Top 17 Books of 2017

I honestly can’t believe it’s that time of year again when I’m talking about my favourite books. Yes, I am SO READY for this year to be over, but also, WHERE THE HECK DID THIS YEAR GO? WAS IT NOT, LIKE, 2012 LAST YEAR?! Ahh, it was a simpler time back in 2012. I miss the good old days.

But what I do love about coming to the end of the year is looking back on all my reading progress and seeing how many books have worked their way into my heart! I think I say this every year, but I feel like I’ve read more books that I just ADORED AND WOULD BE WILLING TO TAKE A BULLET FOR compared to any other year. Yes, I would take a bullet for some of those books. Those gorgeous, non-feeling, non-sentient pieces of paper that are glued together.

So without further ado, here are my top 17 books of 2017!

1. A Conjuring of Light


WOW, THIS BOOK WAS NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING. I was worried that the final book in the Shades of Magic trilogy wouldn’t be able to do the previous two justice because they were just SO GOOD, but I was wrong. I still can’t believe how spectacular A Conjuring of Light was. It was heart-stopping and thrilling and unputdownable, and just The Perfect ending we all could have hoped for. I’m still so shook by the occurrences of that books and I’m still mourning some characters, but I’m mostly still in awe of just how fantastic this series is. The Shades of Magic series has a very special place in my heart.

2. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue


Well, this book was FABULOUS. I honestly didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did. I’d heard good things before I started reading it (well, listening to it), but I was absolutely blown away. AHH MY GORGEOUS BISEXUAL BRIT. I have ALLLL the heart-eye emojis for Monty and Percy. And it was such a fun, adventure story with diversity and humour and it was just brilliant. If you haven’t read this book yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

3. They Both Die at the End


Oh my goodness. Okay, umm… let me just… go in the corner and sob for a bit… Okay. I’m okay now. So *sniffle* THIS BOOK RUINED ME. I’m still a mess from what this book did to me. It filled my heart with hope and inspired me to live every day like it’s my last, and then it took all that AND CRUSHED MY SOUL. I loved the speculative fiction concept, I adored the New York City vibes, but most of all, I LOVED the friendship between Rufus and Mateo. It was just spectacular, and I loved every second of this book. The audiobook is also MARVELLOUS.

4. Our Dark Duet


ANOTHER BOOK THAT RUINED ME. I think I have a problem with falling for books that crush my soul and leave me in a book hangover for weeks afterwards. Our Dark Duet was one of these books. It took a different direction from the first book, This Savage Song (which happened to be my top read of 2016), but I loved what was explored in this one — EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING BECAUSE THAT KILLED ME. I don’t trust Queen V anymore, but I still love her.

5. A List of Cages


I have my friend Sarah to thank for recommending this book to me, because it became one of my favourite reads of 2017 almost as soon as I opened it. The friendship between the two main characters was just ADORABLE. This book was heartbreaking, poignant, and moving, and if you enjoy contemporary books with strong friendship elements but also some darker themes, then I highly recommend picking up A List of Cages.

6. The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give is undeniably THE BOOK of 2017. It’s so important and timely, and it’s just a book that we really desperately needed. Based on the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the injustices against people of colour and those who are marginalised, The Hate U Give is written with raw emotion, candour, and bravery. I had the pleasure of interviewing Angie Thomas on Skype earlier in the year, then meeting her in person at the Melbourne Writers Festival, and she’s such an incredible person and an author that will be remembered and celebrated for many, many years to come.

7. Lord of Shadows


After the spectacular beginning to Cassandra Clare’s latest Shadowhunters series, The Dark Artifices, this book was even better than the first. THIS SERIES IS JUST PHENOMENAL. I thought The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments were brilliant, but The Dark Artifices took it to a whole new level. I’m so in love with all the characters and the family dynamics with Julian’s Institute, and the relationship between Emma and Julian was just gorgeous. AHH I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK.

8. Eliza and Her Monsters


Eliza and Her Monsters was pretty similar to Radio Silence, which would probably be my favourite book of this year (only I can’t put it on this list because it was released LAST year and AHHH IT WAS JUST AMAZING) so this one made the list! It’s about fanfic and webcomics and internet friends, and it’s just such a wonderful story. I only wish that webcomic were real!

9. Beautiful Mess


One of my favourite #LoveOzYA books of the year would have to be Beautiful Mess. WOWZAS. Beautiful Mess is a raw and poignant story about mental health and friendship, and it was just so beautifully-written. The characters and real and vibrant, and the story is one that will resonate with so many people. It’s just spectacular.

10. Autoboyography


AHH ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVOURITE M/M ROMANCES OF 2017! Autoboyography is a story about religion, sexuality, and love, and as I haven’t read that many YA books where religion is one of the main focusses, it was really interesting to read. I adored the romance, despite it being quite confronting and heartbreaking at times. SEBASTIAN AND TANNER ARE MY TWO GORGEOUS QUEER BABIES AND I WILL PROTECT THEM UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

11. The Secret Science of Magic

The Secret Science of Magic

Isn’t it just amazing to read a book set in your hometown? The Secret Science of Magic is a book about figuring out what you should do after high school, who you really are, and what matters most to you — AND it’s set in Melbourne! The fandom references are also ON POINT, and Melissa’s writing style is just superb. I adore all three of her books, and The Secret Science of Magic was definitely one of my top books of 2017!

12. Starfish


WOW THIS BOOK WAS BEAUTIFUL. Not only is the cover absolutely stunning, the story is unputdownable and one that moved me immensely. About art and abuse and friendship, Starfish is a poignant novel that came highly recommended to me and I urge you all to pick up if you haven’t had the chance yet. This one definitely deserves to be on your TBR!

13. Tash Hearts Tolstoy

Tash Hearts Tolstoy

I can’t believe how much this book played a role in me discovering more about who I am and how I identify this year. Tash Hearts Tolstoy stars an asexual character, and reading about her just meant the world to me in terms of seeing that kind of positive representation on the page. It’s also about YouTube and being internet famous, and it was just delightful.

14. Waking Gods


TOO MANY EMOTIONS. CANNOT COMPUTE. First off, let me say that I highly recommend listening to the audiobooks for this series instead of reading them, because it’s performed by a full cast and it’s SPECTACULAR. SOMEONE, HOLD ME. I adored the first book, Sleeping Giants, but Waking Gods just blew me away. I didn’t expect this book to take that direction, and I have no clue what to expect for the next instalment. I just know that it’s going to be superb and I DON’T WANT TO WAIT FOR IT. GIVE IT TO ME NOW. I’M NO AARON BURR.

15. A Quiet Kind of Thunder


It honestly feels like last year when I read this book because it came out in January, but even so, it left such a mark on me that I’m STILL thinking about it and recommending it whenever I get the chance. It’s just such a lovely contemporary story about deafness and selective mutism, and GAH IT WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. I need more books like this one in my life.

16. Queens of Geek

Queens of Geek

HOW AM I MEANT TO FIND THE WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW AMAZING AND PERFECT AND GORGEOUS THIS NOVEL IS?! It’s about conventions and fandoms, as well as friendship, sexuality, anxiety, and other issues that are just so important but also so seamlessly woven into the narrative. We’re honestly so blessed to have a book this pure on this earth. If books were sentient, this one would have a heart of gold.

17. Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology

LoveOzYA Anthology

And how could I talk about my favourites of 2017 without mentioning the FABULOUS #LoveOzYA Anthology, edited by Danielle Binks! There are short stories written by ten of Australia’s best YA authors, all of them different and amazing in their own ways. 2017 has been the year of #LoveOzYA — the anthology, the book club that I co-host, The YA Room, and the abundance of Aussie book launches and events, so the #LoveOzYA Anthology is a must-read!

Let's Talk

What are some of your favourite books of 2017? Did I mention any of your favourites? Are any of these on your TBR? Link me to all of your year wrap up posts and favourites of 2017 posts and let me give you some love!


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26 thoughts on “Top 17 Books of 2017

  1. Awesome Book Picks! 😍😍 I definitely agree with LOADS of your choices! 😄 And I’ll make sure to read all your other recommendations sometime soon! 😊 We have similar tastes in the book world! 😜 Great Post! ❤️

  2. I’ve only read a few of these, but there was no way THUG wasn’t making my list. I’m not even sure when I’m making my list, though haha. I’m so excited to read Autoboyography so it’s awesome to see it make your list and I’ve heard such awesome things about Starfish, too.

    You did give me some recs to add to my TBR, too! Awesome list. 🙂

  3. Love your list! There are so many on here that I’ve loved, am DYING to read or hadn’t heard of but am definitely going to add them to my tbr. Queens of Geek and The Hate U Give are definitely among my favourites as well. I’m finally getting The Gentleman’s Guide (I’ve been on a book buying ban so I had to wait until Christmas haha) and I would be really surprised if that wouldn’t become a favourite as well.

  4. Awesome list of books Sarah!!! I loved The Hate U Give and Queens of Geek, and I definitely have A Conjuring of Light very high on my TBR!!! Hopefully 2018 is also filled with some amazing reads!

  5. AGGHH!! I seen the Gentleman’s Guide at the library, and didn’t think the title sounded interesting so I skipped it 😦 Try again, Malanie. ❤ I love this list! 🙂

  6. Ahh, I’m excited to read A Quiet Kind of Thunder! I featured it in my last Top Ten Tuesday, so I’m glad to see I didn’t go wrong with it 🙂

  7. All this books are on my to-read list (well, almost every one of them) but I still have to approach them. To be fair I’m currently reading THUG and I’ve Lee’s book on my shelves. Of Barnard I read the other book of her and I loved it. I hope that this one is complicated like the other

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