Why did I buy that?

We’ve all done it at some point or another. It’s that compound-adjective that strikes fear into some readers, while leaving others to baffle why anyone would commit such an ammeter mistake.


And I know, it’s okay to buy some books on a whim if they’re by authors you like or if they just generally look cool. But that’s not really what I’m going to be discussing today.

So these are the books that I bought and I knew I shouldn’t have wasted my money on. They’ve just been collecting dust on my shelves ever since I got them.

My current bookshelf setup, with my TBR pile being protected by a fat panda 😆

“Too Thick to Read”


Five Novels by Charles Dickens – The Deluxe Edition

I mean, it’s a very gorgeous book. Its a hardcover and its thick and it makes me look a lot smarter that I actually am as it sits on my shelf. However, the pages are incredibly thin and I’m terrified I’d rip them. AND HOW ARE YOU EVEN MEANT TO READ A BOOK THAT BIG? Pretty, but unreadable.

“I Didn’t Even Care How This Series Continued”


Girl Online – On Tour by Zoe Sugg

I read the first book when it came out because I quite liked Zoella as a YouTuber and I was interested in seeing what her book was like. I quite enjoyed it, but then there was all that controversy around it being ghost-written and I told myself I wouldn’t be buying the next book. But here we are, $25 later and with this sitting on my shelf… Like it has been for the past year. I just can’t see myself reading this one anytime soon, to be honest.

“I Could Have Saved Half My Money”


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling – Illustrated Edition

Unlike the other book perviously mentioned, I actually have read this one, but I wanted to mention it for a slightly different reason. When I heard Harry Potter was being released in illustrated editions, I immediately preordered a copy from my local bookstore. For $70. I DIDN’T REALISE IT WOULD BE CHEAPER ELSEWHERE. I mean, I did get it on the day it was released, but I would have preferred to wait a few days for shipping and buy it online for half the price.

“I Didn’t Even Like Twilight”


Life and Death by Stephanie Meyer

After reading, and not really enjoying, Twilight, I didn’t really follow Stephanie Meyer or hear about what she was writing next. But when one of my favourite Booktubers screamed about this book in excitement, I knew I had to go and buy a copy and see what all the fuss was about. So I bought my copy – for $40 – and only got about 70 pages in before I got bored. AND THEN IT WAS REDUCED TO $10 AT A DIFFERENT STORE A MONTH LATER. Why do I always spend unnecessary amounts of money on books I don’t even need?

“I Shouldn’t Have Wasted My Money”


Humans of New York and Humans of New York Stories by Brandon Stanton

I never really followed the Humans of New York movement until the first book (the one on the left) was released. I’d heard amazing things about this guy’s photo-journalism, but I’d never had the chance to look it up. So when I saw the Humans of New York book in the store, I decided to buy a copy. For $40. And it’s a very lovely book and I love looking at the pictures, but then I decided to buy the additional Stories one. For another $40. I mean, THESE ARE THINGS I COULD LOOK AT FOR FREE ONLINE. And how many times have I looked at the books? Maybe twice.

“I Could Have Looked These Up”


Wit, Wisdom and Timey-Wimey Stuff – The Quotable Doctor Who, by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

This book is exactly what it says in the title – it’s a book of quotes from Doctor Who. I mean, it is my favourite show, but did I really need to spend $30 in getting the quotes all pretty on paper and in hardback? Probably not. I’ve looked at this book once, and that was when I was leaving the store. I think I just bought it to have a cool reference for Instagram captions.

My friend’s glorious bookshelf – WITH A SLIDING LADDER 😍

Let's Talk

Well those are all of the books I regret buying! Do you have any books just sitting on your shelf and you feel like you shouldn’t have bought? Have you ever wasted money on a book only to see it being sold a lot cheaper elsewhere? Or are you someone who reads every book on their shelf? I’d love to know!


42 thoughts on “Why did I buy that?

  1. I feel sorry for you. I know how it feel, especially when you knew there are something cheaper in another store/online book store. I am type persons who did not really affect by hype. I have learned my lessons. If book got hype so much, I usually wait and read several review from my fav blogger. Or I wait until I can read the first chapter on google books then decide whether I like the book to buy it. In my case, books that I regret to buy are usually they are books that on garage sale/discount. I am only slightly interesed by these book but since the price is cheaper, I can not resist the temptation and few months later I regret buying them since I seldom touch them. It only made my TBR larger. Thanks for sharing Sara! It is interesting article. Made me want to post something like this someday 🙂

    • Haha exactly! It’s really frustrating to see it cheaper elsewhere. And it’s probably really smart to wait a while to see the reviews of over-hyped books! But I’m the same – I can never resist a bargain, but usually the ones I pick up second hand are ones I’ve heard of before but haven’t got around to buying or didn’t want to pay full price.

      And thanks, I’m so pleased you liked my post! If you make a post like this one, make sure you send me the link! I’d love to see which books you regret buying 😂💕

  2. I feel you girl! I have been there many times myself it is like some book buying spell is cast over us and we just HAVE TO buy unnecessary books. I hope one day we can call overcome this spell and save our precious TBR’s.

  3. When I read the Da Vinci Code and seen the film I had a fascination with the history of the holy grail. I even bought a book on it, 5 years later and I have only read 1 chapter and is on my shelf collecting dust…

  4. That sliding ladder though! I really, really loved this post Sarah! I don’t think I’ve seen one of these before and it’s really awesome! Also, that fat panda is EVERYTHING!!

  5. This post is basically my life 😂 it’s so frustrating when you pay a heap of money for something, but then see it cheaper elsewhere. There’s so many books on my shelves that I honestly don’t even know why I bought them… but it still doesn’t stop me from buying more. 🙈

  6. My biggest peeve is when I buy a whole book series and end up DNFing the first book, leaving the rest untouched. It especially sucks because they are eBooks so it’s not like I can donate them or sell them to somewhat offset the cost. I just hate leaving things unread 😦

    • That really sucks! I’ve never bought a whole series at the same time just in case I don’t like the first book. But that does mean I have a lot of the first books in the series sitting on my shelves, yet to be read! And the only eBooks I download are the very cheap or free ones because I’d prefer to read a hardcopy if possible, but yes, it’s definitely good to know I can always sell or donate the ones I don’t read 💕

  7. Oh my gosh $70 for the illustrated HP?!? You are one devoted potterhead haha.
    I only own about 100 books and they’re all ones that I like/love. I don’t ever keep books I dislike, and I only buy a few books a month, so my TBR isn’t too big. (Plus I have no money XD) I regret getting so many books from Barnes and Nobles though, their prices are through the roof!

    • HAHA I’m just a really bad shopper, to be honest! I could have found it so much cheaper elsewhere 🙈

      You’re really smart! I should start donating the ones I don’t like, but they just look so pretty on my shelf, ya know? 😂

      And I LOVE Barnes and Nobles! We don’t have them in Australia so when I went to New York a couple of years ago, I bought SO MANY BOOKS because they’re hardcover and gorgeous. But that meant I had to buy another suitcase to put all my books in. OOPS. 😂💜

  8. I thank you that none of my books are on the ‘regretful purchase’ list. I don’t ever mind buying the book, but I hate getting rid of them, and as I get older (not much, just a little), the bookshelves are taking over the accommodation needs. True. We bought a 4-bedder so three of them can take the books (full libraries, roomed by topic, even) – be warned! Books are addictive, but on the pro side, you always have something wonderful and enlightening and joyous to leave your children/grandies, friends, etc.

    • Haha! That’s true! Parting with my books is especially hard, even if I know I won’t read them again (or at all!). But there’s also something really rewarding about donating them or trading them with other book lovers 😇 And agreed! Books are addictive and collecting them is my obsession 🙈

  9. I totally agree! So many books I didn’t even need to buy 😦 But at the same time…they make our shelves look very impressive, right? 😛
    Also, I’ve been trawling through your blog – absolutely love it – but do you have a Bloglovin page by any chance, for me to follow you through? I can’t seem to find a trace of one 😦

  10. AHHHH THE PAINS when the excitement of a book just slowly sinks down and then you’re left with regret because YOU COULD OF BOUGHT ANOTHER BOOK WITH THIS. Also, that price decreasing thing? IT BURNS THE HEART IN MY CHEST. All those thoughts aside, I really love this post!

  11. After moving house 3 times in 3 years with hundreds of books in tow my ‘regret’ pile is almost gone now. It’s too hard to pack & repack things I feel guilty about 😂 So they get donated! A lot of mine were impulse purchases of obscure novels from my uni co-op bookstore, because I had a membership card that gave me extra 10% off when they had a sale (which seemed to be always). I graduated 4 years ago and many were still unread, so they had to go.

  12. I used to have this problem when I was buying books! But since I had to switch to reading ebooks (As I moved overseas and have no room for physical books), I’ve stopped that. I guess since it doesn’t matter if the book looks pretty or not on my ereader…

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