As White as Snow – book review

As White As Snow
As White As Snow is the second alluring and captivating book following As Red As Blood, written by Salla Simukka.

It’s been over three months since Lumikki Anderson was left for dead in the snow with a bullet wound in her thigh and frostbite creeping into her skin. The scorching hot streets of Prague in the summer are a welcome change to that terrifying time and now Lumikki just wants to move on and forget the events of the past year. She desperately wants to be free of the Polar Bear’s crime ring and her parent’s oppressive concern. Now she’s alone again – just how she likes it.

But Lumikki’s peace is about to be destroyed. When she is approached on the street by a nervous young woman claiming she might be Lumikki’s long-lost sister, Lumikki’s world again changes forever. Lumikki is initially unconvinced, but Lenka’s story seems horrifyingly true. However, Lumikki can’t shake her suspicious and apprehensive thoughts.

It turns out that Lumikki was right to be wary of Lenka, because she is a part of a dangerous religious cult who believe they are descendants of Christ, Lumikki included, and they must all be ‘martyred’. Lumikki finds herself on the run and she must once again draw on all her strength if she is going to survive.


I really enjoyed reading As White As Snow. I felt like this book was really different from the first book in this series, As Red As Blood. I was surprised to find that this book has nearly nothing to do with the first book. I was expecting the story to lead on directly from the last one, but after the first chapter, everything that happened in the last book seemed irrelevant. We were tossed into the world of Lumikki with a whole new set of problems that needed solving. I also expected this book to tell me a lot more about Lumikki’s past, which it didn’t really do. I learnt a little more about her boyfriend that she had and bit more about why she was the way she was, but I still would have liked more about her family and her background. I would have liked more character development in this book, and perhaps some more links to the precious book.

This book begins as Lumikki goes to Prague in order to try and forget about what happened to her before and move on with her life. I would have liked to have seen more connections to the previous book and just to have it mentioned a little more, but I kind of felt like the previous book played no part in this one. While the new story was refreshing and interesting, I would have liked this series to follow a vague storyline throughout all the books. It could have been cool for these books to all be entwined in some way, but I think we still have a book or two or more before this series ends, so I’m hoping for that to happen. Crossing my fingers!

One thing that I liked about this book was the plot. Although it wasn’t related to the first book in any ways that I saw, it was still very interesting. I liked getting to know Lenka. I felt as though she made the story as exciting as it was. I never really knew if I could trust her or not, but I desperately wanted to. She was such an intriguing character and I loved the interactions between her and Lumikki. I think the inclusion of Lenka was the thing I liked most about this book. She had an air of mystery and suspicion about her and I liked speculating who she really was and how she was related to Lumikki. I liked seeing how different their lives where and now how different their lives had become because of meeting one another. I also liked how meeting Lenka forced Lumikki to tell us more about her past. Although her past isn’t fully explored in this book and I still don’t have a firm grip on who she really is just yet, I like that. It makes me want to continue to read this series to see how things end up for Lumikki.

I felt like most of the characters in this book could have been fleshed out a bit more. I wanted to feel like I really understood them and therefore could connect with them, but I just didn’t. If I had felt more connected to the characters, I would have been scared for them and feared what could possibly happen to them. The only characters I felt for were Lumikki and Lenka, and I must admit, I did shed a tear or two in the end for them. I was surprised that a book of this short length could get me care about Lenka, and of course, I managed to feel even more connected to Lumikki in this book.

At times, I did feel a little disconnected to the story. Reading the parts of the book that didn’t follow Lumikki were a little confusing. However, it did make this book even more mysterious. I liked the thriller aspects of this book and it places, it really made my heart pound. It would have been great to have more in this book – more plot, more character development, just more. It felt a little on the short side to me simply because I really liked this story once I got into it and I didn’t want it to end so quickly. Because of the fast pace, this book could easily be devoured in one sitting.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I’m really looking forward to reading the next book in this series. I can’t wait to learn even more about Lumikki and her past and see what enthralling plot is in stall for us next. I’d give As White As Snow Salla Simukka a score of 7.5 out of 10. I recommend this series to anyone looking for a quick and thrilling read! Has anyone read this series yet? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you to Hot Key Books Australia for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review!

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