The Selection – book review


The Selection is the lovely first book in its series, written by Kiera Cass.

After countless world wars, a new kingdom has arisen called Illea, where society is divided into castes. Each caste has a particular role in society. The highest caste, a One, contains the royals. The lowers caste, an Eight, is comprised of the poorest people who have no means of work.

America Singer is a Five. Her life is changed forever when she receives a letter in the mail from the Prince of Illea. Prince Maxon will be following in his father’s footsteps and holding The Selection, a competition for the prince and to be crowned princess. But America has no interest in this competition: her heart lies with her secret boyfriend, Aspen, a Six.

America is pressured by her mother and Aspen to sign up for The Selection. Hundreds of girls from Illea trying to get into the competition, so America thinks her chances of being one of the few chosen are slim. After much deliberation, America applies…

And gets chosen…

Thrown into a palace full of 34 competitive girls, desperate for either Maxon’s love or for the crown, America has never felt more alone. Life in the palace where she is considered a royal is much different to being a Five. America is used to struggling to earn money to survive and besides, she doesn’t even like Maxon, let alone love him. As America begins to make friends, as well as enemies, her unique personality catches the eyes of both the royals and the country. But when America finally meets Prince Maxon, everything changes…

Could America really fall in love with someone who is so different to her? When she gets to know him, is her really that different? When the time comes to choose, will America decide to become a princess, or marry Aspen, a Six?

I found myself really enjoying this book. America was a fascinating character. First of all, I admired how she was sneaking out to see Aspen, even though it was forbidden, because she loved him and wanted to help him. I thought that was really sweet. She was also very independent and kind of stubborn, which I liked about her. I found America a very capable, strong character that I was interested to follow. She initially just stuck in the competition to help give money to her family and I really admire her for doing that. I also really liked both Aspen and Maxon. They were vividly different, but both similar in the way that they cared so much about America and her safety and happiness. Maxon was just so caring for the entire book and always comforted America when she was feeling lonely or confused. I found this book a really fun, enjoyable read that kept me interested and entwined in America’s life. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series! I loved The Selection by Kiera Cass and I’d give it a score of 8.5 out of 10.

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