Of Triton – book review

Of Triton book

Of Triton is the sequel to Of Poseidon, written by Anna Banks.

Emma has just found out that her mother is the long-lost Poseidon princess. But Emma isn’t a Syrena or a human. She’s a Half-Breed. Emma is considered a freak in the human world and an abomination in the Syrena realm below. Wherever she goes, she will be unwanted. But worse than that: in the Syrena world, the law states that Half-Breeds should be killed. With her mother a Syrena and her human father dead, Emma doesn’t know what to do.

When Emma’s mother shows up in the Syrena world below, the two kingdoms – Poseidon and Triton – turn against each other. Emma has to make a choice. Should she listen to Galen and wait on land where she’s safe? Or should she risk everything and reveal herself, along with her Gift, in order to save people she’s never known? Emma has a decision to make… and time is running out.

After loving reading Of Poseidon, I felt a little let down reading Of Triton. I had high hopes for Of Triton and I didn’t get what I wished for. Firstly, the story didn’t seem to grab me like the previous book did. I was interested in the beginning, but after a few pages, that fascination wore out. There wasn’t anything that really kept me reading this book, however I felt like I had to read it to see what happened in the end. But after reading all of it, I felt like I wouldn’t have minded if I had put it down. Most of the book was dull and unexciting and I wouldn’t have missed much if I’d stopped reading it. The humour that I loved so much in Of Poseidon was no longer there. The witty conversations between Galen and Emma were lacking. I also felt like there wasn’t enough “world building” for the Syrena world at the bottom of the ocean. I kind of had a vague idea of what this place was like, but I wanted a clearer picture. I think this book had too much about the rules of the Syrena regarding certain “Gifts” and “Half-Breeds”. Of Poseidon left me with lots of questions at the end, but I feel like Of Triton went into so much detail trying to answer these questions that I got a bit lost along the way. So many things were happening at once, but I didn’t feel connected to the story because of the overload of information. I liked reading the chapters from Emma’s point of view more than Galen’s chapters because it was easier to follow. Emma’s chapters were fun to read; yet I felt like I was trudging through waist-deep mud in Galen’s chapters. Galen’s chapters weren’t enjoyable to read and I think it’s because he’s not with Emma most of the time. I missed their funny conversations and I think Of Triton really needed that to keep me interested. I really don’t know what the next book will hold. I feel like there isn’t much more to tell about the Syrena world and I’ll be surprised if I end up finishing the next book. I didn’t really enjoy reading Of Triton by Anna Banks and I’d give it a score of 5 out of 10. If you’ve read Of Poseidon and want to read Of Triton, have low expectations; that way you won’t be as disappointed.

Thank you to Hardie Grant Egmont Australia for providing this book for me in exchange for an honest review!

One thought on “Of Triton – book review

  1. I had the same problem with the POVs in this book: I preferred Emma’s to Galen’s. His were very boring and I only liked Galen’s POV when he was with Emma. I’m interested in the next book, though, so hopefully, if Ms. Banks writes in a dual POV, she’ll make Galen’s more interesting.

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