Why I Love Unreliable Narrators

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that books containing unreliable narrators are some of the most exciting and intriguing novels out there. Most books I’ve come across either are told in third person, and the narrator overlooking the narrative isn’t telling us the whole truth, or is omitting information, or it’s told in first person, and the protagonist isn’t someone we can fully trust in terms of what they’re observing or allowing us to infer. But it’s when these types of books get crossed with vaguely supernatural elements that things get really interesting.

I’m talking about books where you can’t fully trust what the characters are seeing or experiencing, or saying they’re seeing or experiencing. It’s when things don’t seem quite right, but you’re not sure who, or what, to believe — the character, or your own sense of logic? Is the character actually seeing ghosts, or are they experiencing some kind of hallucination? Choosing what to believe is all part of the mystery and intrigue, and that’s the reason why I love these kinds of novels.

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