Aurora – book review


A ruthless Master. A magical society. One last chance for love and redemption.

Imagine a world where you can become the richest man or woman on Earth by literally trading rags for riches. Imagine a world where anyone — sick, old, lame or poor — can live forever. Now imagine that same world but with one catch…

You must kill one of your fellow human beings to maintain your immortality. It can be anyone—your father, your sister or even your next door neighbour. Not so sweet now, is it?

This is the life that Aurora Hawthorne has always known. No friends, no family — just an oppressive man who calls himself her Master and beats her constantly. Although her life is filled with Alchemy — a dark, seductive magic — and she literally holds the power of a thousand thunderstorms in her hands, life isn’t so great. You see, in this society, there are three groups of humans: regular humans, Master Alchemists and Alchemic slaves, also known as Breakers. Regular humans are just that — regular, but their supernatural counterparts are much more complex… and far darker.

Is there any hope in a world so corrupt? Can the young girl find love when people have done nothing but mistreat her?Read More »