Sorting My Recent Reads into Hogwarts Houses

I’m absolutely OBSESSED with sorting people into Hogwarts Houses. One of my first questions when I’m getting to know someone new is “what’s your Hogwarts House?”, because I really feel like it gives you a snapshot of a person and what they might be like. As a Slytherin, I’m well aware of the bad reputation we have in society (WE’RE NOT ALL EVIL, I SWEAR), but I just loooove finding out how my friends and my colleagues have been sorted. I also love hearing what people’s Myers-Briggs type is, but less people know that than their Hogwarts House. *sigh*

And you know who else I love categorising into Hogwarts Houses? Characters! Especially the characters I write about in my own novels. Right now, I’m working on one with a Hufflepuff whose love interest is a Gryffindor, and I’m having so much fun with it. So today I decided to sort my recent reads into Hogwarts Houses, inspired by Christine @ polandbananasbooks‘s epic video where she did a similar thing! If you’re looking for a new novel to pick up based on your Hogwarts House, I definitely recommend these ones!


The Fever King — Ravenclaw

The Fever King is a novel that could have fit into a few Houses, but I sorted this one into Ravenclaw because this is really a book about a boy who discovers he has the ability to control technology and has to learn about the magical outbreaks and the science behind his powers. THERE WAS A LOT TO LEARN IN THIS BOOK. And it was a really interesting read! It started off kind of slow and I didn’t find Noam the most compelling of narrators, but I really loved learning about this version of America and seeing how these varying ‘powers’ worked. But the best thing about this book was BY FAR the queer romance *chef’s kiss*.

Also, can we pause a moment to appreciate the Jewish representation in this book? Honestly, it was so refreshing to read about a book where not just the protagonist, but other characters were Jewish — and it wasn’t a contemporary novel either! Plus, Noam is bisexual and Dara, the love interest, is gay, and gosh, it was just BRILLIANT. It’s also the political themes that definitely lends this book to being one I’d consider a Ravenclaw read, and I really liked how interwoven the issues of immigration was in this sci-fi story. It might take a bit of time to really get into the story, but I really ended up loving it and I think you will too!


The Devouring Gray — Gryffindor

The Devouring Gray is a book that’s been on my most-anticipated list for AGES, and wow, it definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m a sucker for creepy small town stories that are part contemporary, part sci-fi, and part horror. THIS BOOK HAD THE PERFECT MIX OF ALL THREE. And because it’s about four founding families of the town that have to protect Four Paths from a terrifying creature that lurks in the Gray, this is a total Gryffindor book. I mean, it basically screams bravery and sacrifice and standing up to evil. HECK YAS. It also gave me total Stranger Things vibes, which I’m always here for.

I would honestly take a bullet for every single one of the characters. I JUST LOVED THEM ALL SO MUCH. And two of our protagonists are bisexual?! BE STILL, MY HEART. This book also deals with heavy topics like loss and grief, and I felt as though that was really well done. Not to mention, this book is also SUPER CREEPY! The Devouring Gray had so many of my favourite things all wrapped into one novel—teens with powers, a terrifying forest, tough family relationships, and a band of people that have to come together to defeat evil. It was absolutely stunning, and one you definitely have to add to your TBR if you haven’t already!


The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding — Hufflepuff

This book was absolutely ADORABLE. Seriously, why haven’t I seen more people screaming about it?! It’s such a cute middle grade novel about a boy who has a demon living inside of him that he needs to get rid of and GOSH, I loved Prosper and Alastor. And if you’re looking for a book that’s perfect for autumn or Halloween, The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding is honestly a novel you NEED to get your hands on! I guarantee you’ll fall in love with little Hufflepuff Prosper and Nell and even the demon who wants to destroy Prosper’s family. TRUST ME ON THIS.

But this book isn’t just a Hufflepuff read because of our darling Prosper, who just wants to make friends and live a normal life, despite basically everyone in his family turning their backs on him. This is a novel that’s filled with themes of loyalty and friendship and reluctant cooperation between a boy and a demon that’s hundreds of years old. The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding is such a comfort book—one you can curl up on the couch with on a stormy night with a cup of chai and a blanket. I loved everything about it, and I need to read the second book immediately!


The Near Witch — Slytherin

Wow, so this book was creeeeeepy. Not in like the I’m Too Scared To Leave My Room at Night For Snacks Now, Thanks For That kind of way, but more in the atmospheric, spine-tingling way. It’s the kind of book that’s perfect for night walks when there’s no one around and it’s just you, enveloped in the story you’re listening to, slightly scared a witch is going to jump out and grab you. It’s the atmosphere that makes this a totally Slytherin read. Think of the Slytherin Common Room and crackling fire and frost-bitten air and that’s EXACTLY the aesthetic of The Near Witch.

As a massive fan of Queen V, I absolutely loved this book. I mean, you can definitely tell she wrote this ages ago because her writing style has changed A LOT (and she also uses the phrase she let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, like, three times — instant early 10’s giveaway) but it was still absolutely glorious. It’s slow, it’s atmospheric, and there’s a boy in it that doesn’t have a name and isn’t entirely… there? So OF COURSE I feel in love with this wispy stranger that seemed to literally fade away. There was a liiiiittle bit of insta-love too, but I can’t hold that against Lexi because I love soft boys too. If you’re a fan of atmospheric stories about witches and the moors, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS ONE.


Slayer — Gryffindor

After binging all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the past eight months (yes, I’d never seen it previously, and yes, I know I’m approximately 3892 years late to the party), Slayer was the perfect thing to read immediately after finishing the last season. I just wish I could stay in the Buffyverse forever! I mean, I’d definitely die in Sunnydale, but it’d be worth it to get a glimpse of the Scoobies. BUFFY AND WILLOW AND TARA AND SPIKE AND XANDER AND GILES AND ANYA AND ANDREW?! I’d sacrifice myself for every single one of them. But we’re here to talk about Slayer! If you know anything about Buffy, you’ll know that it’s a totally Gryffindor show—and so is this new novel by Kiersten White.

If you haven’t seen the show yet and are planning on watching it, but you also want to read the book: WATCH THE SHOW FIRST. Seriously. I was thiiiiis close to picking up this novel while I was still on season six of Buffy and I’M SO GLAD I DIDN’T. As a serious spoiler-hater, this book would have ruined the ending of the show for me. But now that I’ve watched it, it’s fairly safe to say that I’ll be trying to get my hands on all the Buffyverse content I can get! If you’re a fan of the show, or even if you haven’t seen it and you’re just after an exciting urban fantasy novel, this is a great pick! It’s fun, it’s fast-paced, and it’s such a Gryffindor read.


Have you read any of these books yet? What did you think of them? Would you agree with how I’ve sorted them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks to New South Books for providing me with a copy of both The Fever King and The Near Witch in exchange for honest reviews!


4 thoughts on “Sorting My Recent Reads into Hogwarts Houses

  1. I haven’t read The Near Witch yet, but I would put most, if not all, of Schwab’s books I have read into Slytherin 😂 This Savage Song and Vicious are for sure Slytherin, but you could argue that A Darker Shade of Magic could be Gryffindor

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