The Fiery Heart – book review

The Fiery Heart book

The Fiery Heart is the forth unbelievably mind-blowing book in Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series.

Sydney has been torn between the Alchemist ways of life and doing what she feels is right for a while now. But the struggle is far from over for Sydney. Zoe, Sydney’s sister, has arrived and although Sydney wants to be closer to her sister, there are just so many things she has to keep secret.

Working with Marcus has changed the way Sydney views the Alchemists. Sydney is slowly becoming more certain that the life she is choosing to live now is the right one. But Sydney is still in danger of being exposed, and the threat of re-education hangs over her every decision.

Can Sydney and Adrian survive this chapter of their lives together? Will Sydney be able to escape the watchful eyes of the other Alchemists? Will the centre hold?

I absolutely loved this book! Like all the other books in this series, The Fiery Heart took me on a spellbinding journey that kept me reading non-stop from start to finish. I was so excited at the end of The Indigo Spell because it seemed like Sydney and Adrian were going to finally be able to be together without many problems. But then Sydney’s sister came along. Straight away, I knew Zoe was going to mess things up for everyone. Could anyone else see that? For sure, the thing I love most about this series are the scenes where Sydney and Adrian are interacting. Their relationship is really well written and I love them because they’re so perfect together. Sydney has really changed Adrian for the better. Now, Adrian is more in control and more mature. He’s still really funny and sexy and makes me swoon, but now he’s more in control of his life and is a more responsible person. Although I love the wild side of Adrian as well, this side of him is a more mature and the type of person Sydney is perfect with. I really liked the plot in this book. Heaps of my questions were answered, but I felt like not a lot more happened besides what needed to happen. We knew that Sydney would have to work on the tattoos that make people immune to turning Strigoi and that she’d learn to control her magic-wielding even more. But aside for that, and the incredibly heart-breaking ending, not much else happens. I thought forces would still be trying to pull Sydney and Adrian apart, but I felt like their relationship was too easy in this book. I kept expecting a Strigoi to jump out at them and ruin everything, or for something else to go wrong. Perhaps Neil could be someone different to who we thought her was. Right until the very end, Sydney and Adrian had it too easy. But then, the end changed everything. I still can’t fully comprehend that fact that that happened. It was all my worst fears coming true! How could that happen? Why do I have to wait another eight months to know how they’re going to get out of this mess? How could Richelle Mead do this? From the very start of this series, this was my biggest fear. I can’t believe it actually happened. This was one of the most heart-breaking endings I’ve ever read. I absolutely loved The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead and I’d give it a score of 9 out of 10. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!

2 thoughts on “The Fiery Heart – book review

  1. I loved the book it was so good! I’m confused on what the end meant when he understood “the centre will hold”. What’s that mean?

    • I love this book too! I can’t wait to read the next one in the series! I’m pretty sure the idea of ‘the center’ comes from the poem ‘The Second Coming’ by William Yeats. In the poem, it says ‘the centre cannot hold’. In this book, they talk about ‘centrum permanebit’ which is ‘the center will hold’ in latin. With Sydney and Adrian, when they talk about the center, they talk about how everything is going to be okay, because they are the center. I think it means that as long as they’re together, their love is unstoppable. When he understood ‘the center will hold’, I think he knew everything was going to be okay because their love will hold no matter what. Now that he had understood it, he believed it as well. I hope that answers your question!

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