When We Wake – book review

When We Wake

When We Wake is the fascinating and thrilling book, written by Karen Healey.

The year is 2027, and Tegan is enjoying her life. She loves to play the guitar, has great friends, is falling in love for the first time, and is about to attend a rally to protest about the wrongs of the world. Just when Tegan is at her happiest, her life shatters.

When Tegan wakes, she finds herself inside a government facility. She has no idea what happened and why she is here. And that isn’t the most shocking fact. Tegan soon learns that the year is 2128. She’s been cryogenically frozen and now has a second chance at life.

The world outside the facility is a very different place to where Tegan once lived. All alone, Tegan doesn’t know who to turn to for support. But when dark secrets are revealed, Tegan doesn’t know whether to not say anything and live, or fight for a better world.

I really liked reading this book. I hadn’t heard much about this book before, but the idea of the story intrigued me. I was engaged from the very beginning and I always wanted to know what was going to happen. Because I was so interested in this book, I swallowed this book whole in just one day, still wanting more.
The first chapter is when Tegan goes along to a rally with her friends. I learnt a lot about her and the type of world she lived in, even from that one chapter. I learnt that Tegan enjoyed good music, supported good causes, and lived a good life. Sooner than I expected, something shocking happened to Tegan. The next time she awoke she was in a bed in a government facility, surrounded by people she didn’t know… and the year was over a hundred years from when she had gone to the rally. I loved the beginning of this book. It grabbed me and didn’t let me go until I had turned the last page of the book.
The plot in this story was really impressive. Firstly, the future seemed really startling. I was shocked to see what Australia was like and I saw everything that went wrong. This was a major part of the story and I felt that every small detail about Australia in the future was amazingly thought through. The idea of cryogenically freezing people was really cool. Although I would have liked to know more about how they froze people and how Tegan miraculously woke up, unlike everyone else that has been frozen, I guess it was intriguing to leave it as mostly a mystery.
I liked the characters in this book. I really liked Tegan, the main character. She was a likable character and was determined to never stop asking questions. I enjoyed being inside Tegan’s head the whole time and seeing her try to use basic everyday items in the future that actually the now. It was also funny to hear some of the slang that people used in the year 2128 and how Tegan made an effort to learn it and use it. I loved seeing Tegan try to cope with what has happened and move forward with her life. I admired her bravery and courage in speaking up for what she believes is right. Marie, the person who was mainly responsible for Tegan, cared for Tegan like she was her own daughter. I loved Marie’s personality and how she tried her best to make Tegan’s life happy.
The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the amount of characters. It felt like there were so many characters in the story and I often found myself wondering which person was which. Some important moments were made less spectacular because I forgot what each person’s association to Tegan was. I’m going to read this book again and hopefully have a better grasp on the characters because I already know the storyline.
When We Wake was suspenseful, dramatic and had a fascinating concept.  I really enjoyed reading When We Wake by Karen Healey and I’d give it a score of 8.5 out of 10. I can’t wait to read the second book when it comes out!

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