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I JUST FINISHED WATCHING BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER FOR THE FIRST TIME. EVER. I know right?! I’m about twenty years late to the party, but oh my god, it was absolutely incredible. I seriously haven’t fell in love with a show like I did with Buffy for a very long time, and I know I’ll be rewatching it so much in future. THE CHARACTERS WERE INCREDIBLE. THE PLOT WAS GRIPPING. THE EPISODES WERE FLAWLESS. Everything about this show makes me want to scream about it from the rooftops.

So that’s what I’m doing today! I thought there’s no better way to celebrate finishing watching such an iconic show like Buffy than to do a book tag about it! This one is inspired by Book Slaying’s book tag, but I changed some of the prompts and added some of my own just to showcase some of my other favourite characters. If you’re a fan of Buffy, I’d love you to do this book tag as well! Enjoy!

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#NowWeRise Book Tag

I can’t believe that one of my most anticipated fantasy books of 2018 is finally here! AND IT’S EVEN BETTER THAN WHAT I HAD HOPED IT WOULD BE. I’m always a little cautious going into fantasy books because 80% of what I read is contemporary, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with Children of Blood and Bone from the very first page.

So I thought I’d do the #NowWeRise Book Tag to celebrate! I saw this tag on Bec’s Books and I couldn’t not participate. If you’ve read Children of Blood and Bone and would like to do the book tag, I’m officially tagging YOU! You’re also welcome to use the graphics I’ve created.

#NowWeRise Book Tag

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What’s a trope you’d love to see die, and one you’d love to see live, or flourish more often?

LOVE CURING MENTAL ILLNESS CAN GO DIE IN A PIT, THANK YOU. Honestly, it’s 2018 — we don’t want stories that show how falling in love will cure all your problems. We need novels that have mentally ill characters who have good support systems, or go to therapy, or take medication. There’s nothing that angers me more than one character thinking they can ‘fix’ another’s mental illness by their love. Most of the time, this is just done in a completely unrealistic way, not to mention how harmful it can be for some readers.

A trope I’d love to see more often is the ‘friends to lovers’ trope. Ever since I read The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, I’ve been desperate to get my hands on romances as adorable as this. MONTY… PERCY… THEY’RE JUST SO ADORABLE. There’s something so sweet about two people who go from being friends to being in a relationship, and it never fails to melt my heart. If you have any recommendations for more books with this trope, I’d love to know!Read More »


WHAT’S UP, FRIENDS?! Ya gurl right here just created her first book tag! You’re welcome.

As most of the conversations with my friends just consist of sending each other memes – and I’ve even been known to reference memes in ACTUAL IRL CONVERSATIONS BECAUSE YES, I’M THAT PERSON – so I wanted to create a book tag based off some of the most iconic memes!

I’m sure this has been done before because there’s no such thing as an original idea with nearly eight billion people on the planet (let’s cry about that together another time), but here’s something I made just especially for you!

If you’d like to do something similar on your blog, you’re more than welcome to use the same prompts and images as I have if you thank me in your post! You’re welcome in advance, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for each of the prompts.


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OKAY. I just got SO CONFUSED by Genuine Fraud, mainly because it wasn’t told in chronological order. I just didn’t know what was happening a lot of the time, and I didn’t particularly connect with the protagonist either. I had a lot of trouble trying to connect the dots and match up the timelines, so I was pretty much the epitome of that confused woman meme.


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Anyone who knows me will know my answer before I say this (especially everyone who comes to my book club, The YA Room) — and that’s A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. At our meetings, people even take bets to see how long it takes me to mention this series in conversation. I’m not even sorry. This is such a phenomenal series and I adore Victoria with all of my heart. PLEASE READ IT.Read More »

Aussie YA Blog Hop

Hi friends! This week, Jeann over at Happy Indulgence decided to host this brilliant Aussie YA Blog Hop! It’s all about spreading the love for Australian YA novels and authors and recommending some of our absolute favourites. I’m such a massive supporter of  all things #LoveOzYA and it’s fabulous that I get a whole blog post to rave about how great Aussie authors are! Not to brag, but we’re pretty talented on this big island in the middle of nowhere.Read More »

Pokémon GO Book Tag

Before we begin, there’s something I have to confess: I don’t actually play Pokémon GO. I know. I KNOW. I’m an abomination. I deserve to be ostracised. But before you all come for me with your pitchforks, let me explain. I LOVE POKÉMON, OKAY? I’ve been playing it since I was old enough to hold a small red Gameboy and when Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire versions had just been released. A few years later, I upgraded to a Nintendo DS and even though I haven’t played it for a little while, Pokémon is still very close to my heart.Read More »

The Harry Potter Book Tag

Hello everyone! In celebration of the release of The Cursed Child tomorrow, I decided it was time to do The Harry Potter Book Tag! While I’m not dedicated enough to go to those early morning bookshop events for The Cursed Child, I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter since I was about 6 years-old. At that stage, I was a little young to read the books, but I watched all of the movies and a few years ago, I finally tackled the books. And in case you were wondering, I classify myself as a RavenclawRead More »

The Ultimate Book Tag!

Thanks so much to Shannon Buchanan for tagging me in The Ultimate Book Tag! I’ve never done a book tag before so here goes…

Do you get sick while reading in the car?

If I’m in the front, I can read for hours without getting sick. If I’m in the back, it’s a completely different story! It wouldn’t be pretty…

Which author’s writing style is completely unique to you and why?

I love how unique E. Lockhart’s writing style is. I’ve read We Were Liars and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and I think her writing is very different to other authors, especially in We Were Liars. 

Harry Potter Series or the Twilight Saga? Give three points to defend your answer.

Harry Potter. I love that series so much and it was such a big part of my childhood – the books, the movies, everything. I’m lucky to be a part of the generation that grew up with Harry and reading those books will always bring upon nostalgia. One of the things I love most about the Harry Potter series is the positive messages it contains – there is good and bad within all of us and what counts is what side we choose to act on, and how love gives you strength. Also, none of the characters in Harry Potter are in any way one-dimensional and they are all so complex and I loved getting to know them better with each book, whereas I didn’t feel as though a lot of the characters were overly complex in Twilight. Twilight was entertaining enough, but Harry Potter will always be the ‘classic’ for our generation and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Do you carry a book bag? If so, what is in it (besides books)?

I don’t really call my backpack a book bag, but I suppose that’s what it is because that’s what’s in it most of the time! As well as a book, I also will carry a notebook, pen, money, phone and earphones in my bag. Oh, and keys preferably, if I want to get back into my house where it’s warm and there is an abundance of books.

Do you smell your books?

Yes, of course! Who doesn’t? They smell so amazing. Old, new, it doesn’t matter, I love smelling them all. I do have a friend who licks books and I think that’s weird. Like, smelling I totally get. Licking? Nope. Do any of you lick books?

Books with or without little illustrations?

I’m not against books with little illustrations, I just don’t have any books with illustrations. Because of that, I’ll have to say books without, though I’m not against the idea of having cute little illustrations intermittently or something.

What book did you love while reading but discovered later that it wasn’t quality writing?

I feel like all the books I’ve read have been quality in their own ways, even books that are not commonly known to be well-written. Every author has their own style and I respect that. I’m not saying that every book that is published is amazing quality, but I respect the author and their writing.

Do you have any funny stores involving books from your childhood? Please share!

Okay, so if you read my Versatile Blogger Award post, you’ll know this story. This one happened recently, so it’s not exactly from my childhood, but I think it’s funny.

So I have a part time job in my favourite book shop and one time I was stamping the book shop logo onto brown paper bags when this man came up to me. He said, ‘Hello! Good morning, oh, afternoon!’ and I’m thinking, Why are you in such a good mood? Like, I love book shops too, but you’re so happy! Anyway, then the man said, ‘I’m here to sign some books.’ And I asked him, ‘What books?’ And he said like I should know, ‘The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect.’ Immediately, I got that kind of star-struck feeling I get when talking to famous people. At that moment, my colleges came to my rescue and handed him a massive pile of his books. I don’t think I would have been able to move because I was staring at the author of The Rosie Project! Okay, I haven’t even read those books and I was still affected by his author-presence. Anyway, he was signing books and I may have been staring at him. He looked up at me and said seriously, ‘You know, it’s really frustrating having to flick four pages into the book instead of one to sign it because I’ve got all this praise for my books.’ I said back, equally as serious, ‘Yeah, it must be really hard being a bestselling author.’ And then he left and I was back to stamping my paper bags, dreaming of the day I have my first book published…

And it just so happens that I made a whole video on this incident on my YouTube channel, Sarah Dreams. You can check out that video here!

What is the tinniest book on your shelf?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobosky. Great book. Small book too.

What is the thickest book on your shelf?

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. That book is massive and I love every bit of it!

Do you write as well as read? Do you see yourself as being an author?

I absolutely love writing and when I’m not reading, you would be able to find me writing. I mostly write fiction, and I love entering competitions. Over last summer I wrote the first draft of my first attempt at a novel and I would love to keep editing that throughout this year. It’s my dream to be an author and I hope one day people will enjoy reading what I write. You can check out some of my short stories here.

When did you get into reading?

I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember so I don’t think I ever got into reading, I was just raised amongst books. I lived and breathed them from a young age and I know my love for books will always be with me.

What is your favourite classic book?

The Great Gatsby counts as a classic, right? I love that book so much and all of the characters are complex and interesting and I admire Gatsby’s determination to achieve his dream, however unrealistic it may seem.

In school what was your best subject? Language/Arts/English?

My best subject is English because I enjoy it. I find it so much easier to do things when you enjoy it. I really love analysing books and writing styles and that’s why I think English is my best subject.

If you were given a book as a present that you had read before and hated, what would you do?

I would thank the person and tell them unfortunately I have already read that book and I would ask them if it is possible to exchange it for another book, and I would give them a couple of ideas as to which book I would like instead. They didn’t need to know that I hated the book with a passion and would be reevaluating our friendship because of their poor choice 😉

What is a bad habit you always do (besides rambling) while blogging?

I often get really distracted on my laptop and the internet and I’ll start writing a review and then get sidetracked, remembering a few hours later what I got on my laptop to do in the first place. That happens quite a lot.

What is your favourite word?

INDUBITABLY – impossible to doubt, unquestionable. It’s just so fun to say!

Are you a nerd, dork, or dweeb? Or all of the above?

All of the above! I’m proud not to be ‘normal’ and I think that everyone who is called those things should take it as a compliment because it’s basically saying ‘I’m not boring and conventional!’ I pride myself on my individuality and I don’t believe in conformity. Live your life how you want to live it, and don’t let society dictate your actions. Check out my video Dare to Dream by clicking here to find out more on my views of individuality and how people shouldn’t be afraid to be who they really are, not matter what people think of them.

Vampires or fairies? Why?

Vampires because vampires are just awesome. And with the amount of time I spend inside either reading, writing or on my laptop, I may as well be a vampire. Also, I like the night a lot more than the day. Because I’m practically constantly sleep-deprived, the night is kinder on my eyes and my headaches from lack of sleep.

Shapeshifters or angels? Why?

Angels because it would be cool to be able to fly and helping people would be a nice thing to do.

Spirits or werewolves? Why?

Spirits because I wouldn’t like to be that hairy. Also, I’m more of a cat person than a dog person.

Zombies or vampires? Why?

Vampires again because of the same reasons as before.

Love triangles or forbidden love?

Forbidden love! I’m finding that love triangles are a little overused in YA literature now and it can often be risky because it might come across as cheesy. I love a well-written love triangle, but I think that it’s safer to both write and read a forbidden love for a lot of the time.

And finally: Full on romance books or action-packed with a few love scenes mixed in?

I think it’s always good to have a balance of both in books, so I’m not one of those people who goes for the full-on romances. I like reading a bit of romance in the books I read, but sometimes I feel as though it can be a little over-done. Besides, when there are only a few love scenes mixed in, that makes them all the more enjoyable and highly anticipated.

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