Room – book review

Room book

Room by Emma Donoghue is a beautiful, awe-inspiring book that will change the way you see the world around you.

To five year-old Jack, Room is everything. It’s where he was born, where he grew up, and where he lives with his Ma. Everything Jack knows in inside Room. He and Ma play games, read and sleep. He watches TV and calls the people inside it his friends, but he knows that the things on TV aren’t actually real: they’re all make-believe. All that exists is himself, Ma and all the things in Room.

To Ma, Room is the prison where Old Nick has held her captive in for seven years. But through creativity, determination and love, Ma has built a life for Jack. She has always told him that Room is all there is in the world and that outside Skylight is outer space. No one and nothing else is real. Until the day Ma admits that there’s a world outside the four walls of Room…

But Ma knows that living this life is not enough for herself or her son. So she devises a dangerous plan. In order to escape, she must trust Jack’s bravery and his own determination to discover what’s outside Room.

I completely loved this book. I can’t even begin to describe how different it was to any other book I’ve ever read. But I loved it! Room is told entirely from five year-old Jack’s point of view and we see the world the way he sees it. The reader learns what Jack learns and only knows what he knows. In that way alone is purely magical. Jack is such a sweet, innocent boy and I felt really connected to him. I felt his pain and his confusion about the world. To Jack, everything in Room and everything that goes on in there is normal. He’s grown up in Room, therefore he doesn’t know there’s a world outside the four walls he’s lived in all his life. But Ma knows everything. Even living in the story from Jack’s point of view, I could feel Ma’s pain and suffering and longing to be in the outside world. I knew she was trying her best to teach Jack everything, but with only Room to live in, that was incredibly difficult. I saw how hard things were for her from her actions, and yet she displayed such fierce motherly-love for Jack and she was willing to do anything for him. I was immersed in the world of Room from the very beginning. Although the story was a little slow in some parts, for the majority of the book was really attention-grabbing and intriguing. Just because a lot of this book is set in a space of eleven feet by eleven feet, doesn’t mean that the plot line is restricted as well. Now that I’ve finished reading this book, I feel kind of inspired. I feel inspired to see the world… every corner of it. This is the kind of book that, I think, stays with you long after you read the last word on the last page. I loved this book and I can’t wait to reread it again soon! I really loved reading Room by Emma Donoghue and I’d give it a score of 8.5 out of 10.

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