Extras – book review


Extras is the last book in the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld.

A few years have passed since Tally Youngblood destroyed the formation of Uglies, Pretties and Extras. Now popularity rules the world. Each person is ranked on how much they are talked about. Popularity means power…

Aya Fuse is a fifteen year-old girl with a dull ‘face rank’ or popularity rating of 451,369. She’s an Extra: a person with no importance that most people don’t even know exist. But Aya is dead-set on becoming famous. Aya plans to ‘kick’, or spread the news of something that will make her famous. So Aya sets out to find the group that she’s seen surfing the super-fast mag-lev trains. Everyone would be interested in learning about this secretive group pulling these extreme stunts, therefore making Aya famous!

Then Aya actually meets the mysterious clique of girls who are pulling these wild and crazy tricks. But what Aya finds when surfing with her new friends will change her life forever. The fate of the Earth is resting in her hands. If Aya kicks this story, she’ll find herself propelled into a world of fame, celebrity… and danger. This is not what Aya was prepared for.

Once I finished Specials, I was like, ‘Oh, ok! Now things are kind of back to normal with Tally. That’s great! I wonder what she’ll do in the next book!’. I was really excited to read another book from Tally’s point of view. I was wrong. Little did I know, Extras wasn’t actually from Tally’s point of view. Extras is told from the point of view of someone we don’t actually know. When realising this, I was kind-of disappointed. There I was thinking I had a whole next book to spend time with my favourite character… and she’s not the main character! I guess once I got over that fact, I enjoyed reading Extras. I didn’t like it as much as the other books in the series. For me, it took a really long time to get into the story line. I liked the idea of the world running on the rankings of popularity, but I just wasn’t as connected with Aya as I was with Tally. I’m used to books grabbing me from the very beginning, and for me, this one didn’t. It took most of the first half of the book before it became interesting. And, hooray! Tally was actually in this book a bit! I must admit, I did like seeing how Aya and the people around her thought of Tally. After all, Tally had a face-rank of 1. She’s the most famous person on the planet. In the second half of the book, I did find plot-twists, which I liked. I’m glad I kept reading because the end was really worth reading. I also liked how I finally knew what happened to Tally and her friends and what she was going to do with the rest of her life. I feel like Extras really ended the Uglies series, and I liked how it did that. I also liked experiencing what it was like to have a face-rank and how that potentially creates problems in life. I felt more connected to Aya and her friends the more I kept reading. I liked Extras by Scott Westerfeld and I’d give it a score of 7.5 out of 10. It’s not the best in the series, but it’s worth a read!

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