So how come these are the types of books that are so obviously ridiculed by adult fiction readers who sneer at anyone reading anything that’s targeted at a young adult audience? It’s almost as if they’d rather everyone be condemned to reading nothing but Hamlet and The Great Gatsby and Heart of Darkness, the likes of which have been shown to turn young people off reading over and over again if they’re forced to read books they’re not interested in.

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Let’s Write a Book Together!

Books that are written by two authors are just so exciting to me. I mean, it’s two authors for the price of one! Some of the most amazing books I’ve read have been written by multiple authors, including the phenomenal Illuminae Files by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, and one of my most anticipated reads of this year is What if it’s Us by Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli.

As much as I love seeing two authors’ names on the front of a book, the collaboration actually needs to work well in order for me to appreciate it and not be turned off co-written books forever. Either the authors have to have distinctive writing styles and a dual narration, allowing them to write from the point of view of a particular character, or they have to have a similar voice that makes the book feel like it could be written by only one person. If the book doesn’t flow or feels disjointed, I won’t be able to become fully enthralled in the story like I normally do.

And of course, it’s important for the authors to work well together behind the scenes, in the writing of the book, as well as on stage and at events. Take Jay and Amie for example—they’re two writers that are friends, come up with major plot ideas at a pub together, and have a great presence together in public. They’re both so funny and such incredible writers, and I’m so thrilled these two Aussie authors have been supported to the extent they have. I can’t wait to read their next co-written series!

So in this post, I want to share some of the authors I’d love to see work on a novel together, as well as the authors I hope ever write a book together. Not gonna lie, this is somewhat of a nudge-nudge to the authors I want to work together. Let’s try and make these awesome collabs happen, people!Read More »

Biannual Bookish Wrap Up

2018 has been a pretty great reading year for me so far. I started actively using Goodreads, which has been really useful in tracking my reading (despite me forgetting to update it for weeks on end), and actually made my first reading challenge goal. 2018 so far has been all about setting goals and figuring out what I can do to make those a reality, and my reading life has been no different.

Books I’ve read this year so far…

Total: 97

Goal: 200

Favourite reads of 2018 so far…

I’ve read so many incredible books this year, but these ones really stand out to me as being a step above the rest. I definitely recommend checking these out if you haven’t read them yet!

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Am I a Fussy Reader?

Unlike some readers, I consider myself to be pretty picky when it comes to buying books. Yes, even though I’m practically swimming in books at home because they’ve taken over my entire room and are scattered along the floor. But I’m a student and only work casually, so my funds are pretty limited, therefore I need to try and ensure the books I buy I’ll actually like. Well, not just like. More so… fall so deeply in love with them that I can’t help but feel like my money has been well-spent.

But in order for books to pass from the realm of being mildly interested in them to actually landing in my shopping cart, there’s six tests they have to pass first. It might seem a little excessive at first glance, but I really want to try and ensure the books I’m buying are ones that I’ll love. But I mean, in saying that… I still rarely read them within the first month of purchase. I know, I’m the worst. There’s still a lot of books that have passed these phases and are still sitting on my shelf, unread, because I haven’t had the chance to pick them up…

But anyway. Let’s get into it!

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Bookish Highlights of 2018 So Far

We’re so lucky to have a plethora of bookish events in Melbourne, with everything from group movie viewings, to launches, to full-blown book festivals. It really is the place to be for Aussie booknerds. Even though we’re only halfway through 2018, there have been some absolutely incredible, unforgettable events that I’m so grateful to have been able to attend.

So today I’m going to share my top five bookish events of 2018 so far with you, and then tell you my five most anticipated events for the rest of 2018! It’s going to be hard to narrow it down to just five, because I think I’ve been to about ten book launches in the past six months alone, but I’ll give it my best shot. Let’s do this!

Top five bookish events of 2018 so far…


YA Day

If you didn’t already know, my friend Alexandra and I co-created a Melbourne book club called The YA Room. We meet up once a month at Dymocks to discuss our Book of the Month, but occasionally we also do some special events—like YA Day! YA Day was a day of YA goodness in January, where we were joined by 13 guest panelists to discuss everything from the importance of teen voices in the community, to how to make a successful booktube channel, and even some tips about how to break into the publishing industry! We were joined by over 80 attendees for four panels, and we honestly couldn’t have wished for a more exciting day. We can’t wait to host another YA Day in early 2019!Read More »

Books to Inspire Travel

There’s nothing I love more than travelling. I love exploring new places, learning about new cultures, and trying new things. As much as I love Melbourne and adore spending days in my favourite cafes around the city, there’s always that desire to hop in the TARDIS and go and see new sights. Which is why I’m about to head off on a tour of Eastern Europe!

I haven’t been to Europe before, and I’m really excited to go to places like Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. So to get in the mood, I’ve decided to share some of my favourite YA books that make me feel like jumping on a plane with nothing more than a backpack of clothes and my passport and heading off to see the world!

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How to Name Your Characters

Naming characters is probably the most difficult and most important part of writing a book. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but once I spent three hours trying to find the right name for a bird. I’m not even kidding. But to me, a character’s name is what makes a person. It can give you insight into who they are before they even open their mouth, or draw their sword. A name has power.

So that’s why I often feel like there’s so much pressure to find the right name for your character before you start writing a novel. I know some authors don’t feel the need to have the right name for their character from the get-go and aren’t attached to the name when they eventually change it. But I’m just not one of those people. If I don’t have an instant connection to the name I’m going to use, I can’t start. It just won’t be the same.

If that means going through page after page of baby name searches online, looking up their definitions and trying to find something that hasn’t been used abundantly before and something that fits the personality of the character, so be it. If I have to sit at a cafe for six hours straight with far too much coffee in my system until I think of the perfect name, I’ll do it. Because a name is never just a name to me—it’s so much more than just a string of letters. Just like a book is so much more than a bunch of words on a page.

So in today’s post, I’m going to write a bit about the various ways you can find the perfect name for your character…

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BookAdvisor: Rating Your Reading Locations

Do you ever find yourself reading in weird places? Are you someone who carefully decides where they like to read, or someone who will just read at every opportunity? Well, today I’m going to introduce you to BookAdvisor – a place where you can rate your reading locations and provide feedback for other book lovers!  How exciting! How revolutionary!

JUST KIDDING. This isn’t a real thing… yet. But I totally think it should be! Share your reading places. Rate your favourites. Leave comments and feedback to better the bookish community. Check it out!

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“Highly overrated!”

I went to my bedroom to read a book I just bought and was shocked to find it wasn’t as pretty as Pinterest had led me to believe. Where were all the fairy lights? Where was a hot cup of tea waiting for me? I don’t know how I’m expected to curl up on my bed and read a book when my room is so MESSY. Pinterest is a LIAR, I tell you. ALL THE PROMISES OF PRETTY BEDROOMS ARE LIES. Read More »