Slated – book review

Slated by Teri Terry

Captivating, thrilling and thought-provoking… Slated is the first book in its series, written by Teri Terry.

Kyla’s memory has been wiped. She can’t remember anything about her past. Over fifteen years of memories have been erased. She’s been Slated.

Threatened by people who disagree with their actions, the government has come up with a solution to give these criminals and terrorists a second chance. It’s called Slating. Anyone under the age of 16 can be Slated. It’s a second chance, they say. A new beginning. But Kyla doesn’t agree. Echoes of her past haunt Kyla and it seems things are more sinister than she could have ever imagined. While Kyla struggles to fit in and find out who she really is again, she knows people are lying to her. But with all her memories gone, who can she really trust as she hunts for the truth?


I loved reading Slated. It was an unbelievably thrilling novel with plot-twists from start to finish. I was grabbed from the very first page. I managed to finish this 439-page book in just one day because of how gripping it was. I found the idea of the story really interesting. Imagine living in a world where children and teenagers could be snatched away and have their memories wiped without any consent. These children were labelled as criminals and terrorists, and yet they can’t even remember what they did wrong. They are then treated like lesser beings. To punish them even more, they have to wear a band on their wrist called a Levo.

The Levo is connected to a chip implanted in the Slated’s brain and monitors the emotional level of the Slated. If the Slated is too upset or angry, their levels on the Levo will drop. If the levels get to three, the Slated blacks out. If the levels get to two, the Slated will start having seizures and will probably die. To make matters even worse, the Levos can’t be removed until the Slated turns 21. This was a really interesting and creepy aspect of the book, and an aspect that I loved. It really showed how much control the government has over you if you were a Slated.

I really loved Kyla. She was determined right from the very beginning to question what is not meant to be questioned, to say things that weren’t what a “good little Slated” would say. It was really interesting to be inside Kyla’s head and know what she was thinking. I liked how she had to relearn some of the simple things, like opening the car door. I also really liked Kyla’s foster sister, Amy. Amy is a Slated, like Kyla. However, she doesn’t question things like Kyla does. The fact that Amy and Kyla’s foster parents were constantly swapping sides made me wonder where their loyalties truly lied and I felt like I didn’t know who to trust.

Another character I loved was Ben. He was really sweet and fun to be around. The more Kyla spent time with him, the more different he became. He was braver towards the end and willing to do anything to break free of the government’s watchful eye and strong hold on his life. I loved his courage, yet I was scared that he’d make a wrong move and be taken from me. Although I loved Kyla and Ben together, I would have liked more of a spark between them.

I really liked the ending of the book. I honestly couldn’t believe what happened in the end… Now I really need to read the next book! I loved reading Slated by Teri Terry and I’d give it a score of 8.5 out of 10. If you haven’t already read Slated, add it to your list!

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