5 Body Positive YA Books You Should Read

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I love books with great characters and even better representation – and that includes books with plus-size protagonists! WHICH WE NEED MORE OF, PLEASE. But I’ve been lucky enough to have read a few really amazing, body positive books recently, and I think these are all ones you should have on your TBR if you haven’t read them already!


What I Like About Me

THIS WAS SUCH A CUTE, SUMMERY BOOK! Jenna is thoroughly awesome, so it only made sense her book would be the same, but gosh. It was perfect! What I Like About Me is a summer romance about the ups and downs of teenage friendships, the awkwardness of crushes, and the importance of learning to love yourself and your body. I absolutely loved the authenticity of Maisie’s voice and it felt like she was speaking through the pages and directly to me. She was such a fun, fierce character who I loved getting to know, and I’m sure I’ll be rereading this gorgeous novel countless more times. SO MUCH LOVE FOR MAISIE AND HER FRIENDS.

Even though this book is a cute contemporary inspired by Dirty Dancing, it also includes some important topics and doesn’t shy away from issues like insecurity about your body, trolling, and all the usual dramas that come with growing up and crushing on one of your friends. This book is just seriously everything I could have wanted for a new contemporary Aussie novel — and it’s definitely a necessary addition to your TBR pile. It had me laughing out loud, shipping Maisie with a character so hard it hurt, and tearfully turning the final pages. READ IT.



After the release of the stunning Netflix adaptation of Dumplin’, I’m sure you definitely have this one on your radar. But in case you don’t — HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT IMMEDIATELY. This is another cute contemporary novel about body positivity, and loving yourself, and friendship, and falling in love, and it’s just delightful. Plus, the movie is absolutely glorious, so you can read it and then fall in love with the characters on screen! Dumplin’ is the kind of book that will have you singing along to Dolly Parton songs in you car and dancing around your room. It’s feel-good, fabulous, and full of heart.


Leah on the Offbeat

Do you ever just love a character so much it hurts? THAT’S ME WITH LEAH. I was a little bit uncertain about her when I read Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, but then I quickly fell head over heels for her watching Love, Simon, and my love has only grown after reading Leah on the Offbeat. She’s bi, in a band, and she has a brilliant sense of style. WE STAN A QUEER PLUS-SIZE ICON. I absolutely loved getting to know her more in the second book in the Creekwood series, and I really hope we get to see more of her again in future. I LOVE MY BEAUTIFUL BOOK GIRLFRIEND.


Undead Girl Gang

Holy heck, you guys. I read Undead Girl Gang earlier this year and I HAVE NOT STOPPED THINKING ABOUT IT. It was just amazing. If you like your books witchy, feminist, and with a little bit of necromancy, you can’t sleep on this masterpiece. I JUST LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. We all know I’m obsessed with Buffy and I couldn’t help but get some Sunnydale vibes from this book, which was absolutely delightful. I loved the dark humour in this novel, as well as how I could be laughing out loud one minute and then thoroughly creeped out the next. WHAT A RIDE. Give me all the witchy books, please and thank you.


The Universe Is Expanding and So Am I

I honestly hadn’t heard of this book until the new edition of the first book was printed about a year ago, but I’m so pleased I decided to pick it up! I love love loved Virginia’s voice — she was such a humorous character and she was brutally honestly, which I really admired about her. Both The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things and The Universe is Expanding and So Am I deal with more than body image. They talk about self-harm and eating disorders and sexual assault, and it’s all really well done and still manages to be an enjoyable read, despite some of the heavier subject matter. Plus there’s a super adorable romance! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 


Other body positive books I have on my TBR…


What are some of your favourite body positive YA novels? Have you read any of the ones that I’ve mentioned? Which others should I add to my TBR? I’d love to know!

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for providing me with a copy of What I Like About Me in exchange for an honest review!


10 thoughts on “5 Body Positive YA Books You Should Read

  1. This is a wonderful list of books! I loved the Dumplin’ movie and really, really need to read the book now. I’m also SO interested in Undead Girl Gang, I’ve heard great things about that one and now you just added What I Like About Me on my radar, thank you SO much for this 😀

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