Pretties – book review


Pretties is the second book in the amazing dystopian series by Scott Westerfeld.

Tally Youngblood is has now been transformed into a flawless ‘pretty’. She lives in New Pretty Town and parties all night long. Tally couldn’t be happier. Her only concern right now is to be included in the clique ‘The Crims’. Shay and Peris, Tally’s best friends, are a part of The Crims and Tally wants more than anything to be in the ‘in’ group with her friends. In order to be included in this group, she needs to prove her rebellious and ‘bubbly’ side to the group’s leader, Zane. While trying to be accepted by the pretties, she captures the attention of the intriguing Zane.

As Zane and Tally start spending more time together when Tally is accepted into The Crims, she begins to remember jumbled things about her past. When Zane explains to Tally how to keep your mind ‘bubbly’, the fog begins to clear and she can remember more about her past life as an ‘ugly’. In between falling for Zane and learning more about how to keep her mind clear, Tally receives two pills. Attached to the pills is a letter addressed to herself… from herself. Will Tally put her faith in the letter and trust that the pills won’t kill her? Most importantly, will Tally put faith in herself?

Amidst all the mayhem, Tally finds herself falling in love with Zane and together they fight to keep their minds… their souls, alive…

I really enjoyed reading Pretties. I found that this book was so different to Uglies because Tally was completely changed by becoming a pretty. I can’t imagine what it must be like to become pretty and forget about what mattered most to you. What Tally decided at the end of Uglies would have been such a huge thing to decide. After choosing to become pretty and knowing what will happen to you… I just can’t image how hard that must have been for Tally. But I still really liked Tally as a character because she was so interesting to follow, even though she was a ‘bubblehead’ at the start of the book. I absolutely fell in love with Zane. The way he taught Tally so much and helped her remember her past was just so touching. I feel that Tally and Zane connected a lot better than Tally and David did. I liked this book a lot because I loved seeing Tally slowly begin to remember her past and what she used to be like. It was interesting to watch the transformations of Zane and Tally when they began to reclaim their minds and their souls. I found this book so interesting, deep and beautifully written. I also liked how Scott Westerfeld kind of created a new language for New Pretty Town because it made me feel like this was a new world compared to Uglyville. Overall, I loved reading Pretties by Scott Westerfeld and I’d give it a score of 9 out of 10. Wonderful!

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