Do These Popular 2019 YA Releases Deserve The Hype?

Hype is a fickle thing, isn’t it? On the one hand, hype gets people excited about new releases and encourages them to add books to their TBRs. But on the other hand, too much hype can lead to disappointment, or even putting people off certain books altogether.

Whether you’re a fan of hyped books or not, there’s a chance you’ve read a few of them in your life. And I’m sure you all know which books I’m talking about! You only have to scroll through social media to notice which books are getting a lot of attention, and those that have seemed to have been overlooked completely.

So today I wanted to share my thoughts with you on TEN OF THE MOST HYPED YA RELEASES OF 2019! Whether you’ve been thinking of picking these ones up, or if you just want to know if I think they’re deserving of the hype or not, check out my selections!


The Gilded Wolves

Worthy of hype? ABSOLUTELY, 100% YES.

I seriously had NO EXPECTATIONS going into this novel, so I was beyond shook when I ended up loving it. I mean, there’s magical elements, a cast of characters that I’d be willing to die for, and some queer romance also thrown in there! PLUS A HEIST. Gosh, it was just glorious.


Aurora Rising

Worthy of hype? YAAAAS. OF COURSE IT IS!

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LET DOWN BY A JAY AND AMIE BOOK? If you answered yes to the previous question… I don’t know what to say to you (just kidding, no judgement here!). But I am OBSESSED with their work—they’re just a dynamic duo, and Aurora Rising was just as kickass and heart-wrenching as The Illuminae Files was.


Again, But Better

Worthy of hype? Ehhhh.

I mean, I really enjoyed it! But it’s not one I’ve been screaming at people to read IMMEDIATELY. It’s a cute contemporary and I really connected to the theme of feeling like you’re doing college “wrong”, so I loved it. But on the whole? I know a lot of people have been disappointed by it, so I’m gonna go with NOT DESERVING. (Still good though!)


On the Come Up

Worthy of hype? OH MY GOD, DEFINITELY.

ANGIE THOMAS RELEASED A NEW BOOK EARLIER THIS YEAR. As if she hasn’t been slaying the New York Times Bestseller list already, her newest book baby also debuted on the list and it’s been having a sweet time living there! It was always going to be a challenge for the second book to be as loved as The Hate U Give, but it was absolutely incredible and you should ALL go pick up a copy if you haven’t already! BELIEVE THE HYPE!


A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Worthy of hype? Nope.

I’m sorry, fantasy friends! It just… wasn’t for me. I really, REALLY love Brigid Kemmerer’s contemporary stories, but I just didn’t love this Beauty and the Beast retelling. A+ DISABILITY REPRESENTATION THOUGH! I just feel like I’m sick of fantasy retellings at the moment and A Curse So Dark and Lonely was nothing special in my eyes. Apologies!


The Red Scrolls of Magic


When does a Cassie Clare book NOT live up to the hype for me?! I’m the hype of person who THROWS ALL HER RESPONSIBILITIES OUT THE WINDOW as soon as I receive the long-awaited phone call from my local bookstore telling me the latest book is out. And I’d go so far as to say this one is one of my favourite books of 2019! It was just so FUNNY and WHOLESOME, and I loved it so so much.


Four Dead Queens

Worthy of hype? HELL YEAH.

ALL HAIL OUR NEW QUEEN OF FANTASY, ASTRID SCHOLTE. (all hailI) Four Dead Queens just BURST onto the YA scene, and it took over my LIFE. It’s definitely the best mystery I’ve read all year! I just raced through the pages trying to see how it would all wrap up! The world-building was SUPURB, the characters were TO DIE FOR, and I’m just so excited for Astrid’s next book! *SLAMS PREORDER BUTTON*


The Vanishing Stair

Worthy of hype? YES x100x

After reading Truly Devious earlier this year and just DEVOURING it, I was so excited to get my hands on The Vanishing Stair. And let me tell you: IT WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. It was everything I could have wanted in a book, and more! There was mystery, there was queer representation and mental illness representation. There was a plot that demanded you keep the pages turning, and there was an ending that makes you just SOB because the next book is ages away! AHH! Someone hold me.



Worthy of hype? Ummmm no.

It pains me to say this buuuuut… I just didn’t like this book. I’m not overly familiar with the original Robin Hood story, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I went into this book. But historical fiction just isn’t really my thing, and because I didn’t have an established love of the original characters, I think I just didn’t appreciate this book as much as I could have. Sorry!


With the Fire on High

Worthy of hype? I meeeean… yeah?

I really enjoyed The Poet X, but I didn’t really know what to expect from With the Fire on High. And I ended up LOVING IT. I feel like the hype surrounding this one has really died down, but COME ON, PEOPLE. It was great! Sure, it might not be a flashy fantasy, but it’s a gorgeous, quiet contemporary about cooking and parenthood and family, and it was just superb. *chef’s kiss*


Have you read any of these books? Which other books do you think have been getting a lot of hype recently? Are any of these on your TBR? I’d love to know!


10 thoughts on “Do These Popular 2019 YA Releases Deserve The Hype?

  1. I have to agree with A Curse So Dark and Lonely. It had its dark moments but I found it underwhelming and rather lacklustre as Beauty and the Beast retellings go.

  2. I do agree with Again but Better. Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot; but I know a lot of people were disappointed by it. Though I have to disagree with Red Scrolls of Magic (as much as that PAINS ME) because I just didn’t love it as much as I have other Cassandra Clare books.

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