New Aussie Releases That Should Be On Your TBR

Answer me this: when am I not screaming about Aussie YA?! Let’s be real… when am I not screaming about books in general? Or just screaming into the void. Ya know. Waiting for the void to start screaming back at me. BUT ANYWAY. I’m here to talk about books, not my impending existential crisis. SO LET’S DO THAT.

Today, I wanted to speak about some new Aussie releases that I’m excited for! One of them I’ve already read, but the others are on my TBR: three fantastic upcoming #LoveOzYA novels, and one middle grade one! There’s just something so comforting and warm to me about Aussie YA. About falling into a story in a landscape you know and love. It really feels like home, with all that Aussie slang and mentions of snags on the barbie and sangas.


Promise Me Happy

We’re going to start off this recommendation post with a book I actually have read! Yes, I’m as shook as you are! After reading—and adoring—Mr Romanov’s Garden in the Sky, I was so excited to receive a copy of his latest novel, Promise Me Happy. Heartbreaking #LoveOzYA?! SIGN ME THE HECK UP. And wow, this book took my heart and slowly crushed it… but like, in the best way possible. I HAD FEEEEELINGS. I should have expected the pain this book would inflict upon my soul—it’s about a boy who’s just out of juvie and left with an uncle who doesn’t know or want him—but I was just all naive being like WELL IT SAYS “HAPPY” RIGHT THERE IN THE TITLE. I am but a smol mistaken child.

So this kid, Nate, moves to a small fishing village and has to try and figure out how he fits into his new family with his uncle and how he’s meant to start his new life now that he’s out of juvie. He was just such a precious cinnamon roll who’d GONE THROUGH A LOT, and I’d do anything to just be able to reach through the pages and give him a massive hug. BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT. And then he meets this snarky girl. Novels are always made better by snarky girls. SO I APPROVE. So many cute moments. But also a lot of sad ones too, so be prepared.


Aurora Rising

HOLY CRAP, IT’S HERE. The book we’ve all been waiting for ever since we first got our hands on Illuminae! I had my fingers crossing and my toes crossing and everything crossing that this iconic Aussie duo would collaborate on another series—and all the selling of our souls has been rewarded! I’ll admit, I was a little nervous in the lead up to Aurora Rising’s release because I was thinking “how could this new series possibly live up to the masterpiece that was Illuminae, Gemina, and Obsidio?!” As soon as I read the character descriptions on social media this week though, I was completely sold. I’M IN LOVE WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ALREADY. No one better freaking die. But it’s a book about a gang of misfits who pretty much have to save the universe, so yep, people are going to die.


Nullaballoo Hullabaloo

Oh my goodness, how adorable does this book look?! Not only is it by one of my favourite Aussie writers, Fleur Ferris, but it’s about FAIRIES. Excuse me while I flail for a moment. It’s been a good ten years or so since I read a cute book about fairies that doesn’t have characters that are brutally murdered, so I’m VERY EXCITED for this wholesome little book. I’ve been reading more middle grade books this year than I have in the past (and I’ve discovered some new favourite authors too—yay!), so I’m keen to sit on the couch and curl up with Nullaboo Hullabaloo wth a big steaming mug of tea.


It Sounded Better in My Head

Well, well, well… if it isn’t my MOST ANTICIPATED AUSSIE CONTEMPORARY OF THE YEAR. And just look at that cover! Who gave it permission to be that cute?! I’m seriously so, so excited to dive into this gorgeous new #LoveOzYA novel. It’s about this girl called Natalie, whose parents are going through a divorce and who’s two best friends decide to get together, leaving her all alone. We’re promised awkward teen moments, witty dialogue, and a ton of relatable content, and I’m so here for all of it. THIS BOOK IS GOING TO BE EPIC.


Shauna’s Great Expectations

I’ve been looking forward to Shauna’s Great Expectations for a few months now, mainly because I just love alllll #LoveOzYA and I’m particularly excited to read a new release with an Aboriginal protagonist. Yes please! SO HERE FOR ALL THE REP. It’s about a girl who’s in her final year at an elite private school and who’s determined to be the first person in her family to go to university. Plus a trip to Paris?! SIGN ME THE HECK UP. Although, I’ve been seeing a couple early reviewers saying they didn’t enjoy this one, so that’s a bit disappointing. I’m still looking forward to reading it though—fingers crossed!


Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned? What are some #LoveOzYA books on your TBR at the moment? I’d love to know!

Thanks to Penguin Australia for providing me with a copy ofPromise Me Happy in exchange for an honest review!


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