Seventeen and Gone – book review

17 and Gone book

Seventeen and Gone is the hauntingly beautiful book by Nova Ren Suma.

17 year-old Lauren was just an ordinary girl. That is, until she picked up a Missing poster on the side of the road. Since that moment, Lauren’s life changed. She started seeing people who were missing. They would talk to her and would share their secrets with her. But that wasn’t the strangest thing. All the missing people were girls. And they were all 17 years old.

Lauren became determined to save all the 17 year-old missing girls that she frequently spoke to. Because she knew their stories, she felt responsible for saving them. All of them. Constantly listening to the voices of the missing girls, she set out to try and convince the police and the girls’ families that these girls weren’t just runaways. These girls were in danger, and definitely wanted to come back.

But anyone could be next. A long list of victims, all girls and all 17 years old, Lauren feared for herself. Would she be next? Could she save the missing girls before time ran out?

Seventeen and Gone was a book unlike any book I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed reading it. The first page really drew me in. I was curious to see what was going to happen with the missing girls and I wanted to know more about them. As the book progressed, I began to wonder what was so important about finding these missing girls anyway. I was reading a lot about the missing girls, however I hardly knew anything about Lauren, the main character. I felt like I was learning too much about the missing girls and not enough about Lauren. I really wanted to know more about Lauren because she seemed interesting, but I didn’t really feel connected to her yet. In the first half of the book, I didn’t feel at all connected to Lauren as we read more about other things than her. I couldn’t get a clear picture of her like I wanted. Even if I just knew little things about her I’d be happy. Sure, I found out about her boyfriend, but that didn’t really tell me anything about the real Lauren. All I knew was that Lauren was determined to help these girls, but she didn’t really seem unique to me. I read a lot about the missing girl, Abby, and I felt like I needed to find her. Having Lauren talk to these missing girls in a sort of spirit form was weird and slightly creepy. The more I read about the missing girls, then more I felt involved in the story and I felt a pressing urge to find them and bring them back to safety. The stories of all the missing girls were very intriguing. I wanted to read on to find out if Lauren would ever find the missing girls. The last third of the book was really interesting. I found myself glued to the pages as Lauren became more determined than ever to find the missing girls. And then, inevitably, the ending came along. Wow. I didn’t expect any of that to happen. I couldn’t believe what happened to Lauren after I read the whole book fully expecting to rescue the girls. I was shocked. I felt a little betrayed because I trusted and believed Lauren all along, and then I found out how Lauren actually saw the girls… It was totally unexpected. I loved it. I really liked reading Seventeen and Gone by Nova Ren Suma and I’d give it a score of 7.5 out of 10. If you’re looking for a short, enjoyable read that’s different from all the other novels out there, this book is for you.

Thank you to Hardie Grant Egmont Australia for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review!

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