7 Books I’m Guaranteed to Love

How do you decide which books to add to your TBR? Personally, I’m a fan of finding books that sound as though they have similar elements to some of my existing favourite novels—whether that be my love of queer romances, or paranormal stories, or just a good empowering, feminist narrative. I do love trying out books that sound like nothing I’ve ever read before as well, but it’s hard not to reach for those that sound like I’ll instantly fall in love with them first.

In my search for 2019 releases to add to my TBR, I came across some upcoming YA novels that sounded right up my alley! Based on books I’ve read previously that have similar themes, I figure I’ve cracked the code to working out which books I’m guaranteed to love. So check out the 2019 releases that I’m looking forward to reading, based off books I’ve already read and loved!

Six of Crows The Gilded Wolves

I’m sure you’re sick of everyone telling you how much they love Six of Crows, but let me make something clear if the message hasn’t sunk in yet: READ IT. And this is coming from someone who struggles with high fantasy. Seriously. It’s incredible, and I’d take a bullet for any one of those characters. So of course I’m eager to get my hands in The Gilded Wolves, which also promises an unputdownable story full of mystery and danger with a group of unexpected allies at its centre. If the group dynamic is anything like that of Six of Crows, I know this will become an instant favourite of mine. If you loved Six of Crows as well, The Gilded Wolves sounds right up your alley!

City of Ghosts  The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried

Everything about this book’s synopsis screams YES! Yes, I’m going to love it. Yes, it’s going to become my new favourite Shaun David Hutchinson book. And yes, it’s going to remind me of another book I love that features a not-so-dead best friend, City of Ghosts. I love my books macabre and my characters on the brink of death, so The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried sounds like something I’ll utterly adore. How could I not, when there’s a frappuccino with body parts on the front cover? HERE. FOR. IT.

Heartstopper  Bloom

I am SO EXCITED to get my hands on this glorious queer graphic novel. Just from the cover, I know it’s going to be utterly adorable, and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with it in the way that I fell in love with Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper. Bloom is about a boy named Ari, who’s dying to move to a big city with his band, but instead is stuck working for his family’s struggling bakery, and a boy who’s just been hired at the bakery and whom Ari starts developing feelings for. DOES THAT NOT SOUND LIKE THE CUTEST THING EVER?! I’m so here for more adorable queer graphic novels—so this one sounds like the perfect read for me!

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda  We Contain Multitudes

How could I resist a cute queer story about two boys who are partnered together in English class and have to write letters to one another in a weekly pen pal assignment, and then THEY FALL IN LOVE?! I’M SWOONING ALREADY. It’s apparently told through the letters they write to each another, and because the emails Simon and Blue wrote to one another was one of my favourite parts of Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, it’s going to be pretty much impossible not to instantly fall in love with this novel. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy as soon as it’s released!

When Dimple Met Rishi  Fake it Till You Break It

ADORABLE COVER ALERT. I love everything about this book already! Did someone say the known each other their whole lives and start developing feelings for each other trope? What about the hate to love trope? CANCEL MY NEXT MEETING AND LET ME FLAIL FOREVER. The synopsis kind of gives me When Dimple Met Rishi vibes because of two parents trying to set up their teens, and I’m totally fine with that because When Dimple Met Rishi is one of my favourite books of all time. If you’re a fan of cute contemporaries, this one has got to be up your street.

At the Edge of the Universe — Before I Disappear

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to read Before I Disappear! It has my favourite blend of mystery and sci-fi, which is what I love most about Shaun David Hutchinson’s work as well. This upcoming release is about a girl who has to find her little brother after a town vanishes into thin air, which, if you’ve read and loved At the Edge of the Universe, has got to be up your alley as well! It’s pitched as Arrival meets A Wrinkle in Time, two films which I absolutely loved, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this stunning novel. I’m hoping Danielle Stinson will become one of my favourite authors like Shaun David Hutchinson did after I read At the Edge of the Universe!

Moxie  The Downstairs Girl

I haven’t read a book by Stacey Lee yet, but I’m pretty sure The Downstairs Girl will be the first for me! The thing that instantly drew me to this book (besides that stunning cover) is the mention of a girl who fights racism and inequality with a pen, writing under a pseudonym for a newspaper advice column, and then has to decide whether it’s time to step into the light when her opponents threaten to uncover her secret identity. Like Moxie, The Downstairs Girl sounds like such a powerful novel, and it’s one that I’m eager to read as soon as it’s released. I’m going to love it!


Do any of these novels sound like ones you’ll be picking up when they’re released? What are some 2019 releases you think you’re guaranteed to love? Have you read any of the books I’ve compared them to? Let’s chat about them!


13 thoughts on “7 Books I’m Guaranteed to Love

  1. Ohh I love your choices so much here Sarah! I also can’t wait to read Fake It Til You Break it, it sounds like the kind of adorable contemporary I’d adore. And Before I Disappear, that book sounds SO good, I am really loving the synopsis and can’t wait to read it either 😍 😍

  2. Bloom was so adorable withe such gorgeous art, I’m sure you will love it! (I haven’t even heard of Heartstopper but I will definitely be reading it soon!!) I also compared We Contain Multitudes to Simon Vs. so I’m sure you’ll love that one as well!

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