Revived – book review

revived book

Mystery, love and heartbreak… Revived is a beautifully written, stand-alone book by one of my favourite authors, Cat Patrick.

Daisy has died five times. It all started with a bus crash when Daisy was just a little girl. She can hardly remember the incident or being brought back to life. Because of that, she is one of the first to receive the drug Revive, which is currently being tested in secret. Each time Daisy dies, she has to move to a new city, change her name and become a new person. The only thing constant in Daisy’s life is change. But the people who she meets in her new town will be worth staying for…

But then what Daisy finds out about her new friend shocks her to the core. It makes her realise that whoever is in control of the drug chooses who lives and who dies… and it isn’t fair. But more shocking still, is when Daisy realises how this program actually was created? Did her bus crash by accident when she was little, or on purpose? Is the story behind the drug more sinister than she could have ever imagined?

I underestimated how good Revived was going to be. I started reading it without high expectations because by reading the blurb, I thought that Cat Patrick would be attempting too much in such a short, stand-alone book. Wow, was I wrong. I loved  Revived. I think it would have to be my favourite Cat Patrick book. I was enthralled in the story from the very first page. Revived starts so dramatically and I couldn’t take my eyes off the pages for the rest of the book (which resulted in me reading it all in one day!). Everything was just written so beautifully… I completely love the way Cat Patrick writes. I always felt like I was actually in Daisy’s position, living her life and feeling what she felt. The storyline was so gripping, but the characters in it were even more intriguing. The main character, Daisy, had an amazing life and I loved learning about her past and what she thinks of the Revived program. Daisy is just a really interesting person and I felt really connected to her. I felt sorry for Daisy because she always moved places just before she connects with the people there. But then we meet Audrey. Audrey is the first friend that Daisy meets in her new town. She’s funny, fun to be around, and she’s really caring. But then we find out something about Audrey that I never expected. I just couldn’t believe it! And then we find out about Daisy’s crush, Matt. Matt is really sweet, kind and dedicated. He’ll do anything for Daisy, as well as Audrey. All of the characters in this book were different and I loved reading about all of them. This would be one of those books that I would happily read over and over again. If you like the other Cat Patrick books, I’m sure you’ll love this book! I completely loved Revived by Cat Patrick and I’d give it a score of 9 out of 10. If you haven’t read it or the other Cat Patrick books, I definitely recommend reading them!

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