BookAdvisor: Rating Your Reading Locations

Do you ever find yourself reading in weird places? Are you someone who carefully decides where they like to read, or someone who will just read at every opportunity? Well, today I’m going to introduce you to BookAdvisor – a place where you can rate your reading locations and provide feedback for other book lovers!  How exciting! How revolutionary!

JUST KIDDING. This isn’t a real thing… yet. But I totally think it should be! Share your reading places. Rate your favourites. Leave comments and feedback to better the bookish community. Check it out!

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book 2_5

“Highly overrated!”

I went to my bedroom to read a book I just bought and was shocked to find it wasn’t as pretty as Pinterest had led me to believe. Where were all the fairy lights? Where was a hot cup of tea waiting for me? I don’t know how I’m expected to curl up on my bed and read a book when my room is so MESSY. Pinterest is a LIAR, I tell you. ALL THE PROMISES OF PRETTY BEDROOMS ARE LIES. 



book 1_5

“A nice location, but too sandy.”

I was looking forward to going to the beach and reading a book for class… but when I went there, THERE WAS TOO MUCH SAND. It immediately got in my shoes, and when I put my book down to dust off my sandals, SAND WENT IN MY BOOK. Not to mention, when I eventually sat down, IT GOT WINDY AND SAND WENT IN MY EYES. Now I think I’m going to have to go to the doctor’s to get the sand out. I couldn’t even appreciate the pretty scenery because I’m blind now. I’ll never know how that books ends now.



book 3_5


The library would have been the perfect reading location, but it was just so DARN QUIET. I couldn’t even concentrate on the words because I COULD HEAR EVERYONE BREATHING. And then when I went to turn the page I felt like the entire neighbourhood could hear that scratch of paper on paper. It was just TOO STRESSFUL. I went to the library to destress and left a nervous wreck. Good place to pick up new books though.

Cup of Coffee

Coffee Shop

book 3_5

“Nice environment, had to spend money? Pass.”

After many people I know on Twitter telling me I should try reading in a nice cafe, I thought I’d give it a go. So I went to my local cafe and sat down to read, only to find I was being HOUNDED after I’d been there for an hour and still not ordered anything. I DIDN’T REALISE I HAD TO PAY TO SIT HERE AND READ. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO TREATING PEOLPE WITH RESPECT? I eventually ordered a coffee because I felt bad, but those cafe workers should be ashamed in themselves. Making a person like me PAY to sit on their furniture. I could do that for free at Fantastic Furniture. Do not recommend.

cm8 (17)


book 4_5

“Disappointed by the lack of friendly animals. I was promised Bambi.”

The whole reason I went to the park in the first place was because I’m LONELY. I don’t have any pets… or friends… so I thought I could go to the park to meet some friendly animals. BUT I HAVE BEEN MISLED BY DISNEY ALL THIS TIME. The birds flew away from me, there was no deer or hedgehogs, and it left me feeling sad that my only friends are the characters in the book I’m reading. It was a nice day though, even if I was forced to sit on the grass in the sun alone.

notebook 5 with writing

Public Transport

book 2_5


I’m absolutely DISGUSTED by the way people act on public transport. There was a woman chewing REALLY LOUDLY next to me, someone was clipping their fingernails, and the person next to me was MAN-SPREADING SO WIDE I HAD TO MOVE SEATS. I don’t know how I’m meant to get some reading done on my morning commute when there are gross slobs like this lurking in the city loop. I AM SHOCKED AND APPALLED.

Weird places the people of Twitter have read at…


“I once wagged school by hanging out on the oval reading…” – Casey

This honestly sounds like THE DREAM. Reading instead of attending class? That sounds like something I can get behind. When I was in high school, I used to skip assemblies and chapel services to read in the bathrooms, so I can DEFINITELY RELATE TO THIS. The oval would be much nicer though, I must admit.


“In line to the airport toilet…” – Sofia

WOW. Okay… this is taking being addicted to a book to a new extreme. AND I LOVE IT. I know I’ve been guilty of reading books on my phone in weird places, but if we’re talking about a PHYSICAL book here – that’s dedication. I LOVE IT.


“In the bookstore. When I was a kid, my parents would leave me in the bookstore…” – Carynn

I wish my childhood was a little more like this. WHO CARES ABOUT THE FEAR OF BEING ABANDONED IN A MALL WHEN YOU’RE IN A BOOKSTORE!? I’d be happy to be left there for a week, to be honest. But now, because I’ve unfortunately reached adulthood, I can take MYSELF to the bookstore and sit there for hours. It’s one of the many perks of being 19.


“I used to read under the piano when I had music practice… Also, put the book on the music stand…” – Shanti

I’ve done both of these things, and I highly recommend these methods of getting a bit more reading it. I used to have an iPad on my music stand at school that I’d quickly place music in front of when the conductor walked by – foolproof. Gotta love those attempts to get out of music practice!


“I read while walking…” – Ally

Yep, I’ve been guilty of this one. Just a few days ago, I was reading off my phone and LITERALLY walked into a pole. My friends fear for my life – and I don’t blame them. Reading while walking should be considered a DANGER SPORT. I commend you, Ally.


“While I was riding my horse…” – Ali

There’s no doubt that if I tried to do this, I’d 100% fall off the horse. I can’t even sit on a chair without falling off ON A GOOD DAY. Do you know how clumsy I am? I’m honestly in awe with your ability to be sitting on a LIVING CREATURE THAT COULD THROW YOU OFF AT ANY MINUTE, let alone carrying a book with you and opening it up when you’re not in motion. Please don’t die.

Some mini book reviews!


The Price Guide to the Occult

I was excited to pick up this book because I’d heard such amazing things about The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, even if I hadn’t had a chance to pick it up yet. But this book was just so SLOW. I wanted to love it, I really did. But the only thing I found myself really loving about this book was the writing style. It was whimsical and beautifully written, but sometimes… that just isn’t enough. Although I really liked seeing the mental illness representation and there was a diverse array of characters — which is always great to see — but I just wanted MORE. I wanted more of the action we only started to see in the last third of the narrative. I wanted MORE of the witchy, supernatural elements we were promised in the synopsis. The Price Guide to the Occult doesn’t shy away from the darker, grittier topics, but I was ultimately left feeling underwhelmed.

Trigger warnings: self-harm




Truly, Wildly, Deeply

I really wanted to like this book but I just… didn’t. I recognise the importance of seeing characters with cerebral palsy and I love how so many teens are finally going to see themselves in what they read, but I just didn’t enjoy this book PLOT-WISE. It talks about this character starting college, but this book was just told in such a juvenile way. I really disliked Fab in the beginning and I felt like he was more of a caricature of a foreign exchange student rather than being an actual PERSON. Fab’s attempts to get Annie to go out with him were cringe-worthy and made me want to throw the book across the room. I appreciated this book for its representation of disability, but honestly nothing else. It just wasn’t for me.




The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary

Let me tell you this — I SERIOUSLY didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did. I really struggled to get into the flow of the narration initially because of how it’s unlike any book I’ve ever read. This book is literally what it says in the title: a DICTIONARY. The novel is written in entries to words that mean something specific to the protagonist’s life and journey. And that gave me so much insight into Macy’s life and her situation. The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary is about poverty, incarceration, and tough family situations — but it’s also so much more than that. It’s about Macy, a fierce and headstrong girl who’s been faced with so many difficult circumstances but still refuses to give up. Although it took me a while to fall in love with this book, it ended up being one of my favourites of this month.


4 Stars



This book was NOT for me. I went into it hoping for a sensitive and heartfelt story about a girl living with mental illness and struggling with self-harm, but instead, her demons turns out to be her ENTIRE CHARACTER. I’ve read so many books where characters are nothing more than their mental illness. I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about her because that was ALL THAT WAS EMPHASISED ABOUT HER. I just… can’t. While I don’t think this book was harmful in any way, I just wanted so much more from it. I guess if you’re wanting to read a book about self-harm, this is one that will do the job. However I want books about self-harm and mental health to be more holistic and powerful, like Girl in Pieces or Under Rose-Tinted Skies. Drowning just didn’t do it for me.

Trigger warnings: self-harm


1 Star


Final Draft

This was such an adorable novel! I always love reading books where the protagonist is passionate about writing, but at the same time, it makes me feel GUILTY for reading this book instead of WORKING ON MY MANUSCRIPT. So… yep. I’m the worst. But it was really cool seeing the protagonist’s work and how her writing was such a major part of her life. I was also pleased to see that her writing wasn’t ALL that defined her. This was also a book about friendship and confidence, as well as grief and mental health. It was just everything I could have wanted right now. Although it felt a little self-serving at times, like the author was directly placing her own authorial insecurities into the narrative, but I can forgive her for that because the novel itself was still so enjoyable. Perfect for the readers among us who are also writers!


4 Stars


Girl Made of Stars

WOW. This has just become one of my favourite books of 2018. It’s about sexual assault, sexuality, and friendship, and it was just PHENOMENAL. It’s been a while since I had a solid five-star read, so Girl Made of Stars was made even more incredible because of how long it’s been since I’ve loved a book that much. One of the things I loved most about it was the conversations surrounding sexual assault, and the family conflicts and tensions that arose because of that. This book was just so bittersweet and so moving, and I know I’ll be recommending it for quite some time to come. I honestly can’t put into words how much I adored this novel. PLEASE PICK IT UP. It was incredibly well-written and almost lyrical, and I just… My heart. I can’t even.

Trigger warnings: sexual assault and rape



Let's Talk

Where’s your favourite place to read? What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever read at? Have you read any of the books I reviewed? I’d love to chat with you!


27 thoughts on “BookAdvisor: Rating Your Reading Locations

  1. Wow I love this so much! I mean I contributed to it but still haha. I used to always walk and read to and from school, but now I bike to uni which I think would be actively unsafe. I’m so in awe of the reading horse rider though. I bought The Price Guide to the Occult at uni the other day. I think I’ll quote like it so hopefully I get a chance to read it soon!

  2. This is such a fun idea! Beach is definitely overrated: there are sand everywhere, the sun is too hot, and the wind is hot too! That bookstore tweet really reminded me of my childhood, my parents used to do that too! 😀 I’m currently reading Price Guide to Occult and it’s just too early to tell whether I will enjoy it, but I love the dark vibe of the book!

  3. I really want a reading nook in my house, almost like a window seat or a comfy sofa with blankets. However, I end up doing most of my reading in my bed. This isn’t the best, because I end up falling asleep more than I should. Added Girl Made of Stars to my TBR.

  4. You are literally so creative, i’m obsessed with this post! Whenever I go to the beach I bring a book but I NEVER end up reading because it feels so uncomfortable and i’m already sticky with sunscreen and don’t want to get it on my book… so overall, a mess! I looove reading at parks though! It’s literally the best on a day that isn’t too hot but is warm enough to bring a blanket and chill under a tree! 🙂

  5. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT POST OMG!!!! Girl Made of Stars sounds AMAZING and also since I’m a twin extra relatable. I put a pre-hold on it at the library. Anyway, I loved this! I live on the fifth floor in my res hall, so I often read while walking up or down the stairs (there is a lift, but I generally don’t take it on principle haha). I also like reading in bed because I don’t have a lot of time apart from right before I fall asleep XD . Anyway, I loved your ranking of reading locations! Parks are the best ❤ ❤

    • AHH THANK YOU ❤️ I’m so pleased you’re going to be picking up a copy of GIRL MADE OF STARS – I hope you fall in love with it like I did. Haha reading while walking up / down stairs?! THAT’S SKILL. I’M IMPRESSED 💜

  6. Oh my goodness this post is HILARIOUS 😂 I love this entire post but ‘I was promised Bambi’ is my favourite quote. The other day I was reading on my phone while walking as well – I was so close to finishing it I didn’t want to stop. I did not read while crossing the street though, I think I should be commended for that

  7. This might be the best post I have ever read! I love it ❤ I usually read on the couch or on my giant bean bag (its a little wider than a full size bed and about half as long so it is HUGE) My reviews would have something to do with a dog that likes to stand on my stomach and eat my hands or a cat that likes to lay on my face and eat my book.

    The weirdest place I have read would have to be in line for a ride at Disney World! Those lines take FOREVER!!!!

  8. You never fail to make me laugh, Sarah. 😂 My favourite place to read is my balcony, but there is a playground just below so chances that kids come to play after school are high, and kids love screaming! 🙉 I’m always looking forward reading on the patio when going on summer holiday, so much peaceful.

  9. Glad I’m not the only weirdo that walks and reads. One time I even walked a little over 10 miles just reading. And yes, it’s dangerous lol. I’ve almost gotten ran over about three times cause I don’t bother to look both ways crossing the streets. Have never hit a pole though, but I’ve been close. I think it’s safer to listen to an audiobook when walking haha…

  10. Hey, I immediately saw this and thought “okay… so this is a book blog” sooo I quite literally just started this, I’ve been reading Ya books for a couple years now and worked out that I read about 244 book a year. My reaction was basically that it was worth all the nights when I went to sleep at 5 in the morning, psychically unable to put the book down…
    Okay off track, but basically I was wondering if you could give me tips and trick on how to make a good Ya book blog ? Thank you xxxxx

  11. I must say that in Rome, if you find the right place in the right our, public transport are an okay place to read. The beach is good too, but italian beaches sucks for me.: not always so clean, cheap sand, a sea that you need top wall for meter and meters before stop touching the depth with your feet. And screaming children.
    Parks are opkay… unless is the weekend. Save yourself.

    And yes, Pinterest gave me a lot of expectation but the reality? I purchased all black shelves that give my room a spectral apperance, instead of a dark elegance, there’s no natura light during the afternoon, my cats are everywhere and contstantly putting dirt on my desk. Plus all the computer cable and wi-fi stuff everywhere. A mess

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