Unreasonable 2018 Goals for Bookworms

It’s that time of year again! The time where we all pretend to start afresh with a clean slate, our hopes as high as the level of intoxication we’re still at after a wild New Year’s Eve. JUST KIDDING. My evening consisted of my yearly scheduled existential crisis and crying while watching Brooklyn 99 because of how overtired I am. YAY FOR THE NEW YEAR!

But everyone knows that the start of a new year is the time to make goals and resolutions, because goals you make at any other time of the year don’t count, right? There’s no motivation quite like seeing the date clock over to 1/1/18 when the clock strikes 12 and knowing you have 12 long months to achieve your dreams. Even though time is a manmade concept and the idea of a calendar year is a commercial concept designed to place restrictions upon your life and your worth. WOW, 2018 ME IS A CYNICAL ONE. Watch out, internet.

While everyone is making Goodreads goals, thinking about what they want to achieve this year, and how they can make changes to their life (like eating healthier or exercising more, where they then revert to their original habits six days later… Past Me, I’m looking at you…), I thought I should crush your dreams and tell you all the reasons why your bookish goals are unreasonable!

Just kidding! Sort of.

Here are some examples of unreasonable goals:

Finish all the books on my TBR!

No, Susan. Just no. Take a look at your bookshelves and think about how many unread novels there are. And then take a look at your wishlist full of 2018 releases and tell me you’re going to read ALL the books you own, as well as all those shiny new releases. I admire your ability to dream big, but let me tell you just this once that you should give up. Or find the philosopher’s stone and become immortal — one or the other.

Limit myself to only buying one book after I read five others!

HAHAHAHA. Yep, good luck with that. Walking into a bookshop and not buying anything is something I will never understand. AND I WORK IN A BOOKSHOP. I honestly think I’d have to stop going into bookshops — and work, for that matter — if I wanted to have any chance at being successful at that read five-buy one thing. And also disconnect my internet, because online bookstores are just as tempting.

Not buy every edition of the books I love!

Well THIS IS JUST ASKING FOR FAILURE. We all do the same thing every year — pledge to spend less money on books, not add too many books to our TBRs, and read the ones we already have. But then a new edition of a book comes out and we do what we always do: 1) Check bank account. 2) Cry. 3) Buy the book anyway. 4) Regret everything. 5) Put the book on your shelf next to all the other pretties and realise that not eating for a week wasn’t really that bad after all and yes, of course you can afford the next illustrated Harry Potter edition as well. DON’T PRETEND I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES THIS.

Borrow more books from the library!

This goal isn’t THAT hard to achieve, but it’s actually the reading of the library books that proves to be difficult for a lot of us. You’re asking me to commit to reading a book I selected in four weeks? Are you serious? Do you know that it takes me an average of eight years to read a book I bought? More often than not, those books will sit in a pile on your floor while you read More Important books, then the return date will come along and you’ll realise you never even attempted to read them. And don’t forget about the judgement when a librarian asks you if you liked the 27 books you’re trying to shove in the return slot! JUST… NO. Maybe try limiting the amount of books you borrow at once instead?

Turn into a literal book dragon and fly away from the dumpster fire this world has become!

First of all, I LIKE YOUR STYLE. I’m not even going to tell you that becoming a literal book dragon is an unreasonable goal for 2018. But are you really willing to leave this hellish Earth forever and never return, not even for your most anticipated releases of this year? And the year after? Becoming a dragon isn’t even the hard part — it’s leaving all your loved ones behind. And by loved ones, of course I mean books. You don’t need the loving touch of another human being when you’re literally a dragon.


But because I don’t REALLY want to be a downer on the second day of January, here’s a list of more reasonable 2018 goals for bookworms!

  • Read books you enjoy, and try not to worry about how many you end up finishing this year.

  • Try something from a genre you haven’t read much from before.

  • Recommend a book you love to someone.

  • Support #OwnVoices authors.

  • Aim to read more diversely.

  • Take the time to thank authors and tell them you appreciate their work.

Let's Talk

What are some of your bookish goals for 2018? Did you make any resolutions last year that you couldn’t keep? Do you have similar unreasonable goals to me? What do you hope to achieve this year, reading-wise? I hope you’re having an amazing start to 2018!


34 thoughts on “Unreasonable 2018 Goals for Bookworms

  1. I need to rave about Brooklyn-99 again because I finally caught up and it is AMAAAZINGGGG. (I will be SO upset if it gets canceled. It’s actually the most hilarious show on TV right now.) But back to the actual post… I used to make blogging/reading goals all the time, but last year, I decided that I wouldn’t. I still make writing goals—it keeps me grounded, gives me something to focus on—but if I don’t make reading/blogging goals, then it relieves some of the pressure and I can enjoy it more, you know? In saying that, though, I do want to be more active in the blogging community because I’ve missed it so much (and to blog more regularly, too.)

    • OMG SAME THOUGH! It’s honestly one of my favourite shows of all time. I’LL NEVER NOT BE WATCHING IT 😍 I definitely think that writing goals are always a good idea, especially for myself. I just love that accountability and making sure you get the words down, ya know? But YES TO NOT MAKING READING GOALS. I’m trying it for the first time this year, so I’ll see how that goes! So far so good… but we’re only less than a week in, so we’ll see 😂 Good luck with all your writing for this year! 💜

  2. Ahh I love seeing people make unreasonable goals. It’s hilarious. 😂 I have, no joke, seen two people say they’re “not buying books this year” and just haha haHAHAHAH. I mean, maybe say you’re only buying X amount of books per month or something? Limit yourself sure. But anyone who cuts things out so drastically is asking to fail.😂 (Also I’m horrible haha.) Ahem. I loooove your realistic goals though. ❤ One of my big ones for this year is I want to read more backlist titles and make sure I read at least one 500+ page book per month. Because usually I'm terrified of them.😂 And yas always read more diversely.

    • HAHA I KNOW RIGHT?! That’s actually very unsettling. People who say they’re not going to buy books for a YEAR scare me. ARE THEY OKAY 😅 It’d be like me trying to give up coffee… not happening. And thank you! I NEED TO START READING SOME MORE BACKLIST TITLES TOO. I hope 2018 isn’t the year our TBR falls on us and we perish under its wrath 😂

  3. Oh this made me laugh. I never set myself such unreasonable goals as “clear my backlist” because THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. I have joined a load of challenges though to clear some of my backlist and to read new things from genres I wouldn’t normally bother with.

  4. I try to stick to more reasonable goals, like reading challenges,writing goals and stuff to improve on the blog, and for the most part, that has worked quite well over the past few years!

  5. Oh my gosh, this post is gold! While I love a good resolutions list as much as the next person, sometimes it’s best to sit back and remember to BE REALISTIC about them!! Most of my goals this year are dedicated more to writing than reading, but I’m definitely aiming to try to read more in general. 2017 was terrible for me when it came to reading!

  6. Lol The unreasonable goals are actually pretty feasible for me. I just unhauled all the books I’ve lost interest in /didn’t like so my physical TBR is <40 books now and I think I can go through that many considering my plans and breaks this year. I barely ever read new releases. I also only buy my preferred edition of books. Right now I'm gonna slowly collect the French copies of Harry Potter as I reread the series 😀 I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks from my library for months now that I don't have access to my own books except on holiday.

  7. Lololol. I don’t buy that many books and I try not to get insane at the library, but I do anyway. So my ( hopefully reasonable) goals are to read books that I wouldn’t try normally, to make reading really relaxing for me. I would also love to join a real live book club and try new reviewing styles

    • I can’t leave the library without borrowing 20 books. It’s just not possible. Ooh I do hope you find a book club to join – they’re so much fun! And YES TO NEW REVIEWING STYLES. I get so sick of writing the same kind of posts over and over 😂

  8. I like your style of writing so much, haha. One of my goals for the year is to find my voice as a blogger in this community, and I definitely love reading your stuff because of how personable you make it. Anyway, I love this post because of how true it is. I just listed in one of my own posts that I wanted to start exercising this year, but I’m sure it won’t happen. It’s only the second day and I can already feel that in my stomach. In my gut. In my thigh. You know what I mean.

    • Ahh thank you so much! That’s so kind of you ❤️ It took me a while to find my voice as a blogger, but I’m really happy with the content I’m making right now, so I’m pleased you like it ☺️ Haha oh goodness, THAT’S ME EVERY YEAR 😅 I hope you have a good year nevertheless! 💕

  9. I kind of do want to read every book on my TBR though, maybe not my goodreads TBR (though it is tempting) but at least my physical TBR! It helps that it is only like 15 books though. My goodreads one is only about 40 books so that shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Great list! Reading diversely is always a good goal and buying less books too haha!

  10. Love this post! It had me literally lol. I made a goal to read 75 books, at least, this year. I also have to finish and publish my damn novel for Ford’s sake!

    The library books one was hilarious, the struggle is real! 😂 On the upside, my library over here lets you renew your books online. What I hate is that they don’t let you with ebooks.

    I don’t know if my TBR list will ever be entirely finished because I’m always adding to it. It’s impossible, I gave up on that. However, I did manage to shrink it quite a bit in December. Only to add more to it.

    I have to read all those damn ebooks that are piling up. I don’t even know which authors gave me an ARC. Guess I’ll find out when they start complaining that I didn’t get back to them 😂.

    No, I think I remember, kinda. Well the ebook I’m currently reading, I know I got asked to review it because I remember that I had a little hard time downloading it.

    Oh you’re such a drag about me not becoming a literal book dragon. Almost made me cry! How dare you ruin dreams? But I refuse to not believe!

    I didn’t even try to read 5 books before buying a new one. I know that’s impossible woman! It’s barely the 3rd and I’ve already purchased 5 AND I so wanted to buy another one today, but I didn’t. But come tomorrow…

    However, I am going to try to chill out a little with the ebooks because I honestly believe that I have more unread books on my Kindle and my phone than I have read.

    About being more diverse, I try to have an open mind, but there are some genres that are just ugh… I read them, but it seems more work than fun. I like to enjoy the book I’m reading, savor it, when I read books that are ugh to me. I read them, but my mind is 60% in Lala land.

    Another goal that I’m so going to try to stick to is not to read more than 3 books at once. actually it was 2, but I bumped it up to 3. A physical copy, an ebook, and an audiobook. Idk I’ll be able to complete this one, but I’m making an effort 😂.

    And then I also have the goal to write more on my blog. Last year this depression just got ahold of me and I didn’t write as much as planned. I need to kick this damn depression, which I can still smell its stench.

    Finally, I have the goal to read all the Lisa Jackson books I have. In December, I read 2 books that I have if hers and I have 3 left. I truly do love reading Lisa Jackson books, although the last one had me like 😳. Then, after I finish with Lisa Jackson, I plan to do the same with my Stephen King books.

    I truly do hope that you accomplish all your goals this year and that you have the best year to date! Thanks for ruining the book dragon dream for me! 😝

    • HAHA I’M SORRY 😂 And I definitely think 75 books this year is achievable! YOU CAN DO IT 💪🏼 I love how you read different formats of books at the same time – that’s amazing. I hope you achieve all the things you hope to do this year too! 💖

  11. This post made me smile so much, especially because I’m guilty of setting really unreasonable goals for myself. But I’ve learned that organizing helps! And it’s really all about discipline and time management.

    Regardless, have a wonderful year ahead!

  12. All of these unreasonable goals are so relatable. I especially relate to points 1 and 3. If I find a book I really love, I always have to buy the paperback AND hardcover copy of it. The paperback copy is for reading and the hardcover copy is for admiring.

    I also like your list of reasonable goals. I just sent a fan email to an author yesterday, and they replied within the same day with a really kind response.

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