10 Books I’ll Never Read

Like most readers, I’ve bought a lot of books over the years. I don’t really want to count them because I know if I saved that money I could have probably bought a planet by now, but I’d say I’ve accumulated close to 500. Thankfully a lot of those are review copies and ARCs, but I looked at my Book Depository purchase history the other day and… yeah… let’s not do that again.

But of course, because I’ve bought so many books that it’s actually physically impossible to read them all before I die at the rate I read compared to how many books I buy, there’s bound to be some that I’m never going to read. Ever. I mean, my tastes are constantly changing, some books I bought a few years ago have zero appeal to me now, and I always feel the need to read recent releases, as opposed to ones released five or more years ago.

So today I wanted to share ten books that are on my shelves and I’m never going to read! And probably cry about having -$17 in my bank account but MOVING ON.

Fallen series

Okay, so I bought this entire series around the time I was obsessed with Hush, Hush. Yes, I’m ashamed in twelve year-old me too. That was a time when I was obsessed with stories about fallen angels and I thought there was nothing more swoon-worthy than a broken, brooding angel who falls in love with a helpless human. If there any any gay angel books out there though, toss them my way. I’m not done with this genre altogether, even though I’ll never read Fallen.

Evernight series

Ah yes, my vampire phase. I still can’t believe I read all the books in the House of Night series — which was, what, fifteen books? I don’t even want to think about that. But of course, there was also Twilight, which I used to love, and I wanted to get my hands on every YA vampire book I could find. So I stumbled upon the Evernight series. Alas, I never got around to reading it before I moved onto my fairy phase, and now I’m never going back to it. #Sorry.

Wings series

I can’t believe I was so cliched in my reading habits in my early teen years. I mean, I didn’t have Goodreads, let alone an internet connection when I was twelve, so I just picked up whatever was popular at the time. I followed the trends, based on what was popular at the library and what my friends recommended. So, as the natural progression of reading trends go, I eventually got onto fairies. I read a few other fairy novels, but never got around to this series. Typical.

Red Queen

When this book came out, it was Hyped to the Max. I’d been hearing such amazing things about it, and I was eager to grab a copy. But the thing about hype is that a lot of the time, people feel let down because they were expecting something a lot better. So I started to hear pretty average things about Red Queen, and that meant I pushed it down on my TBR pile. Now it’s so far down that I think it’s fallen into the depths of the Earth’s core and will never be seen again. It was nice knowing you, Red Queen.

Girl Online series

In high school, I was obsessed with YouTubers and I’d religiously watch their videos. I do still enjoy watching YouTube now, but I mostly watch bookish videos by my friends, rather than super popular people making skits or talking about their day. But one of my favourite YouTubers in high school was Zoella, so I just had to read her books. I ended up only reading the first one before I got bored of them and decided that it was a better use of my time to read other things. I just don’t care about how that series ends, to be honest. I don’t think I’m missing anything spectacular.

Hello life!

Another YouTuber book! I also loved watching Marcus’s videos, but as Year 12 got more and more busy, that meant that I couldn’t watch that much YouTube. And you know what? I didn’t miss the people I used to watch. After being away from YouTube for a while, I just… stopped caring. So yeah. I don’t really care about this random British dude’s life anymore. Alas, this is just another book I’ll never get around to reading.

A ton of random orange Penguin books

When these books are something like $10 each, it’s hard not to just buy all of them at the bookstore. And besides, orange Penguin books make you feel smart, right? Please tell I’m not the only one? There’s something so satisfying about adding a book to your shelf that you think will change the way you think, or believe, or teach you something new. Alas, I don’t think I’ll get around to reading nearly as many of these books as I’ve accumulated.

The Boyfriend App

Of course, if there’s a hardback book on sale, I have to buy it. That’s basically the laws of being a book blogger, right? I’m a sucker for book sales, and even if there’s a book I know I probably won’t get around to reading but I think will look good on my shelves, then I’m going to buy it. I’m not even sorry. But The Boyfriend App was something I was interested in reading… but now I feel that there are just so many other amazing* books worth my time.


The White Rose

I remember not really enjoying the first book from this series, The Jewel, when I read it — but hey, this book was on sale, so why not add another novel to my shelves that I’ll probably never get around to reading? I just have no interest in this series anymore, and there’s approximately a -273% chance I’ll ever get around to reading this one. I think I need to impose a rule on myself that if I don’t rate the first book in the series a 3.5 or higher, I’m not allowed to buy the second book. But then again… I say I’ll read five books and then buy one and that never happens. Someone needs to ban me from using my credit card.


I absolutely love retellings. It’s rare that I come across one that I adore, but when I do, I fall completely head over heels for them and can’t stop talking about them for months. I picked up a copy of Hunted just after I’d seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie and I was super excited to dive into it. Alas, some of my friends got around to reading it before I did and they didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d hoped. I don’t know about you, but once I hear that a book isn’t good, I just lose all motivation to read it. Maybe I’ll get to this book one day, but I doubt it now.

Let's Talk

Have you read any of the books that I’ve mentioned? Do you think I should change my mind about any of them? What books do you own that you think you’ll never get around to reading? Do you buy books because they look pretty on your shelves too? Please make me feel less guilty!


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36 thoughts on “10 Books I’ll Never Read

  1. Such pretty photos of all these books that you’re not going to read!! I bought Girl Online as well when it first came out but to be honest I’ll probably never read it either…. I have no idea if it’s right, but I have this idea that it’s more middle grade and I’m not really a fan of that. Great post!!

  2. I can absolutely relate to this! One thing I’ve learned over the years is to never buy more than one book in a series in advance because who knows if I’ll feel like reading it later on? Our poor wallets! 🙂

  3. Can i just say that your blog i absolutely beautiful!! so colorful and amazing!
    and damn! you’ve got tons of books, ahahahaha i don’t own a book that i will probably never read, cause they are books, and they are too precious youknow?

  4. I also suffer from book regret although I can’t afford to buy them. I tend to browse the library for a while looking for something to read. I pick up a book that looks interesting and check it out to take it home. I am all excited to read it and I am determined to start when I go to bed that night. I put the book on my nightstand and it sits there untouched for the next 3 weeks. The due date rolls around and I realize I never cracked the cover.
    Most recently I began reading “The Dark Artifices” series by Cassandra Clare. Yes, I am in the Shadow Hunter phase of my reading life and I am 40 years old. I love the YA genre. I have read all the Shadow Hunter books up to this point so I was really excited about reading this series as well. I got through the first book, Lady Midnight, and couldn’t wait for Lord of Shadows to come out. I picked it up from the library and couldn’t even get halfway through. I kept falling asleep. I was so disappointed but realize this has become the norm for me lately.

    • Ahh I do the same thing with library books! Now I just tend to buy them so I don’t have to worry about returning them or getting a fine… but yep, R.I.P. my bank account 😅

      Oh no! I’m so sad to hear you didn’t enjoy LADY MIDNIGHT! It’s not for everyone, but it has to be my favourite series she’s written. It’s so disappointing when you don’t enjoy a book you’re expecting to like – I know the feeling! ❤️

  5. “I’ve bought so many books that it’s actually physically impossible to read them all before I die at the rate I read compared to how many books I buy, there’s bound to be some that I’m never going to read. ”

    Yeah, I know that feeling. But those orange Penguin books look so good! Especially High Fidelity!

  6. Oh no, it looks like my comment was eaten 😦 Boo, well to sum up, thank you for such a relatable post! It’s so easy to gather book after book and simply never get around to them and then be overcome by guilt every time you look at your bookshelf. But such is life, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day! At the very least it makes it easier to clear out our shelves and only keep the real gems ❤

    • Oh no! Sorry about that!

      But thank you so much! Ugh, I completely agree. I need to do a massive clean of all my shelves and donate the ones I don’t think I’ll read or won’t read again! Just… effort 😂

      Thanks for checking out my post! 💖

  7. I read the first and second book of the girl online series and honestly am the same as you. I didn’t find anything special about them. I think they’re great in terms of Zoe having a large following and therefore it gets more young people reading, but they’re just not for me.

  8. This was such an interesting and fun post! I know what you mean about tastes changing. I recently went through my GoodReads list and there was a ridiculous amount of books on there that I have no interest in reading anymore.

  9. Evernight series is a series I read the first book in but the second fell flat for me. I don’t think I will ever pick it back up. The same with Shiver series I didn’t like the first book, so I never finished that series either. I love your list too 🙂

  10. I totally did the same thing with the Fallen Series–I bought it simply because I loved Hush, Hush 😛 I only read the first two books and tried to read the third this year simply to finish the series and didn’t get past the first chapter…

    You aren’t missing much with the Red Queen. I LOVED Red Queen but DNF’d the sequel because it was so, so boring.

  11. Ah, Hush Hush. I remember those days. In fact, sometimes, I feel bad for giving away those books. I did try reading Fallen like a couple of years ago (so it was in my late twenties) and I was just like, “Nope. Not for me.” Wasn’t there a movie of this series, too? I also haven’t read Red Queen, because it doesn’t sound appealing to me. But, hey, the covers are gorgeous.

    • Oh goodness, I think there was? I might check it out one day when I have nothing else better to do – just for a laugh 😂 Ahh yes, I hate it when books you’re not interested in (or books that are terrible) have gorgeous covers! It’s just not fair 😭 Thanks for checking out my post! 💖

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