Tidal – book review


Tidal is the third book in the alluring Wake (Watersong) series by Amanda Hocking.

After an emotional end to Lullaby, Gemma is now back in her hometown for a little while. But not for long… Penn and Lexi are determined to kill Gemma and replace her with another Siren. Gemma’s life in is grave danger and her only hope of survival is to break to curse before its too late…

With the help of Harper and Daniel, Gemma digs deep into the Siren’s past to unravel the secrets of their curse. This is the only chance of saving everything that matters to her: her family, her life, and her one true love – Alex.

Will Gemma be able to break the curse? Will she ever be able to be with Alex again? Will Gemma ever be able to escape from the Sirens and live a normal life?

I loved Tidal. After finishing Lullaby, I almost died waiting for Tidal to come out! I was so eager to read it, and yet now I have to wait for the next book in the series to come out! I liked how the characters have changed since Lullaby, especially Gemma and Alex. Firstly, Alex has changed so much since Lullaby. He and Gemma used to be practically inseparable. After Gemma used her Siren powers on him to protect him from the evil, Alex has become angry and confused about his feelings towards Gemma. He knows he hates her, but he can’t remember why, and I found that just so shattering. Gemma has become more determined than ever in this book and I loved seeing her fight for her life whilst trying to reconnect with the love of her life. I also enjoyed seeing Penn infatuated with Daniel… it was quite entertaining! Like the other books in this series, I could not stop reading it. It was so gripping, but I guess now I’m regretting reading it within a day, because now I have to wait for the next book in the series to come out! I have to know how this series ends! I’d give Tidal by Amanda Hocking a score of 9 out of 10. Wow.

One thought on “Tidal – book review

  1. Read Wake and Lullaby at the start of the year and felt the same way, read both within a day each and cant wait to read the next ones in the series including Forgotten Lyrics, set before Wake.

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