What Do Your Bookshelves Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your shelves say about you? What people looking at your bookstagram account would be able to tell about you, based on how you organise your books? Well, today I’m going to spill the tea on what your decisions to arrange your books actually mean. Are you a outgoing? Classy? Is your life kind of a mess? Find out here!


Minimalist Chic

Images courtesy of @deckledpages.

You’re all about that #aesthetic lifestyle. White sheets and cute mugs are your best friends – and your most common bookstagram props. Your taste in style is sophisticated and chic, just like your shelves. You enjoy the finer things in life and like to treat yourself to lazy brunches and coffee with friends, and unlike what bookstagram newbies might think, your feed is far from simple. You have a nuanced sense of style that complements your vibrant personality. You should totally come and give my room a makeover.

Floral and Attention-Grabbing

Images courtesy of @paperfury.

You’re the epitome of Pinterest goals. Your shelves are colourful and full of flowers, making them just as gorgeous as you are. You lead a busy life, but you always take the time to smell the roses and enjoy your precious time off. When you’re not reading, you can be found browsing Goodreads, buying or making more props for your bookstagram, and fangirling over anything and everything. Your bookshelves match your vibrant personality, and you’re always someone who people go to for new recommendations!

Busy yet Classy

Images courtesy of @becklepanda (left) and @marbledlibrary (right).

Your life is hectic and you often struggle to find enough time to sit down and binge a book (let alone get a few hours sleep), but somehow you still manage to be stylish! You love collecting Funko Pops, mugs, and candles, and you show these off in your shelves. You’re currently in the midst of watching more shows than you can keep track of, and don’t even get me started on your uncontrollable TBR! Even though you’re busy and often overworked, your passion for books is infectious and people love your constant enthusiasm.

Chaotic and Colourful

These are my own shelves – check them out at @writtenwanderings!

You’re fun, fierce, and have a flare for the dramatic. Really, you’re the life of the party – if you ever went to parties, that is. We all know that isn’t a bookworm’s scene. You’re confident and outgoing, and your shelves are the same. You’ve probably already run out of room on your bookshelves and there are piles stacked up beside your bed, which just adds to your room’s personality! Your life might be a bit of a mess at times, but you still remain positive under pressure and there’s always a smile on your face.

Rainbow and Fabulous

Images courtesy of @happyindulgence.

Your shelves are ones to be envied. You have a great sense of humour and an even better sense of style. Your hobbies consist of listening to music while rearranging your shelves, exploring new bookshelves, and geeking out over cover reveals. You’re the bubbly and approachable one in your friendship group, and like your bookshelves, you’re incredibly photogenic. Your bookstagram feed is as fabulous as you are!


How Should You Arrange Your Shelves?

Take note of what letters correlate to your answer to find out how you should arrange your shelves to match your personality!

1) How many books do you read each month?

A. 0 – 5: You might not be the fastest reader of them all, but you try to read the books that really interest you. Quality over quantity, right?

B. 6 – 10: You’re pretty great! You have a big TBR and a lot on your plate, but you still find time to read when you’re not studying or working.

C. 11 – 15: Go you! You’re a pretty fast reader who probably still has a terrifying TBR. But one book at a time, right?  At this rate you’ll probably read all the books on your shelves in 14 years. Good luck!

D. 16 – 20: WOW. You’re amazing! You’re a reading machine and nothing will stop you from demolishing your TBR… except maybe your somewhat-unhealthy book-buying habits.

E. 20+: GET OUT. Just kidding, you’re an incredible reader and you inspire me. Is there ever a time you’re NOT reading? Have you ever heard of “sleep”?

2) What would your dream room look like?

A. Minimalist and stylish. Your walls are white, there’s not a lot of furniture, and your room looks like it came straight out of an Ikea magazine.

B.  Instagram-worthy. Fairy lights hang above your bed, you have polaroids stuck to your walls, and an adorable reading nook. Your bedroom makes everyone else jealous.

C. Bright and fresh. You have a lot of indoor plants, prints on your walls, and natural lighting. Succulents are your best friends.

D. Colourful and chaotic. You’ve got a lot going on in your room, but it just WORKS! Your walls are covered in pictures and posters, your bookshelves are overflowing, and you could honestly live in your room forever.

E. It’s messy, just like your life. But you wouldn’t have it any other way! You crave the fast-paced lifestyle and enjoy working under pressure.

3) What’s your go-to snack while reading?

A. Snack? You prefer a nice hot drink. Maybe tea or hot chocolate – something that really warms the soul.

B. Savoury food. You tend to go for the chips while reading. There’s nothing more satisfying than crunching on crisps in a quiet room.

C. Something healthy! Fruit, or yogurt, or carrot sticks and dip. You don’t have to put your book down to exercise if you’re eating healthy food, right?

D. Something sweet, just like you! You can’t go past lollies and chocolate. Maybe some Oreos. Anything that satisfies those sweet-tooth cravings.

E. Whatever you feel like! Maybe pizza. Perhaps some ice-cream and fruit. Probably a buffet, let’s be real. You just want ALL THE FOOD.

4) You’ve been given a $50 book voucher! What do you do?

A. Give it to someone who needs it. I mean, you already have 2394328 unread books on your shelves already, right? And it’s your friend’s birthday coming up. They need something more than you do.

B. Save it! You’re not quite sure what you want yet, and you need to check out some reviews first. You’ll comprise a full list of what your friends have enjoyed and cross-reference before making your decision.

C. Go online and check out what books the have for sale. If something catches your eye, you buy it. You often impulse-buy and tend to judge books by their covers.

D. SPEND IT IMMEDIATELY. Is there any other correct answer? You have a wishlist with too many books on it, so you already know what to buy.

E. Forget to use it altogether then hate yourself forever. We’ve all been there, right?

5) What’s your preferred book format?

A. You’re an ebook person. Who has enough space for yet ANOTHER book on their shelf? You certainly don’t. And it’s so much easier to carry ebooks around! Your whole library is in your phone!

B. Hardback. You swoon over gorgeous dust jackets and the designs on the books themselves. You even geek out over the spine, which is totally acceptable.

C. Paperback! Your true love is a floppy book. Paperbacks are just so much easier to carry around, right?

D. AUDIOBOOKS FOR LIFE. Your life is hectic and you’re always on-the-go, so audiobooks are the best fit for you! You listen on commutes and sometimes even when you’re at work. What’s music again?

E. All of the above! You read paperbacks, hardbacks, ebooks, AND audiobooks. You probably even read two or more books at once! Basically, you’re incredibly versatile and don’t let book formats restrict you.

6) The world is ending! What kind of fictional character would you want by your side?

A. An animal – maybe Hedwig, or Magnus’s cat, or a dragon. Another person is only going to drag you down! And besides, humans are the cause of the end of the world anyway. You’d prefer to hide away with one of your furry friends until everything dies down.

B. The character you’ve been crushing on for YEARS. If you’re going to die, you want to get in a sneaky kiss with your OTP first, right? The world might be ending around you, but at least you’ll have a shot at finding love. What’s that saying again? Love conquers all?

C. The quirky side-character! You’re here for a good time, not a long time, right? Why not have someone funny by your side that you can have a little gossip sesh with before the world ends. Someone who will keep you laughing until your last breath.

D. The bad guy. If you’re fighting evil, it might be helpful to have evil on your side. Personally, I’d like to see Voldemort from Harry Potter fight against Valentine from The Mortal Instruments. Or Darth Vader against that incoming meteor that’s going to wipe out the entire population. Wouldn’t that be fun? Just try not to get on their bad side.

E. Someone smart. You want someone like Sherlock or Hermione by your side. You don’t know how you’re supposed to prevent the end of the world when you can’t even remember the name of the protagonist from the last book you read! Besides, they can do all the work for you. Maybe you can finally finish binging Brooklyn 99.

Count up your answers and find out how you should organise your shelves!

Mostly As.

Minimalist Chic.

Images courtesy of @deckledpages.

Mostly Bs.

Rainbow and Fabulous.

Images courtesy of @happyindulgence.

Mostly Cs.

Floral and Attention-Grabbing.

Images courtesy of @paperfury.

Mostly Ds.

Chaotic and Colourful.

These are my own shelves – check them out at @writtenwanderings!

Mostly Es.

Busy yet Classy.

Images courtesy of @becklepanda (left) and @marbledlibrary (right).

A mix of all of them!

Just go with your gut! Whatever you do, it’ll look amazing.

These are my own shelves – check them out at @writtenwanderings!

Let's Talk

What does your bookshelf look like? What did you get in the quiz? Have you been meaning to rearrange your bookshelves? What are some of your favourite bookstagram accounts? Link your account and I’ll go give you a follow!


55 thoughts on “What Do Your Bookshelves Say About You?

  1. I got rainbow and fabulous but it think I’m a mix of that and chaotic and colourful. I don’t have a bookshelf yet so I just stack my books on the floor and my table. The bookshelf back home is full of different sorts of books, it’s chaos personified 😂 😂 cause the whole family uses it. Great post.

  2. Ahh I LOVE THIS!! Although I got mostly D’s, Sarah. I ended up not with my own shelf. 😂😂Which is okay I’ll just have to come steal your bookshelves. I think I can live with that.😂 (But seriously this was so much fun!)

  3. What do my bookshelves say about me? That I’m poor and broke because I have no shelves after several years of being in the community and everything still remains in stacks on the floor or on the desk or on my bed. I’ve also replaced where my clothes go in my drawers to put books inside. I AM DROWNING.

  4. Haha. Mine is literally DVD shelf, Comic/Fandom Shelf, Favourites Shelf, Other fiction shelf, academic shelf, big books. I have one book shelf because I am poor and have to make do :’)

  5. Oh gosh, I already know what my shelf says about me- ‘Bro, do you even read???’

    No joke, I just bought a beautiful giant bookshelf and it’s almost completely empty. For one, I had stopped reading for the longest time in college and most of my old books I’ve outgrown are in storage. Two, if I don’t 100% LOVE a book, I have the strong desire to get rid of it. And since it’s extremely difficult for me to really love a book that much, I’m constantly cycling through books because I can’t stand having a shelf filled with only “Meh” reads.

    • HAHA THAT’S INCREDIBLE. Honestly, books have to be pried from my cold, dead hands for me to let go of them. I have a problem. At least you won’t have to worry about piles of books falling on you in the night and being crushed to death! 😂

  6. This post is awesome!!! Reading through the first part my shelves most closely resemble “Busy but Classy” (more busy than classy but, hey, a girl can dream) and the description fit me to a “T” then I took the quiz and got “Busy but Classy! So I guess its just meant to be! Thanks for this it was fun 🙂

  7. I think my shelves would fall in the busy yet classy category 😄 since I’m away at school for most of the year, my family uses my room as a guest room, and apparently people ALWAYS comment on my bookshelves (namely, how full they are) which makes me happy. This is a really fun and creative post!

  8. I will definitely read this on my laptop sometime. I’m glad to know that 6-10 books a month is a good amount…that is how many I usually read in a GOOD month but I work at a newspaper full time now. I still try to find time to read outside of work.

  9. Thanks for creating this. It was fun.
    1) A
    2) B
    3) A [no snacks and cold drinks actually]
    4) B
    5) C
    6) B [Though I would love to binge Brooklyn Nine Nine]

    I would love to be B (rainbow and fabulous), but I’m probably an A (busy yet classy) though I do like looking at A (minimalist chic).

  10. Great post – love the idea behind it and a good variety of (oh so beautiful) shelves too.

    Not a full house of A’s, but that was the majority for me whilst answering the questions; I would definitely say that reflects my shelves too…. The personality part, not so much. Haha!

  11. Oh, i really love the minimalistic one!
    I’m looking for a new shelf at the moment, but can’t seem to make up my mind. The struggle is real 😀

  12. My bookshelf and my personality are probably best described as ‘chaotic and classy’ I’m trying not to collect too many books rn because I don’t need them *sigh* and ebooks and libraries exist. But I just need the right book to come along, really. This was super fun!

  13. Mostly Bs and Es. So, my perfect bookshelf would be ” Rainbow and Busy? ” My bookshelf is more ” Dark As Your Souls and Witchy “, really. 😂 75% black books, 22% candles, glass and gemstones, 3% coloured books. Love this post, Sarah! 😊

  14. Such a fun post! I *just* got Chaotic & Colourful – 2/3. Mostly it’s a mix though. My main shelves are fairly organised with some mugs, candles, bookmarks & other knick knacks. My other shelves are vaguely organised by subject but mostly by aesthetic 🙂

  15. I got Minimalist Chic! I wish my shelves looked like that… They’re probably more along the lines of a Chaotic but Colorful! Just too many books but not enough shelf space. Story of my life XD

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