Sublime – book review

Sublime by Christina Lauren

Sublime is an intriguing book, written by Christina Lauren.

Emerging from the forest in only a silk dress and sandals, Lucy is unsure of how she got there. But then she meets Colin and she knows that she’s here for him.

Colin has never been drawn to a girl the way he is with Lucy. As their lives begin to intertwine and Lucy starts to remember more of her life – and her death – neither of them is willing to give up the confusing yet irresistible relationship between them. Then Colin finds a way to physically be with Lucy. By taking himself to the brink of death, he finds that his reality and Lucy’s overlap. The joy that they both experience in those brief and stolen moments seems to drown out everything else. But some lives are never meant to cross paths…


Sublime was one of those books that I expected to love, but I just didn’t. I was really captivated in the beginning and wanted to know more about Lucy’s story and her connection to Colin, but I felt like it went downhill from there. I think the reason why I didn’t expect it was because of the romance. That was the thing that I had the most problems with in this book. Don’t get me wrong, there were some lovely scenes between the two main characters and I liked some parts of their relationship, but I didn’t like the fact that it was insta-love. I really get put off books when the two main characters fall in love instantly and they say that they’re destined to be together. I especially hate it when the characters fall in love only because of the looks of the other person. It’s unrealistic to think that relationships in real life are like this. Yes, I’m sure that some people do get together based on superficial things like looks alone, but the vast majority of us would be with someone because they liked who they are and because they saw the person enraptured in their body which acts as a shell for the soul. Admittedly, characters probably wouldn’t stay together if they didn’t like the other person’s personality, but I just find it absurd that characters can fall in love so easily and stay in love.

Another thing that I didn’t like about this book was that the main character, Lucy, doesn’t do anything. And I’m not exaggerating here. She walks, she ponders on the meaning of life and she thinks about her love. She does nothing productive, really. The pace of this book is very slow in parts just because of this. The one thing that was most alluring about this book was the relationship between the two main characters, and as I explained before, I didn’t even enjoy that. This book didn’t have much in it except romance. If that’s what you’re looking for in a book, then this would probably suit you. However, I didn’t like how one-dimensional the characters seemed. It was like they were only focussed on love and were so blinded by that longing for a lasting relationship that they would do anything for it, even risk their life. At one point in the book, I wanted something to happen so badly that I even wished someone important would die so that I could feel something for this book. I didn’t feel particularly connected to any of the characters.

Lucy’s lack of motivation to do anything with her life was very annoying and made me unable to connect with her. She didn’t make any plans to try and find her parents or work out why exactly she was back on Earth, only how she could stay with Colin forever. She was willing to do anything to make that happen, including risk his life. The parts in the book where Colin would risk his life made me feel conflicted. On the one hand, I liked reading what would have to be the most action for the entire book. On the other hand, relating back to the insta-love, I found it hard to believe anyone would do that for someone they hardly knew and wasn’t even sure was real. I would have liked seeing Colin trying to understand who Lucy was and why she was here, and thinking perhaps he was going insane. It would have been really interesting to maybe see some therapy sessions where he’s trying to reason out who Lucy is and why he can see her differently to one another. It would have been really exciting to have everyone think he was crazy and only we would know he wasn’t. Or perhaps we would have questioned him, which would have been equally as great. Instead, we only read about his love for Lucy, which got repetitive and boring.

If you’re looking for a light and fluffy romance, this book would probably be appropriate. That’s if you don’t have a problem with insta-love. There’s only one thing I liked about this book – the ending. I liked it because it gave me more of an understanding as to why Lucy was actually on Earth again. However, I felt like I could have read the first three chapters and then skipped to the end chapter and the epilogue and I wouldn’t have missed much. I think I liked the ending because it kind of gave the entire book a more sinister and ominous undertone. Perhaps I would have enjoyed this book more if I knew more about Lucy and her past. I felt like I hardly knew her at all and this book would have benefited from more backstory on all of the characters. I felt like I only knew them as how they were in that particular moment and not what they were like in the past. All I wanted was to feel more connected to the characters, which would have meant I was more invested in the story, and I just wasn’t.

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy reading this book and I wished it had more substance. I wasn’t convinced by the romance and I felt as though the characters were underdeveloped. The writing style was interesting for the most part, but in places the pacing was too slow. I’d recommend this book to people who are only wanting to read a book for the romance and not for the plot. I’d give Sublime by Christina Lauren a score of 4 out of 10. If anyone has read this book, I’d love to know if you either agree or disagree with me. Please let me know!

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review!