Eve – book review

Eve by Anna Carey

Alluring, enthralling and beautifully written… Eve is the stunning first book in its series, written by Anna Carey.

The year is 2032. The world is struggling to rebuild after a deadly plague wiped out almost all of the population. After seeing her loved ones die of the plague, Eve is taken into the care of an all-girls school. The School protects its students from the dangers and chaos of the world outside its fences. But on the night before Eve’s graduation, she begins to wonder what life is like for the graduates. No one from the School has ever seen a graduate. Eve starts to think that the graduates aren’t pursuing their dreams like all the teachers say… What Eve finds shocks her to the core.

Horrified by what she has found, Eve escapes the School and starts searching for a place called Califia: a place where she can be truly safe. But having lived inside the confines of the School for so long, Eve doesn’t know how to survive in the wild. The teachers in the School tell students of the savage men in the wild who should be feared and avoided at all costs. When Caleb, a rough, rebellious boy saves Eve, she begins to think maybe everything the teachers told her was a lie. Caleb tells her she can trust him, but can she really? Slowly, Caleb begins to win Eve’s trust… and her heart. But soldiers are closing in on Eve and she must make a choice: to choose between love and her life.

I loved reading Eve. The first thing that drew me in about this book was its cover. It made me hope this book would be just as beautiful as the cover, and I wasn’t disappointed. The thing I loved most about this book was how well written it was. Every sentence seemed to flow smoothly and every word is used to its advantage. This book had a lot of emotional impact on me. The way most of the paragraphs were written was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.
For the most part, the characters were just as beautiful. Eve, although she didn’t stand out to me as being really smart or brave, was a good character. Although she has her faults and makes mistakes, I really liked that because it shows she human. She’d learn from those mistakes and carry on the best she could. She was determined and I loved how she’d never give in. The only thing that wasn’t as good about Eve was her transition from being the straight-A student to falling in love with a guy from the wild. Eve has been taught to fear men practically her whole life and those lessons don’t just disappear in a week or two. Although she was very hesitant to trust Caleb in the beginning, I felt like she was a bit too quick to realise she loved him. Caleb was a very likable character who I loved spending time with. He was sweet and caring most of the time and although he too had his flaws, he was a genuinely good person. However, my favourite character from the book was definitely Arden. Arden went to School with Eve, but they weren’t at all friends. Arden escaped from the School as well and was living in the wild when she again met Eve. These two girls are incredibly different in the beginning, but throughout the novel they find out that they’re more alike then they could have imagined. I loved seeing them become closer right through the book.
This book was a stunning book about love, loss and moving onwards to live your life. I loved the storyline of this book and it was a really powerful read. I never was a boring moment and I found myself devouring this book and craving more. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and I hope it’s just as wonderful as this book was. I loved reading Eve by Anna Carey and I’d give it a score of 8.5 out of 10. I highly recommend reading this book!

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