Last Sacrifice – book review

Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice is the sixth and last book in Richelle Mead’s amazing series, Vampire Academy.

Last Sacrifice began where Spirit Bound left us, with Rose behind bars for a murder she didn’t commit. She’s bored and feeling claustrophobic, and worse of all, Lissa is blocking Rose from her head. Lissa is hiding something from Rose.

Rose doesn’t know that her friends are planning to break her out of jail, which is really where the fun begins. But Dimitri tells Rose that the only reason he is helping her is because Lissa told him to, and he promised to do anything for Lissa because she brought him back from being Strigoi. Rose is devastated to hear that Dimitri is only doing is for Lissa, and so she tries to move on and settle being with Adrian. Even though Adrian is clearly in love with Rose, she can’t shake off her feelings for Dimitri.

Amongst the unraveling of Rose’s heart, Rose is constantly on the run from the Guardians who believe they need to kill Rose because she murdered the Queen. But Rose and her friends are determined to prove to the world that Rose was framed and someone else killed the Queen. Lissa is also still fighting for her seat on the Royal Council, but in order for her to be granted that wish, she needs another family member. So who killed the Queen and who is this secret family member?

So Rose and Dimitri set out to find Lissa’s sibling and Lissa and her friends back at Court try to gather information on who would have motives to kill the Queen. But they’re running out of time. Something needs to be done to give Lissa and her friends more time to find the Queen’s killer. But just one suggestion of how to gain more time sends Lissa’s world upside down and she begins to realize what her destiny really is.

But will Rose and Lissa find out who killed the Queen and framed Rose? Could it be someone we already know and have grown to trust? Will they ever find out who Lissa’s mysterious family member is? And could it be someone we have already met? Amidst all the pandemonium, will Rose sort out who she really wants to be with once and for all?

I can’t believe this series is over! Although I’m devastated to see the stories of Rose and her friends end, I’m happy to see that everything worked out for Rose and Lissa in the end. Although while I was reading this book, I was always wondering how all of their problems would be sorted out and I was left thinking about possible solutions long after I closed the book. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t even close to guessing who killed the Queen or who Lissa’s sibling was. Richelle Mead kept me interested right until the very last page of the book. But it was a great ending to the series and Vampire Academy is definitely worth reading. If you haven’t read it, you’re really missing out on something special. I absolutely loved the Vampire Academy series.  I can’t wait to read Richelle Mead’s spin-off series called Bloodlines, which follows one of my favourite characters, Sydney the Alchemist. I really enjoyed following Rose on all her adventures throughout the Vampire Academy series and I’d give Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead a score of 9 out of 10.

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