This Shattered World – book review

This Shattered World

This Shattered World is the second thrilling book in The Starbound Trilogy, written by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.

Jubilee Chase and Flynn Cormac should never have met. But they did. And now their lives will never be the same because of it…

Lee is the highly intelligent and incredibly skilful captain of the forces sent to Avon to crush the terraformed planet’s rebellious colonists. However, she has her own reasons for wanting the insurgents dead.

Flynn has good reasons for leading the rebellion on Avon. The terraforming corporations made their fortunes by recruiting colonists to make the planet habitable with the promise of a better life for their children, however the colonists live in poverty and are not getting what they had been promised.

Flynn is desperate to get any advantage he can in this brutal war. So when he and Lee cross paths, he does the only thing that makes some sort of sense at the time. He takes her back to his base as prisoner. But when his fellow rebels plan to execute this tough-talking girl with nerves of steel, he makes another decision that will change him forever. He and Lee escape the rebel base together and find themselves caught between the two opposing sides of an unrelenting war.


I really enjoyed reading This Shattered World, however I was slightly disappointed to open it and realise we weren’t going to be focussing on Lilac and Tarver anymore. I loved Lilac and Tarver’s story and was desperate for more. Even though they didn’t seem to be in this book, I had hope that all the books in this series would be linked in some way. I was very happy when I found out that these books are in fact linked, and I like the way this is done.

From the very first page, this book was alluring and pulled me into the different world. One of the things I loved most about These Broken Stars was the world-building; I felt like this was done exceptionally well and I could clearly imagine the world the characters lived in. Keeping up with the high standards set in the first book, This Shattered World also had amazing world-building. It was easy to imagine the planet these characters lived on and everything was extremely well described, but never in a boring way. The descriptions were magical and fit in perfectly with the storyline. They were never too heavy or made the story feel clunky. The whole book flowed very smoothly and I found the pacing perfect. There was the perfect balance of action and subtle tension, making it irresistible and impossible to put down.

I loved getting to know the characters in this book. Initially, I didn’t feel very sympathetic towards either Jubilee or Flynn and I couldn’t really connect with them. It took me a while to discover what their aims where and why they were acting the way they were, however this created a sense of mystery and kept me intrigued. I think it was the lack of clarification and back-story in the beginning that made me feel a little distant from the characters. But then again, it isn’t fun to read a whole lot of history from the very first page, which can be quite boring if it isn’t told well. However, the back-story in this book was all very interesting to read about and there isn’t an overload of information. The information was sprinkled delicately and precisely across the whole book. This Shattered World was really addictive and left me satisfied.

As the book progressed, I came to understand both Jubilee and Flynn and I really connected with them. By the end of the book, I was wishing nothing bad would happen to them and that they’d both survive until the end. Whenever they were in a bad situation, my heart would race and I’d be crossing my fingers that they’ve be okay. I love books that make me feel this emotionally invested in characters. I loved watching the relationship between Jubilee and Flynn change and grow. Although I could guess where their relationship was going to go, from reading the first book which had similar romance in it, that didn’t make watching their relationship bloom any less exciting. I loved how Flynn was introduced and how I couldn’t fully trust him at first. Flynn was a very swoon-worthy character and the interaction between him and Jubilee was often unpredictable. This made everything more exciting. I’m guessing that in each of the books in this series, there’s going to be a forbidden star-crossed romance. However clichéd that might sound, the relationship between Flynn and Jubilee never seemed forced or faked and I loved reading every second of it.

Another thing I loved about this book was the plot. I completely loved the idea of these war-torn worlds and how the rebels and the people patriotic to those in charge have to reconcile. There was again an element of the supernatural, which was really intriguing. I loved the idea of the Fury and how some things that were seen suddenly seemed to disappear into thin air. I also loved how the story of LaRoax was intertwined into this book. There were connections made and the reappearance of some much-loved characters from the previous book.

Overall, I completely loved reading This Shattered World. If you’ve read These Broken Stars, I definitely recommend picking up its sequel! This book would suit everyone looking for a futuristic, interstellar book with a supernatural twist! It also kind of reminded me of the Legend series by Marie Lu, so fans of that should definitely give this a go! I’d give This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner a score of 9 out of 10. I’m already looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

Thank you to Allen & Unwin Australia for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review!

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