The Best and the Worst Series Endings

Have you ever been so invested in a series, but then felt let down by the way it ended? Have you ever felt personally victimised by the characters killed off by your favourite authors? Do you ever feel like there’s no happy medium between endings that are TOO PERFECT or where EVERYONE DIES? Well, I certainly have. And I’m angry.

Today I’m going to discuss some of the different types of endings I’ve come across, and why I don’t like them! It’s rare that series end EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT THEM TO, but some ‘classic endings’ infuriate me more than others. And then I’m going to tell you all about the most memorable endings to series in my reading history! TIME TO RELIVE ALL THE FEELS.

Everybody Dies

I’m not talking about, like, one main character and a few minor characters. I’m talking about LITERALLY EVERYONE. Especially the characters you loved most. It’s like the author was undecided on how to end the series, so they just killed EVERYONE. And that’s not okay, especially when it feels more like a cop-out and less like a planned decision. I’m a fan of death and destruction, but only in small doses. I’m not COMPLETELY evil.

Overly Happy

Maybe I’m just a soulless Slytherin, but I just HATE it when epic series have overly happy endings. Like, there might be scenes and scenes of battles and deaths, civilians dropping like flies, but the main characters will remain untouched. I know it’s always hard to see your favourite characters die, but it also feels like I’ve been robbed when I’ve been taken on such an emotional journey. Give me death! Give me suffering! Give me heartbreak! Make me hate the author but love them at the same time, leaving me with an ending I’ll never forget.

Too Open-Ended

AFTER SOMETHING LIKE 1000 PAGES,  YOU EXPECT ME TO BE CONTENT NEVER KNOWING WHAT THE CHARACTERS WILL DO NEXT? I’d rather stab my eyes out, thanks. Like, you’ve got me invested in your story and your characters, and you won’t even give me the VITAL INFORMATION about how they’ll move forward? I CAN’T DEAL. Will that character in hospital actually survive? Will that person get into their dream college? Will the villain actually take over the world? I DEMAND DEETS.

Neatly Tied-Up

After what I just said about open endings, you’d assume I like neatly tied-up endings would be my thing, right? But have you ever come across a series that ends with all the characters paired off together and we know their life plan for the next seven years? Sometimes things are just left where we can theorise about how the rest of their lives will pan out. Maybe they won’t stay with their partner forever. Maybe things won’t always be peaceful. But as long as I have some of an idea about what happens beyond the final page, I’ll be satisfied.

Most memorable endings to series…


Clockwork Princess

I read this when I was, like, 14… AND I’M STILL NOT OVER IT. I know some people were really happy with the way this series ended, but I’M NOT ONE OF THEM. No spoilers, but the way Cassie Clare ended Clockwork Princess felt like somewhat of a cop-out. Am I the only one who felt like Cassie wanted to please all readers with this ending? I was expecting it to be WAY MORE PAINFUL, like a stab to the chest, but it ended up being like a pinprick to my thumb. MY SLYTHERIN SOUL IS UNSATISFIED. But then again, if Cassie kills off my faves in Queen of Air and Darkness, I’ll never forgive her.



I’M STILL TRAUMATISED. I just… still can’t fathom why Veronica Roth thought killing off that character was a good idea. AND THEN THE TWO CHARACTERS THAT LOWKEY GOT TOGETHER IMMEDIATELY AFTER? I’m shook. I just can’t deal with this series because of that ending. I honestly enjoyed the first two books, but that ending RUINED it for me. This book wanted to be emotionally impactful, but I feel like the death scene is part of what gave me abandonment issues. Just kidding. Mostly.



I’m not going to lie, I ALWAYS SHIPPED KATNISS AND GALE. Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and spoil this one because it’s pretty much impossible to not know how it ends now. Last warning to stop reading… OKAY, SO LIKE, KATNISS AND PEETA HAD KIDS? WHY. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I hate children, but Peeta was VERY MURDEROUS at one stage. I get that he was brainwashed and whatnot, but SERIOUSLY. HE COULD JUST SNAP ONE DAY AND KILL KATNISS AND THEIR KIDS. It’s honestly not worth it. And when you have that hunk Liam Hemsworth as Gale? You’re seriously going to get with Peeta over him? Whatever, I guess I can claim Gale then.


They Both Die at the End

IT LITERALLY SAYS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE TITLE. BUT DID I THINK ADAM SILVERA WOULD REALLY DO THAT TO US? NO. You can tell I’m still furious about this. The whole novel I was thinking that somehow, at least ONE of the characters would come out of that narrative alive. I was crying from page one and left staring at a blank wall for three hours after I’d turned the final page. I think this book broke me. I’ve never been the same since.


Our Dark Duet

This is one of the finales to a series that I’ve mostly blocked from my memory because it’s too painful to think about. I’m not going to spoil anything because there are a ton of people out there who haven’t gotten around to reading this series yet — YES, I’M LOOKING AT YOU. READ IT. While the ending of this novel made me reread the chapter to make sure I read it right, then sobbed for an entire evening, I’m not angry at V.E. Schwab like I have been at other authors who’ve killed off my favourite people. Possibly because Victoria is my queen and she could never do anything to make me love and respect her any less. But THAT ENDING. You’d better be emotionally prepared.


What are some of your favourite endings to series? Which series still has you shook? Raise your hand if you were personally victimised by Allegiant. Leave me a comment down below and we can talk all about (not so) happy endings!


27 thoughts on “The Best and the Worst Series Endings

  1. I didn’t like Our Dark Duet at all TBH but it wasn’t because of the ending. I think the endings that really upset me are when the author promises something, like ‘they both due at the end’ but then weasels out through a loophole. It’s just very disappointing. That’s why I was unhappy with Blood of Olympus and The Raven King. And Winter, by Marissa Meyer, was too happy and too neat. But some series endings are just incredible…I haven’t read Obsidio yet but after Our Fractured light my expectations are hiiiiiiigh.

    • TRUE! I feel so robbed. But also, that just means I go back to reread that duology SO OFTEN so I can spend more time with those adorable munchkins. And get my heart ripped out… AND THE ENDING TO OBSIDIO IS INCREDIBLE AND IT WILL KILL YOU. Enjoy! 😂💕

  2. *raises hand* I was personally victimized by allegiant at the tender age of fifteen and I’m still scarred.
    Haha I love how your answers are so contradictory, but it’s so true! We don’t want an ending that kills everyone off, but we want some tears. It’s gonna be a happy (or maybe not so happy) medium.

    • OMG SAME. Right?! I’m traumatised. That WAS NOT OKAY. It’s pretty much impossible to please me with the endings of series… Tears, but not TOO many tears! Happy characters, but not TOO happy! I’m the worst reader ever 😂

  3. Urgh.. the ending of Allegiant was awful. I hated it. I also agree about Mockingjay.. I like that she ended up with Peeta but having kids just didn’t make much sense to me. I normally find that epilogues are disappointing and just leave me with more questions that I had at the end of the book. It’s weird because I DESPERATELY want to know what happens to the characters after the end of the story, but also like.. epilogues usually suck so..??

    • UGH THAT SPOILER WAS SO HARD TO AVOID! Seriously, I feel so sorry for anyone who was invested in that series and didn’t have a chance to read it in the first week it was out because EVERYONE was talking about it. But honestly, it’s not even worth reading 😂

  4. I hated the ending to the Hunger Games series so much. Partially because I hated Peeta in general, but it felt too wishy washy for a story with so much dark shit.

  5. I felt that the Divergent series started on a good note but ended on a really bad one. Divergent was amazing! Insurgent was still pretty good, if not a little better than Divergent. But then Allegiant…meh. I felt that the series had completely changed from its original premise. I read the entire trilogy in like 2 days, but after that I never read it again.

  6. The Divergent Series for me is one of the ones that just went downhill after book 1. I was upset with who died but I think I’ve come to accept why it was done.

    The last Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn, is one ending that still frustrates me to this day. I felt like that book complied every fan theory into one novel just to appease readers–and it so didn’t work.

  7. I personally like it when everyone dies at the end lol. Maybe that might mean that I’m somewhat evil? My favorite endings are sad endings, I believe it’s more believable. I also HATE the too open-ended endings as well. My most hated ending was from Lucifer’s Hammer, I know it’s not a series, but I was enjoying the book a lot, but the ending kind of ruined the whole book. It was like Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle just decided to stop writing and said, “That’s good enough.” This book was a HUGE let down for me because the story was just so awesome, just remembering about it is getting me depressed… One of my most favorite endings was the ending on 1984, also not a series, but my favorite dystopian novel! It was like I was rooting for the little guys and, spoiler alert in case you haven’t read it, they lose at the end and I had all these feels, but I LOVED IT!

  8. Hi, I can’t “like” the post, did not find the button so I write a comment. This was an interesting read thank you. I really like all the pictures. For a book lover, these pictures of books feel like I am walking through your personal bookstore. Brilliant idea!

  9. I also hated how Requiem (Delirium series) ended. It felt rushed, messy and the characters felt off. It’s like I’m reading a different series with the same character names.

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