Why THE BONE SEASON should be on your TBR

Wow. THIS SERIES. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? I read The Bone Season mid last year and I absolutely adored it, making me desperate to get my hands on the The Mime Order as soon as I’d finished it. I have to admit — I WAS a little cautious going into this series. I knew it was adult fantasy and I’d never really delved into that realm before, so I was hesitant about this one. But WOW. I was so impressed by the fantastic world-building and the way the story enthralled me, pulling me into this new and dangerous world. If you’re a fan of fantasy, The Bone Season is a series not to be missed. I’ve just finished reading The Song Rising and I’m already looking forward to the next instalment!


  • WORLD-BUILDING. The story is set in 2056 where there has been an ‘epidemic’ of clairvoyance, but those who have this power are feared and ostracised by the public, treated like criminals. I was absolutely astounded by the level of detail and backstory this series had. Once I really got into the book, at about the 100-page mark, I found that most things had been explained and I was able to picture this world clearly and understand its inner-workings. It was fascinating!
  • A STRONG PROTAGONIST. Paige, a clairvoyant, is tough and brave, and I loved going on this epic journey with her. I’m so sick of reading about weak ‘damsels in distress’, but thankfully, Paige is seen to be a person who doesn’t take no for an answer and will do whatever it takes to achieve her aim. We need more protagonists like Paige.
  • FAST-PACING. After falling into the phenomenal world in The Bone Season, I’ve been gripped by the fast-paced action of the plot. There’s always a new challenge, and I loved seeing how our protagonists fought their way out of them. While there’s A LOT that goes on in these books, it was never to the extent of feeling overwhelmed by it, and I found myself just racing through this series. Normally it would take me a few days to read a book the length of these ones, especially with their density and because of it being fantasy, but I absolutely raced through these. PLEASE GIVE ME THE NEXT ONE NOW!


  • INFO-DUMPING. In the beginning, it IS a little hard to get into. The first fifty pages of The Bone Season in particular are very dense and it introduces a lot of important details to the reader. Because it was also action-packed, I found myself getting confused in the beginning and questioning what was happening at times, having to flick back to previous pages to try and refresh my memory about some detail that was revisited later. However, once I made it past the first hundred pages, I was enthralled. Thankfully, this wasn’t an issue that arose in the next two books because we were already equipped with the knowledge and ready to take on the world with Paige.
  • It should also be acknowledged that it can be interpreted for this series to romanticise slavery, so please be careful if you decide to pick up these books and I advise seeking out more articles if you’re concerned about how this is portrayed.

Ultimately, this series just keeps getting better and better. I absolutely love the world that has been created and the narrative is exceptionally gripping. If you’re a fan of fantasy and aren’t afraid to take on one that’s a little dense at times, I highly recommend picking up The Bone Season! This fast-paced, thrilling series should definitely be on your TBR.


4 Stars

Let's Talk

Have you read this series yet? Do you read a lot of fantasy? What’s your favourite fantasy series? I’m looking to read more books from this genre, so your recommendations are appreciated! Let me know down below!

Thanks to Bloomsbury Australia for providing me with a copy of The Song Rising in exchange for an honest review!

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14 thoughts on “Why THE BONE SEASON should be on your TBR

  1. Great review Sarah and thank you for mentioning the problems as well as best bits! This series is well up on my tbr, I think I’m going to start the audio for it today XD

  2. Ooo, I love this post! It’s always fabulous to see someone convincing me to read a certain book, haha.
    That explains why I’ve seen some really negative reviews about this book- do you feel that it romanticizes slavery, or is that just a common opinion???

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