The Last Place – book review

The Last Place

The Last Place is the thrilling final instalment in The Last series, written by Michael Adams.

Danby is desperately fighting to save the last of humanity. But with Jack’s sinister influence more powerful than ever, Danby fears that all hope for freeing his minions – and her little brother – is lost. It seems that the only way to survive is to escape.

With her own sanity at risk, Danby is willing to do anything to stay alive and save those she loves. In order to do this, Danby must adopt a warrior code, but the price is high. In this final explosive instalment, Danby will forced to save who she is able to, even if it means abandoning hope for her last remaining family.


I was so excited to read The Last Place and I was even more exited to see that it surpassed my expectations. I fell in love with this series from the very first page of the first book, The Last Girl, and I was very pleased to see that I remained as enthralled and as eager to read it as that first book. I found this series very intriguing. As it’s set in Australia, that is something that sets this book apart from a lot of other YA books, let alone dystopias. I loved the setting, the characters were complex and enjoyable to spend time with and the plot was one that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Let me start off by saying that this book is told from past and present point of views. As I started reading that, I was initially confused as to what was going on. I didn’t understand what was happening and why the chapters seemed so jumpy. But as this progressed, I soon figured out what was going on and how this made a big impact on the story. It was pleasantly surprising to see that I quite enjoyed the past/present chapters. Although, this book would have benefited from having the chapters labeled accordingly to avoid confusion in the beginning. I would have liked to know whether I was reading from the past or from the present to avoid this confusion all together because at times I felt as though I spent more time wondering where I was reading from instead of concentrating on the plot and thinking about what might happen. However, I did really enjoy reading from the alternating chapters and felt that they really made this book unique and all the more interesting.

I’ve loved seeing Danby’s character development between The Last Girl and now. How much she had changed is astounding. At first, she was somewhat shy and seemed very gentle, but as the series progressed, she changed into a brave and even sometimes brutal character who is willing to do anything to make the world right again. In this book, she also experienced some times where she was severely affected by her past actions even to the point that it made her unable to think rationally. It was definitely very interesting to read these parts because it would be expected that any person who had done and seen the things that Danby had, that they would be scared in some way and wouldn’t be the same person after as they were before. Seeing her affected like this and seeing her break down made her really relatable because it’s unrealistic to expect that anyone can remain brave and selfless and resilient during such devastating and destructive times.

Travelling with Danby around the areas of Sydney and the Blue Mountains was again amazing to experience. Often I feel either slightly disconnected from the plot or kind of anxious when the main character is on their own for a while, but I really enjoyed it in this book. I liked exploring these areas with Danby because they were so well described and I really felt like I was there. These places also had meaning in the plot and nothing that happened seemed like just something to add pages. The pacing in this book was also really well done, as was the pacing in the two previous books. There was that perfect mix between action and quiet moments that made me feel like I didn’t want to put this book down, while also managing to keep me from feeling as though it was tiring to read this book.

This was one fast-paced thriller of a book. There were a lot of deaths and a lot of killing, so if you don’t think you could handle that, then I recommend just brushing over those parts because they do get a little graphic in parts. In saying that, the descriptions were amazing just because of how real it seemed. It was like I was experiencing everything Danby was experiencing, every sound, smell, taste and sight. To have this series come to an end after three spectacular books is disappointing, but I’m very happy with how everything turned out and I’m looking forward to seeing what the author writes next. I’d give The Last Place by Michael Adams a score of 9 out of 10. I definitely recommend getting into this series if you haven’t already!

Thank you to Allen & Unwin Australia for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review.

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