The Five Types of Rereading

Recently, as I’ve picked up some of my favourite novels for the 3728th time, I’ve noticed that there’s more than one kind of rereading. I mean, sometimes I feel in the mood to just reread one of my favourite novels. Other times, I’m feeling more reminiscent and I want to read something I haven’t read since my middle school years. And, of course, there are some books that I don’t even count as rereads because there’s never not a week when I don’t pick up that particular book.

So today I wanted to share the five different types of rereading with you!

Nostalgic Reread

The Hunger Games

It’s difficult to remember which book exactly got me into YA—it may have been The Hunger Games, or it may have been Twilight, or maybe Hush, Hush. But regardless, The Hunger Games was definitely very influential in forming my love for YA. I even remember buying my copy when I was maybe 12 in my favourite bookshop, the bookshop I now work at, and starting it as soon as I got in the car. I’m still such Hunger Games trash, but this series is definitely a nostalgic reread.

Vampire Academy

Another one of my earliest adventures into YA! I started reading these books in Year 8 and I remember being thoroughly shook when the news came out about Vampire Academy being turned into a movie. And then I read Bloodlines and WOW. I still stand by my opinion that this series is phenomenal, and no one can ruin that for me. I mean, I’ve read better books now and my taste has definitely changed, but when I’m in the mood for reading about sexy vampires like Adrian and Rose, this is always the series I go to.

The Mortal Instruments

Let me just take a moment to CRY OVER JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER AND HOW HE WAS, AND FOREVER WILL BE, THE PERFECT JACE. Ahem. Okay, now back to the books. Let me begin by saying that I cosplayed as a Shadowhunter more times than I care to remember, and I can see Past Me painting on Runes with an eyeliner pencil in the Year 9 bathrooms before going to see the premiere of the film at the cinemas. Sometimes when I can’t decide what to read and I just want to fall into a familiar world, I’ll pick up The Mortal Instruments. The only problem is that starting these books prevents me from reading anything else for two weeks. ONCE I START I JUST CAN’T STOP.

Look-How-Much-I’ve-Changed Reread

The Fault in Our Stars

This was my favourite book in Year 10, okay? I still own three different editions of it, including a signed first edition, and I’ve told this story before, but I was adamant I was going to get an infinity tattoo when I turned 18. THANK GOODNESS I CAME TO MY SENSES BEFORE THEN. But sometimes you just want to reread something to see how much you’ve changed? My top pick for that is definitely The Fault in Our Stars. NOTHING LIKE CRINGING WITH THE MEMORIES OF YOUR PAST SELF AND HOW OBSESSED YOU WERE WITH THIS BOOK.

Hush, Hush

Oh man… If there’s one book I regret being OBSESSED with more than The Fault in Our Stars, it’s Hush, Hush. But I guess, they say you shouldn’t regret the books that got you into reading? And Hush, Hush was one of those books? So I won’t regret how I read it so many times that the pages started falling out… I’ll just remember that aspect of my past disapprovingly. I still remember how my best friend and I used to swoon over Patch, crossing our fingers that a movie adaptation was just a couple years away. Though, if they announce a movie, I WILL BE THERE IN AN INSTANT. Why am I like this.


I used to really love this series, but I can guarantee you that if I read these books now, I WOULD THROW THEM ACROSS THE ROOM. I mean, mermaids were so 2013, and they should probably stay back there, where they belong—along with Doge, the Harlem Shake, What Does The Fox Say?, and Grumpy Cat. But if I want to get back in my 13 year-old headspace, this is the book to do it.

Instant Favourite Reread

This Savage Song

I read This Savage Song at precisely the right moment of my life, and it’s what made me fall in love with Victoria’s writing and the incredible worlds she creates, as well as the intricate and genuine characters that I can’t help but adore. TAKE THAT MUNCHKIN AUGUST FOR EXAMPLE. This book was an instant favourite as soon as I read it, and I think I’m only up to my ninth reread, but THIS BOOK JUST MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. Whoever comes for it or Victoria will have to go through me first.

They Both Die at the End

I SHALL PROTECT RUFUS AND MATEO WITH ALL OF MY MIGHT. Which, I will admit probably isn’t a lot because most of my strength just comes from holding up a pile of books with one hand for bookstagram, but I SHALL TRY. I knew this book was going to change my life as soon as I read the author’s note at the start, and it definitely did. Again, it came at just the right moment in my life, and Adam’s words just meant so much to me. It was an instant favourite.

We Are the Ants

One second… LET ME JUST FINISH CRYING FOR A MOMENT. Gosh, this book was so, so beautiful. Sad, but spectacular. It’s a story about grief, and loss, and love, and I just have NO WORDS to describe how moving and powerful it was. Even when I was just a chapter into it, I knew it was going to be a book that I would be rereading for quite some time to come.

When-Am-I-Not-Rereading-This Reread

Radio Silence

OH, I DON’T KNOW IF YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY. ALICE OSEMAN IS BAE. RADIO SILENCE IS PROBABLY MY FAVOURITE BOOK EVER. You know. Just if you didn’t already know that. But this book became a favourite pretty much as soon as I read the first chapter. It’s about podcasts and anxious nerds and memes, and it’s everything I love just wrapped up in a book. Don’t even get me started on the epic Welcome to Night Vale vibes. I always make sure I have a copy of Radio Silence beside my bed, within reaching distance.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

I fell in love with this book from the moment the narrator of the audiobook said the word ‘steady on, darling’. WOW THIS BOOK JUST MELTED MY HEART. I have no heart now. Sorry, it’s all this book’s fault. But I have a hardback copy, an ebook copy, as well as an audiobook of The Gentleman’s Guide, just so I can read it in pretty much every situation. If you see me waiting for a train for ten minutes, chances are that I’m reading / listening to The Gentleman’s Guide. I just can’t get enough of it.

A Darker Shade of Magic

I’m pretty sure the real reason why I’m broke is that I’ve spent ALL MY MONEY ON DIFFERENT COPIES OF THIS BOOK, AND MERCH, AND SENDING CREEPY FANMAIL TO VICTORIA SCHWAY. Just kidding, I wouldn’t waste my money on international post. I just tweet at her instead! JUST KIDDING. Sort of. I’m never not in the mood for some Kell and Lila, and I think I would probably read so many more books in the year if I didn’t do a full reread of this series every month. BUT I’M SORRY. I DON’T REGRET MY DECISIONS.

If-I-Had-Time Reread


Starfish was easily one of my favourite reads of 2017, and I’ve wanted to reread it as soon as I finished it, but WHEN WILL THE UNIVERSE GRANT ME THE TIME TO DO THAT?! Please. You know when you love a book so much that you know you’ll reread it soon, but you just don’t know when you’ll have the chance to do that? Starfish is one of those books for me. And if you haven’t read it for the first time yet, YOU NEED TO.

The Art of Feeling

Don’t you just love it when friends recommend amazing books and you love them just as much as they do? PRIME EXAMPLE RIGHT HERE. This was such a gorgeous, heart-stopping read and I’ve wanted to dive back into it ever since finishing it. Again, time, who needs sleep, generic excuse. But please do pick this one up if you haven’t yet! It’s marvellous, and I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it.

Lady Midnight

And then there’s the series that you want to reread before a new book comes out, but THEY’RE SO BIG AND YOUR TBR IS ALREADY CRUSHING YOU?! Yep, basically every Cassandra Clare book EVER. I mean, I want to remember every detail about what happened in the previous books so I can love her latest release even more, but at the same time… TIME. You get me. WHERE IS MY TIME-TURNER, FRIENDS?

Let's Talk

Do you reread books often? What’s a book you’ve reread the most? Do you reread different books when you’re in different moods? Did I mention any of your favourite books? I’d love to know!


19 thoughts on “The Five Types of Rereading

  1. I can relate to 99,9% to everything in this post, hahah! I had to laugh really hard at Wake because I really wanted to read that book a few years ago and I just burst out laughing when I saw it in your post because even though I’ve never read it, it’s definitely a “look how much I’ve changed” kind of book!

    Also, I totally get what you mean with the “steady on, darling” part in The Gentleman’s Guide. Like… that’s the moment I knew it was one of my favourite audiobooks ever, hahah!

    I really loved this post, Sarah! Would you mind if I used this on my own blog? With a link back to your original post, of course! 😉

    (Also I am SO SORRY if I just accidentally spammed you with this comment… WordPress wouldn’t let me log in!)

  2. great post. I do reread a fair bit, most old favourites when I am in a reading slump. Or just in the mood for one of them, usually HP. I do like when I reread a new book and realise that it’s gonna be a rereader in the future

  3. Such a good post, so true! I definitely understand the “look how much I’ve changed” for Hush, Hush. I was obsessed with the whole idea of it. I didn’t re-read it but I picked the second and third book up about 2 years after reading the first and I couldn’t even finish the third! I don’t know why I loved the first so much!

  4. I can honestly relate SO MUCH to all of these! Sometimes I think about all the time I waste just re-reading and re-reading favorites and even though I don’t regret it, it takes away time I could use to read other new books (especially since my TBR pile is HUGE at the moment).

  5. This was such a good post! I can definitely see all the different types of rereads now you’ve pointed them out! I don’t reread nearly as much as I’d like to! I found myself wanting to reread The Gentleman’s Guide as soon as I finished it! luckily, I annotated it so I can go back to all my favourite parts whenever without having to reread the entire book, though I have a feeling I will be rereading it soon! It was SO good!

  6. Yesss I so love rereading!! I mostly do “omg these are my favourites and I need to reread them immediately” types these days, mixed in with the “I need to reread this book so I can go on and read the sequels”.😂😂 I really really suck at remembering haha. I reread Lady Midnight last year before Lord of Shadows, but I’ll have to do it again. (THEY’RE SO HUGE IT’S A COMMITMENT THOUGH.) I try not to ever reread my super old favourites because I’d prefer the good memories instead of realising I had such bad taste.😂

  7. I reread more than I read new things. It’s something I’d like to change, but re-reading is such a great thing to do when you feel bad! I love nostalgic reread because you fall back into worlds you know inside out, and get to see again characters you learn to love. Of course, there is always the risk they turned to Look-How-Much-I’ve-Changed reread, but it’s still fun! I still had a good time when I reread Twilight last year.

    They Both Die At The End and We Are The Ants. 😭 Instant favourite, too! They broke my heart, but in a good way, and I know it’s something I’ll always reread. 💜

  8. I never thought about this, but you’re right! Some books I’ve reread for the nostalgia, others just to see if I still felt the same about them as I used to, others just cuz I LOVE them. And of course there are the ones I want to reread, but ahhh, so many books, so little time!

  9. All of these different types of rereading are so relatable. I relate to If-I-Had-Time-Reread the most. There are so many books I want to reread, but there’s also so many books to read for the first time. It’s so conflicting!

  10. Great Post, I can definitely relate. I was really struggling with a mental health relapse last year (still technically am) and one of the things that got me through it was re-reading one of my favourite manga series. I’ve been struggling to read novels over the last two years and it really helped my state of mind to get back into graphic novels after a such a long time period away from them. It’s why I get super annoyed when people look down their nose at graphic novels and manga. Graphic novels and Manga can have complex characters and storylines, just because it’s visual, doesn’t mean it’s oversimplified.

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad reading those managed to help you in some way. I definitely believe rereading favourites helps put you in a different mindset sometimes. And I couldn’t agree more – those are just as legitimate as “other books” and I definitely need to read more of them! Always open to recs 💖

      • *cracks knuckles* Well, depending on your interests, I highly recommend Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (Science Fiction Fantasy focusing on a Galaxy-wide civil war). While I haven’t read these next two, I’ve heard good things about The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl by Melissa Keil (who is an Australian author) and Lumberjanes, Vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy.

  11. I love this post, and rereading! I tend to fall in love with a lot of big books/series so I always end up falling into that ‘my TBR is crushing me’ category with my rereads!

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