The Cursed Child – fangirl review

Don’t worry – NO SPOILERS!

Let me begin by saying that this isn’t going to be like my normal reviews. This is a ‘fangirl review‘ – which basically means I love this book so much and not enough time has passed for me to be able to sit down and evaluate it with a clear head, so I’m just going to screech and throw gifs at you. Though, I’m not sure if there will EVER some a time where I can sit down and properly evaluate The Cursed Child because IT’S HARRY POTTER. NOTHING ABOUT THIS CAN BE CALM.

So it’s been about five hours since I’ve turned the last page of this beautiful book, and I’ve already started rereading it. Yes. I know. I’m obsessed. But I wasn’t ALWAYS this obsessed. Let me explain.

Because I’m only in my late teens, the first few of the Harry Potter books were released when I was quite young. It was 2001 when the first movie was released – I know. I KNOW! That sounds like an eternity ago, but it feels like it was only yesterday. So I watched the movies before I got around to reading the books simply because I don’t think I could even HOLD a book as thick as Harry Potter when I was that age. But needless to say, even just the movies formed a major part of my childhood. I’ve watched them all countless times and can quote them pretty much word-for-word.

It was only a few years ago that I actually sat down and read Harry Potter and so I wasn’t one of those rabid fans that slept outside the bookshop waiting for the next book to be released. When I heard about The Cursed Child, I was excited, but not to the point where those around me would literally fear that I would hyperventilate and die. But then the hype came along – as with any good book. Even up until a few days ago, I wasn’t that fussed about getting my hands on a copy straight away. Like, I knew it was something I’d buy and get around to reading soon, but I wasn’t DESPERATE.

But then, the hype became unbearable. Instead of wearing me down, it built me up. I told my mum that she had to drive me to the bookstore at 8am today so I could get my hands on a copy, and I proclaimed to the whole of Twitter my excitement. It was getting real.

My journey that The Cursed Child took me on, in gifs:

Driving to the bookshop and remembering how much I actually love Harry Potter and how much I’ve missed being in that magical world.
Turning up to the store and seeing a line of about 100 people outside its closed doors and FREAKING OUT BECAUSE WHAT IF I DIDN’T GET A COPY?!
Actually preparing myself to make a sprint for it and get to the front of the line. I mean, that’s my right, isn’t it? Hogwarts is my home and Harry, Ron and Hermione are my family. I HAD to be reunited with them.
FINALLY GETTING MY HANDS ON A COPY! There were about 50 boxes there, so I’m not too sure why I was so worried!
Reading the first few pages as I waited in line to pay because I COULDN’T WAIT UNTIL I GOT HOME!
Sitting down to actually read it. Getting introduced to new characters and seeing much-loved ones back again. Feeling all the feels, but mostly being in awe of how amazing it was.

I hadn’t read many scripts in my life before, but I found it so easy to follow and understand. I was a little worried that the action might get lost in the stage directions or something, but the vast majority is dialogue so it felt quite fast-paced. After a while, I couldn’t even tell I was reading a script. I was just transported into that extraordinary world once again and for a few hours, all the magic was real again.

The only thing I DIDN’T like about The Cursed Child was how short it felt! It wasn’t actually short, but it really felt that way because of how engrossed I was in the narrative. I only wish there were more on their way! I could probably cope with my emotions a little bit better if I knew we were going to be seeing more of these wonderful characters in a few months time. But now, all I can do is hope. And wait.

I’m going to refrain from saying any more until more people have had the chance to read it because I don’t want to spoil anyone, but honestly, I think this is the best thing I’ve read all year. I went from someone who wasn’t that fussed about reading it to a mad fangirl who devoured it in one go! And there’s nothing wrong with being a mad fangirl sometimes.

Keep an eye out for my full review – coming soon!

Through reading The Cursed Child, I’ve fallen in love with Harry Potter once again.

Let's Talk

Have you had the chance to read The Cursed Child yet? Are you a massive Harry Potter fan? Do you have any crazy stories about getting your hands on a copy of this book? Was it what you were expecting? Do you know if J.K. Rowling has got anything else planned? Let’s talk about all things Harry Potter!

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9 thoughts on “The Cursed Child – fangirl review

  1. I actually thought that the script layout made it such a quick read.. I also finished it in a couple of hours and now I am an emotional mess of tears and feels. I don’t think I can handle rereading it straight away.. Maybe in a couple of days time! But I’m so glad you loved it too and the photography skills wow I’m blown away! X -M

    • Aww thanks! Maybe it was a quicker read than usual – I wasn’t really paying attention to the time, to be honest! Haha I was an emotional wreck at the end of it too. Enjoy rereading it in a couple of days! 💜

  2. AHH SO GLAD YOU LOVED THIS BOOK. I did the dumbest thing ever and didn’t get it yesterday at Big W with Aentee while I should’ve – I thought my BF pre-ordered a copy but it turns out he didn’t, and when I returned a bit later they had all SOLD OUT. D:

    My stupidity aside, I’m super glad to see that you loved it! I’m a bit skeptical about the script format as well but I thought it might make for a nice change, which from your review, sounds like it did! Now it’s just a question of how to see the actual play…

    • NO! That’s awful! I really hope you’re able to get a copy today, or if not, sometime soon. I know you’ll love it!

      Yes, I was a bit the same. I was unsure what that format would read like, but it turned out to be really interesting and engaging. Definitely a nice change!

      And I KNOW! I’m already trying to work out if I can get to London anytime soon, or if I can somehow bribe someone of importance to bring it to Australia! I NEED TO SEE IT PERFORMED!

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