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Bookish subscription boxes are something I’m obsessed with. I love watching all the unboxing videos on YouTube, getting excited about the theme of the box for the month, and lament over the fact that I will never be able to choose with bookish subscription box I want to sell my soul to because there are just so many fantastic ones. But even though I think bookish subscription boxes are glorious and simply the best thing that’s happened to book nerds since Book Depository, it wasn’t until recently that I’d actually received a box.

I’m not kidding – it was the highlight of my week.

But there are a few reasons why I haven’t signed up for a regular bookish subscription box, and it sometimes makes it a little hard.

  1. Having subscription boxes shipped to Australia is EXPENSIVE. I absolutely adore OwlCrate and FairyLoot, but the shipping ends up being around the same cost as the box itself, which is heartbreaking.
  2. What if I get a book I already have? I receive a lot of books for reviewing, some of them before they’ve been released, so it’s hard to commit to a bookish subscription box when I’m not 100% what the Book of the Month will be.
  3. Things getting lost in the post. Australia’s postal service is notorious for being terrible and losing things, so it would be devastating to have such an important parcel go missing.

However, Be Bookish! was kind enough to send me one of their boxes to review! I’m super impressed by the gorgeous selection of goodies and the book was one that I’ve been eyeing for ages but hadn’t got around to purchasing!

So let’s unbox this thing together!

A creative letter and a list of what this box contains!

Because I didn’t want to spoil myself and find out what book was contained in this box, I decided to put this little bundle aside until I’d seen what else was in the box. How cute is that little wax seal!

Upon coming back to these papers at the end of my unboxing, I was happy to find a fun letter at the top! I think it’s written from the point of view from one of the characters in the novel contained in the box – but I guess I’ll just have to read the book and see! I loved the idea behind it though. And then there’s the list of what should be in the box, which is handy to remember everything inside (especially because this box contains edible things and I may or may not have eaten them before writing this!).

Two candy friendship bracelets and bookmarks

loved these bracelets as a kid! There’s something so satisfying about wearing your candy and gnawing it off your wrist or from around your neck. Let’s be honest. These are both for me.

And I’m always in need of more bookmarks. It’s like Be Bookish! read my mind! Somehow they just disappear? Who knows. If I ever look behind my couch or my bed, there’ll probably be a lifetime supply of them. But I simply adore that gorgeous ‘The Road to Friendship’ one!

A handmade friendship bracelet

This is just adorable! I’ll definitely be wearing this so it looks like I have actual friends. Well technically, the lovely people at Be Bookish! are now my friends? That’s how friendship works, right?!

Paper Towns sticker and two postcards

If you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for John Green books. I know they’re practically all the same and they have their faults (yes, I meant that intentionally), but I can’t help but love them! They’re a guilty pleasure of mine. So the John Green-inspired art / quotes were amazing! The ‘Top 7 Australian Destinations 2017’ gave me major wanderlust too.

Stranger than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer

I’ve been seeing this book around a little bit before, but I hadn’t had the chance to buy a copy! Luckily, Be Bookish! read my mind and chose it as the book for this box! I’ve been getting back into fanfic recently and I always love books about road trips, so this one sounds like something I’ll love! I can’t wait to read it.

This box also contained a little book of 2017 proofs from Hachette Australia! I did already have a copy of this one, but I shall pass it along to one of my friends. These books of snippets for new titles are always so exciting. I love scoping out what’s to come in the bookish world!

CarousellerieCreative_PinkishBlooms_Elements_Foliage 07


Grab your own Be Bookish! box!

Here’s a little bit about them…

Our story is a simple story. The team that runs Be Bookish! is a small team of friends and family. This service was created with the love of Young Adult (YA) fiction in mind. A genre and a community that is very accepting  and open to new ideas. We adore the atmosphere that stands in a room full of YA readers and supporters, because that room has such an age range of lovely personalities that could bumble on about books for hours.

We also love the idea of Subscription Boxes. We love that you can receive a present every month in the mail, but we wanted to make it even more personal. We wanted to try our best to include you into the experience some how. We wanted you to have an extra layer of excitement and curiosity when the box arrived at your doorstep, and we hope we accomplished that goal.

CarousellerieCreative_PinkishBlooms_Elements_Foliage 07

Overall, I’m super impressed with the Be Bookish! box and I couldn’t recommend this subscription box enough! It’s a fantastic Aussie service that began at the start of this year and it’s definitely worth your support. Depending on your location in Australia, it’ll end up only being between $31.99 and $39.99, which is amazing value for so many goodies! I’ll definitely be getting this box again in future.

Let's Talk

Have you ever received a bookish subscription box? Which services are your favourite? Are you obsessed with subscription boxes like I am? Let’s chat down below!


25 thoughts on “Bookish Subscription Boxes

  1. What a lovely box, Sarah! The items included were so cute, and the book choice was great too! 🙂 Loved your photos!!! xo, Kat

  2. Aww, I can’t agree with you more, Sarah! I adore bookish subscription boxes a lot but as you mentioned, the international shipping cost is crazy!!!! As a student like me, I currently can’t afford any boxes; if I could in the future, I’d love to order Fairyloot, OwlCrate, and YA Chronicles. Those are my top favorites and I’d die for them someday. :”)
    Eep, I’m so excited for your very first unboxing post! Love those contents in this box and I’m pretty sure you’ll receive more bookish boxes for review, because why not?
    Looking forward to more of these posts! ^^

  3. I’m dreaming of getting my first subscription box, but like you mentioned, shipping fees are hell. I live in third-world country, so shipping cost here is worth another box! But I’m planning to get a hold of April Fairyloot box tonight, if I’m lucky!

  4. That’s such a cute box! I get the Fairyloot box occasionally which is £32.95 (I think) – but even that is quite expensive! I’ve recently started getting the Bookishly box, which is £12 & free UK shipping and I love it! Shipping can be such a bummer. Great post, though, I hope you can get more boxes in the future! 😀

  5. The letter is such a lovely and unique touch! I’ve only ever bought a Book & A Brew box once, but I love the idea of a book box subscription. I love the mystery of getting a book you might not have picked up yourself!

  6. I haven’t signed up for any sub boxes for the reasons you mentioned. I just can’t afford them when you add shipping into the mix :/ I REALLY want Fairy Loot though. Their boxes always look so good.

    This box also looks super cute 😀 I love the idea of the letter! That’s so cool. I don’t think I can afford it any time soon, but I’ll be keeping it on my radar.

  7. Ooh, this does look cute! I especially love the little wax seal ❤ I agree, I would love to get an Owlcrate and/or Fairyloot but shipping is so expensive 😦 Haha yes, that is definitely how friendship works 😉

  8. I’m a dedicated YA Chronicles subscriber, I think I’ve been getting their box since they just started and their latest box has been one of my favourites. They’ve had to change their prices recently but they worked it so that you get more in the box at the same time, and they’re Australia based so the cost isn’t as exhorbitant as the overseas ones. I wish I could afford to try OwlCrate or FairyLoot but for now; the YA Chronicles are satisfying that craving without my having to sacrifice my rent for a month.

  9. I know I’m a little late to this party but thanks for this review! I am only reading books from subscription boxes this year and hadn’t heard of this one. Thanks again for your review!

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